A hybrid variety of carrots Dordogne f1

A hybrid variety of carrots Dordogne f1

Dordogne f1 carrots are successfully grown on an industrial scale due to their high yield, shelf life and selective presentation.

  1. Varietal characteristic
  2. Advantages of the hybrid
  3. Features of agricultural machinery
  4. Conclusion

Гибридная разновидность моркови Дордонь f1

Hybrid variety of carrots Dordogne f1

Varietal characteristic

A variety of carrots Dordogne f1 refers to hybrid, to the prototype Nantes. She appeared during the selection process at Syngenta Seeds, was included in the Russian State Register in 2007. According to the description, Dordoni f1 grows vegetables:

  • 18-22 cm long,
  • weighing 80-120 g,
  • with a diameter of 4-6 cm.

Root crops in the bulk of an even cylindrical shape, have a bright orange color, sweet and juicy pulp.

The chemical composition of vegetables contains:

  • 12% solids,
  • 7.1% sugars,
  • 12.1% carotene.

Vegetable culture is distributed up to the Far North.

Percentage of curvature of the root crops of the hybrid ordon f1 does not exceed 5%.

Description of carrots Dordogne f1:

  • Early ripening.
  • The period from the time of sowing seeds to the stage of technical ripening of vegetables ranges from 110 to 140 days. At the same time, selective carrot harvesting is allowed 3 weeks earlier than this period.
  • A short vegetation period is combined with good yield indicators, which is 3.5-7.2 kg per 1 sq. M. m of cultivated area, while the vegetable crop shows high yields even when cultivated on heavy soil soils.

Advantages of the hybrid

Вкусная и сочная морковь

Tasty and juicy carrots

Among the advantages of the hybrid variety Dordogne f1 note:

  • the pronounced central inner part of the vegetable (core), not different rough texture,
  • high rates of contained sugars and carotene,
  • decent taste quality characteristics,
  • rare cases of cracking,
  • lack of tendency to Shooting and overgrowing.

All these advantages make the hybrid economically viable for cultivation on an industrial scale, as well as when cultivated in small private farms and summer cottages, because:

  • the vegetable crop showed a uniform, uniform germination of seeds with at the same time early ripening, with early sowing, the first crops are harvested in mid-summer, germination rates are 95-98%,
  • the variety is unpretentious to the fertility and acidity of soil,
  • the plant is clearly expressed indifference to changes in weather conditions,
  • in the process of mechanized processing of vegetables a small indicator of damage,
  • for a long period, the culture retains its presentation in 95% of cases ev, storage time – up to 10 months,
  • short carrots along the length allow simplifying the process of filling, packaging and home-cooking,
  • vegetables do not lose uniform color and do not darken during mechanical washing.

Due to the attractive appearance, even in size and shape of root crops, Dordogne f1 carrots are in demand in the consumer market.

Features of agricultural technology

Culture does not require special care in the growing process.Among the features of agricultural technology in the cultivation of the Dordogne f1 hybrid, there are:

  • deep plowing of soil in the fall, which provides the possibility of developing vegetable roots to a depth of 0.3 m,
  • presowing fertilizer complexes and obligatory top dressing in the main stages of the growing season, while in heavy clay soils in the absence of sufficient compost and humus in the autumn, it is recommended to add sawdust from deciduous plants,
  • avoidance of excessive thickening when planting, which becomes the cause of root crops fading and their deformation,
  • sparse watering with repeated loosening and mulching of ridges.

Thanks to the firm planting of tops, on root crops under conditions of private cultivation of the hybrid Dordogne variety F1 carrots are recommended to be harvested without mechanical impact, by pulling them out of the ground, which prevents damage and affects the shelf life of vegetables.

Dordogne Carrot F1
Dordogne Carrot
New season carrots Prominance F1


A hybrid variety of the carrot variety Dordogne f1 is widely grown on the territory of Russia on an industrial scale and on a limited x sown areas of private farms. It is characterized by early germination and a long storage period. Root crops have a decent presentation, attracting with uniformity and uniform shapes.

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