And primroses – in a pot – care

Primrose is a perennial plant with long and abundant flowering. The best large-flowered primrose – Primula obkonica, or reverse lanceolate, or reverse conic (Primula obconica) – blooms throughout the winter. Propagated by dividing old bushes and sowing seeds. Sowing is carried out in April-May in bowls, on the surface of sandy-deciduous soil. The crops are covered with glass and placed on the windowsills, protecting the seedlings from the sun’s rays. Small seedlings dive twice and the resulting seedlings are planted in pots of 2-3 plants. The land is given a greenhouse mixed with sand. It responds well to liquid feeding with poultry droppings in low concentrations and doses. As the plants develop, they are transplanted into large pots 2-3 times.

Primula obconica


In winter, little primroses are watered. It is impossible to wet the leaves, especially the medium leaves, which are just beginning to develop, should be protected from water. It is better to keep the plants in a bright window of a cool room, with a temperature of 10 °. Primrose blooms well in unheated window greenhouses or between double frames. When caring for plants, do not touch the leaves, as in some people this causes irritation and itching, and sometimes inflammation of the skin.

Primula obconica
Primula obconica


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    😀 Primrose Plant Care | Plant Chat Friday - SGD 311 😀


And primroses - in a pot - care
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