Characteristics of Baku pigeons

Characteristics of Baku pigeons

Baku pigeons are a breed whose history goes back to ancient times of the Persian state. The development of the breed began only in the 19th century. From that moment, pigeon breeders began to improve the breed and select the most beautiful and physically strong pigeons. In Baku, species with perfect color and high flight data were developed. Baku pigeons gained popularity not only due to external physical data, but also due to a special battle in flight.

Бакинские бойные голуби

Baku war pigeons

History of occurrence

Iranians in the XVIII century described a similar breed in their sources pigeons. Today, feathered birds are widespread throughout Russia, but the breed has undergone some changes: now the pigeons have a more pronounced crest, and there is no plumage on their feet. . The most important advantage of birds is considered to be unusually beautiful flight games, the so-called high battle.

Description of the bird

Not only breeders of Azerbaijan worked to make the Baku dove perfect, but also Krasnodar. As a result, the Baku pigeon began to look more refined and acquired an unusually beautiful color. Baku war pigeons have no equal among other breeds.

Description of their external data:

  • 37 cm spindle-shaped streamlined body;
  • head of an interesting beautiful shape with a high forehead, a smooth little crown and a rounded occipital part;
  • the beak reaches 2.5 cm, slightly bent down;
  • beautiful neck with a slight bend of medium length;
  • wings are powerful, tightly pressed to the body;
  • rib cage is round, raised up;
  • the tail is not wide, flattened.

Baku war pigeons are very proportionate. There are species of pigeons of this breed with a crest white in front and colored in the back. This adornment gives them some charm.

Flight qualities

Baku war pigeons have a great sense of space. Birds are able to fly over vast distances and soar very high into the sky. The peculiarity of the Baku pigeon breeds is that they fly not in flocks, but individually, showing incredible tricks in flight.

Baku war pigeons are capable of performing various flying elements. First of all, these are pole outputs. Soaring into the sky, the bird quickly flaps its wings, making a lot of noise, and, having reached a certain height, makes a sharp turn and falls. Making its flight vertically, Baku is able to perform about a dozen coups, while it will move to its destination. Black-tailed pigeons are able to make a column more than 15 m high, while doing 5-7 somersaults.

Baku People can do helical bends during the flight. Just a stunning spectacle of addictive combat. This type of flight is characterized by slow progression, hovering, turning and moving again.

Variety of species

Baku People are winged, which are divided into species that differ in color of feathers and other external signs. Consider the most common species of these pigeons. Agbash – Baku pigeons, which are highly resistant to various diseases. Among them there are specimens with feathers on the paws and without.

Pigeons The Baku breeds of Chile are distinguished by a bright diverse color. You can meet individuals with red, black and white feathers. On the head plumage is colorful. On the legs – tight. Black-tailed or red-tailed Baku People are often of the same color, only their tails are always black or red.

Baku doves of the “squad” Marble have not only a proportional physique, but also an unusual color that resembles a speckled pattern. In young animals, the plumage is brighter, and with age it becomes darker. Marble pigeons come with a crest and without.

The most beautiful representative is the bronze Baku People. Its feathers are red with black dots. The Baku pigeon Shayka, or Grivun, has a monophonic color of feathers. In the neck area, he has a pronounced contrasting spot.The most common individuals are white and dull colors with a black or gray strip in the neck area.

Baku Wide-tailed pigeons are high-flying. This is a very beautiful and strong bird. It can have a different color of feathers, but the most common are ash, milky, white and light colors. White Baku pigeons are a special species that unites many individuals of the same color. They surpass all other breeds in flight performance.

Features of grooming and breeding

The exterior and physical characteristics of the Baku pigeon became better and better due to the long selection period. And although they initially contained all the data, in order to perform all kinds of tricks in the air, it is necessary to maintain and develop abilities. For full training and flight, the bird needs energy and, accordingly, a balanced diet, which the owner should take care of.

Females rush throughout the year, even during molting. If the plans do not include an increase in livestock, it is necessary to remove from the premises all the items that are suitable for building a nest. When buying, you need to turn only to proven and reliable pigeon breeders, because during the purchase you most likely will not let anyone check the pigeons. Purebred specimens for breeding are selected according to the results of training.

Young birds should make their first flight as early as 1.5 months.Upon reaching the age of one and a half months, the chicks begin to be expelled for training, gradually increasing the time. The best option is to divide the livestock into groups of 7-8 individuals and take them out for training one by one. The skills of the game in young animals appear after six months, when the molting period passes. The flight style will be fully formed only in 2-3 years.

It is best to start training pigeons in the spring. It is also not recommended to train pigeons in cold weather, it is better not to let them out at this time. It is important to remember that before releasing a dove for the first time, it must be well fed so that it has the strength.

Real Baku Pigeons The operator is surprised by what he saw (Stirbu Vitalie, Moldova)
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About Baku war pigeons! 02/09/18 g

How to feed

Some poultry farmers believe that Baku people need to be slightly underfed, as if this simplifies education. But not all adhere to this idea. The only thing that is known for sure is not to overfeed the birds. Vitamins should be present in the diet of pigeons in the winter. Birds are extremely sensitive to lack of vitamins in winter. The little dove lays on eggs after molting around November-December. Only hatched pigeons need to be fed clearly according to the regimen. Soft food for pigeons is shown, which must be given to the chicks at noon.

For this species of winged, cereals are very important in the diet. Millet should be a significant part, and grains of bright shades should be chosen: they have more useful substances. If the main ingredient of the feed is wheat, it is important to consider that it has a low calcium content and therefore you need to connect mineral fertilizers. Oats contain a lot of fiber and husk, pigeons eat it reluctantly, but the product is well digested.

Barley needs to be crushed before feeding.Corn contains a lot of useful substances necessary for the full development of birds. The main problem is large grains, so only fine-grained varieties are used. For this breed, corn feed should not be given very often, because their consumption leads to obesity.

Practical advice

There are rules to follow to avoid the most common mistakes in breeding pigeons. In no case should you let out doves for training a couple of days before and after oviposition. It is also not recommended to take adult birds from pigeons until they are 7 days old. If major competitions are coming, the birds need to be placed on a diet that excludes heavy food.

Also, one cannot let out a flock in the middle of the city: the birds need open space. When training pigeons, it is better not to mix young animals with old people, but to release females separately from males. In bad weather, you cannot train a flock because it can get lost.

Final part

Baku war pigeons are the most beautiful and popular breed among pigeon breeders. Their distinguishing features are a special flight, aerial play, as well as proportional external data. Among the breed there are many varieties. The most common: White, Chile, Black-tailed, Multi-feather, Marble.

The white dove is considered the most powerful and physically developed. This variety is characterized by a pure white feather color.Marble birds have an interesting motley color. Chile is somewhat similar to the previous representative of the genus externally, and also have a bright multi-colored plumage. Black-tailed birds are characterized by a uniform color of feathers and black or red tails.

Despite the fact that in all individuals of this breed the abilities for unusually beautiful flight and game are genetically laid, they need to be constantly developed. In order for the bird to be active and the upbringing process to be successful, it must receive a quality balanced feed rich in proteins, fats and vitamins, necessary for the normal functioning of the body. In general, the breed is not so finicky, and the breeding process is not difficult.

Now you know everything about the beautiful Baku pigeons and are ready to “shelter” them at home.

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