10 indoor plants that are easy to get from cuttings

Cutting is one of the most popular breeding methods for indoor plants. And this is not surprising, since by this method, without damaging the mother plant, you can get large and rapidly growing offspring. And although there is nothing difficult in the usual rooting under the hood, there are some indoor plants that will not cause even minimal hassle. The most unpretentious crops do not require almost any effort to root cuttings: after all, roots on their shoots appear even in water.

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Cutting is one of the main methods of propagation of not only garden plants, but also indoor plants. Of course, among the vegetative methods there are also simpler procedures – in particular, the separation of adult bushes. But it is cuttings that are most often used both on an industrial scale in crop production and at home.

The main advantage of cuttings is rightfully considered the minimum harm caused to the plant itself. Only a few shoots are cut into cuttings (with the exception of replacing uterine bushes in annual species), this procedure does not cause serious injury to the plant and does not lead to inhibition of its growth. But there are other pluses:

  • minimum harm is combined with maximum performance;
  • cuttings allow you to get a large number of new plants in the shortest possible time;
  • Plants obtained by cuttings develop faster and a minimum period of time passes to achieve their maximum decorative effect;
  • rooting cuttings allows you to replace old, needing rejuvenation or annual plants.

Plants that are easiest to graft are some of the most popular. And this is not surprising. The choice of indoor crops, which are easy to root and reproduce, allows you to study the peculiarities of plant propagation, to quickly restore neglected, replace old and “out of shape” specimens, even with minimal knowledge and experience.

The ease of cutting directly depends on which cuttings can be cut from a houseplant. For reproduction, you can use:

  • apical cuttings;
  • stem cuttings;
  • leafy cuttings.

If you want to get new plants using cuttings without much effort, then first of all you should pay attention to the crops that are propagated by apical cuttings. But even among crops that can be grafted with leaves or stems, there are those that take root with astonishing ease.

Propagation of indoor plants by cuttings
Propagation of indoor plants by cuttings

Upper cuttings – An excellent breeding method for most indoor vines. It is easy to get new plants by cutting off the tops of shoots in cissus, epipremnum, ivy, hoya, salinostemon and tradescantia. It is also easy to root the tops of the shoots of peperomia, Benjamin’s ficus, satiety, balsams, African sparmania, etc.

Leaf cuttings and at all allow you to get new plants from a single leaf or even part of it. This is how it is most productive to propagate sansevieria, begonia, saintpaulia, streptocarpus, jerky, rubber-bearing ficus, echeveria. Parts of leaves and stems root well in succulents or cacti.

Stem cuttings always seem to be a more difficult method of propagation, but not for plants that take root easily in all conditions. It is to them that yuccas and dracaena belong, which quickly give roots even on pieces of the stem.

Let’s take a closer look at a dozen indoor plants that are the easiest to graft. Cuttings cut from them take root amazingly quickly even in plain water, and the offspring is developing so actively that after a couple of months you can admire the highly decorative plant.

For a list of indoor plants that are easy to get from cuttings, see the next page.

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