5 problems that phytowall can solve – growing and care

Life in a city is not distinguished by natural diversity and picturesque landscapes around, and many of us in the warm season tend to spend time at dachas, in country houses. Meanwhile, it is not so difficult to arrange a green corner at home all year round, you just need to use an original design move – to install a phytowall. It is a self-contained compact structure – a vertical panel, attached to the wall or free-standing, in the niches of which live plants selected with particular care are located.

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What interior problems can be solved with such an unusual design idea?

1. Polluted (dry) city air

Forced air conditioning in premises using split systems and other similar equipment only partially solves the problem of cleaning it. The best natural filter and moisturizer are plants, which are sure to be found in any home or office. All that needs to be done is to compactly place them in a vertical phytowall.

2. Noise

Fitostena is able to significantly absorb noises and sounds, especially if their source is behind the wall. Thanks to this ability, people in the room will be able to enjoy the silence.

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3. Lack or lack of greenery

Flowers in pots take up a lot of space, require regular or special care, so the frequent absence of the owners of the house becomes a real problem. Fitostena is equipped with an automatic irrigation system, and can exist autonomously for quite a long time.

4. Imperfect walls

The surface of the walls is not always perfect. And if you plan the location of the phytowall along one of them, then you can not spend extra money on its alignment, and also hide the wires or pipes in this way.

Phytowall. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Tanya Kovalenko

5. Zoning space

When equipping an interior capable of rapid transformations, except for the use of screens, curtains, sliding structures and partitions, the use of phytowalls will be very relevant and original. The installation of an “extra” wall can be replaced with a beautiful rack with live plants.


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