5 of the brightest indoor plants from the tropics

Among indoor exotic plants, plants with a tropical origin have always enjoyed the status of special stars. Such cultures, which in nature are accustomed to warmth and rather specific conditions, retain their capriciousness and exactingness in their interiors. But complex care, nevertheless, does not discourage experienced florists from growing tropicans. But you can’t find brighter colors and exotic blooms. Each such plant turns into a true pride of the collection.


The special nature and habits of rainforest plants

Unlike the crops that came to indoor collections from the subtropics, tropical plants have very specific requirements for growing conditions and intensive care. It would be most correct to classify all crops from tropical forests as complex plants, the cultivation of which can only be done by experienced and ready for difficulties flower growers.

Tropical crops include those indoor plants that come from equatorial latitudes, naturally occurring in tropical humid monsoon forests. Tropical plants introduced into cultivation include both classical herbaceous perennials and tuberous plants, epiphytes and lianas. The latter are especially widely represented, since the number of species of steeplejacks that form the unique landscapes of the tropical jungle is amazing.

Most herbaceous and flowering crops in tropical forests have access to a fairly limited amount of light, grow in the shade of the trunks and crowns of large trees and vines, are content with rather modest conditions and are not the dominant species. But despite the fact that in nature plants, most often, grow in poor lighting, in room conditions, almost all tropical stars are light-loving crops.


The main common feature of all tropical crops is moisture-loving. In their homeland, in natural conditions, such plants fully enjoy high atmospheric and soil humidity. Tropical exotics retain their love for high air humidity and stable soil moisture even in room conditions. It is quite difficult to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for them, the plants require regular moisture, and sometimes completely non-standard growing techniques.

It only complicates the life of a grower and the lack of two very important characteristics in such plants that allow some mistakes in growing: neither cold resistance nor drought resistance is characteristic of tropican women. Skipping even one watering procedure and lowering the air temperature by even a few degrees (or hypothermia of an earthen coma as a result of contact with a cold window sill) can lead to the death of plants.

But on the other hand, most tropical crops, with the exception of bulbous-tuberous ones, have a rather weak dormant period. As a rule, for their flowering, there is no need to create any special conditions that differ from the general growing strategy and require a radically different environment or care.


Without exception, all Tropicans are elite and quite expensive plants. It is not so easy to propagate them yourself, and adult plants cost a lot. But they really are the chosen exotics, which are used as real stars of collections and the pride of every florist.

The most valuable feature of all tropical cultures is their unconventional appearance. In such plants, either very original drawings and patterns on the leaves appear, or really dazzling colors of not very classic inflorescences, which surprise with their structure, shape, and details.

Whatever exotic we are talking about – a small and modest plant or a truly gigantic liana, capable of reaching astounding sizes without control; about cultures that can only be grown in a greenhouse or a flower showcase, as well as those capable of putting up with careful care in an ordinary room – tropical exotic plants always make a special impression and change the atmosphere in the rooms, bring joyful colors and a festive mood into our life.

Let’s take a closer look at five favorites among indoor tropical crops with the most vivid flowering.

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5 of the brightest indoor plants from the tropics
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