Application of wormwood from bugs

After finding parasites at home, do not immediately resort to chemicals. Alternative methods are also used. Wormwood from bugs will help in cope with the problem on a regular basis. Insects hunt with the help of their sense of smell, and the pungent smell of grass will prevent them from finding the victim. More often it is used for preventive purposes.

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Применение полыни от клопов

Application of wormwood from bugs


This herb is bitter in taste and has a strong aroma.

It grows in the fields and is a shrub with straight stalk. The leaves are gray-green. Its composition includes volatile, essential oils. People have long noticed that bedbugs are afraid of these substances, they annoy them.

The advantages of using grass include the availability of the product, its harmlessness to residents and the ability to independently process it. But wormwood only scares bugs. It is not able to kill insects, does not affect reproductive function, does not kill eggs and larvae. The population size does not decrease after application of the product. The disadvantages of the tool also include the following facts:

  • requires frequent changes, because the grass remains fresh for only a few days, then the smell weakens;
  • the aroma is very harsh, which does not always suit all households;
  • the solution to the problem is short-term – the parasites return after a certain time;
  • hungry insects are not always scared away by a suffocating aroma.

Given this information, it is better to use grass to prevent the invasion of parasites. They will not move into the apartment from the neighbors.

Methods of use

Wormwood against bugs is often used fresh. To do this, make small brooms from the grass and lay them under the mattress and around the bed.

For preventive actions, plants are placed in window and doorways, in ventilation grilles, under the baseboard. Bitter wormwood is also used to protect furniture, because insects often make nests in it. Change the plant every 1-2 days.

In winter, when fresh grass is not found, use a decoction. The plant is boiled dry. It turns out a liquid with an unpleasant odor. It treats all the cracks where insects can climb. The procedure is repeated every 2-3 days, because the product quickly disappears. A fresh plant is boiled.

For treatment of surfaces, tincture of wormwood from bugs is also suitable. Prepare it like this:

  • 1 part of the grass;
  • 1 part of the alcohol;
  • insist 25-30 days.

More often, the product is used in places where bedbugs equip nests and lay eggs. If you spray all areas with it, the apartment will have a strong unpleasant odor, which will cause discomfort for people. The aroma will last longer than other means, but after 6-7 days the treatment will have to be repeated. The disadvantage of using wormwood from bed bugs in the form of tinctures is the high consumption of the substance. If you need to process the sofa, then for 7 days you will need about 1 liter of tincture.

In places where there is a large accumulation of parasites, it is better to deal with them mechanically. Insects are collected by a vacuum cleaner. After this, the place is treated with tincture to prevent the return of insects.

Other grasses from bugs

Резкий запах травы отпугивает насекомых

The pungent smell of grass repels insects

There are plants that are similar in composition to wormwood, they are also used at home. They have a pungent smell and help in the fight against bedbugs.


The composition of the herb includes essential oil. For use, dry young rosemary. Often it is ground into powder, laid out in places of accumulation of insects. Also, dried leaves are burned and fumigated with a room. When performing these manipulations, respiratory protective equipment is used, because the plant is poisonous. A decoction is prepared from rosemary, which is used in the same way as bitter wormwood from bugs.


Tansy is a poisonous grass with small yellow flowers. Widely used by gardeners and gardeners to control pests. Tansy does not kill bed bugs, but only scares it away.


The composition includes natural volatile. Dalmatian chamomile helps better in the fight against insects, because it is more toxic than a pharmacy. A good way to increase the effectiveness of the product is to dry the herbs.After they are ground into powder and poured into the places where bugs accumulate.


The plant effectively acts against parasites, driving them out of the habitat. It contains about 4% of essential oils, which exude a pungent odor. Most often they are used fresh or in a pharmacy they buy tincture.


They are used as wormwood from bugs in the apartment. An unpleasant odor irritates parasites. The highest performance is provided by tincture based on herbs. It will be prepared according to the following recipe:

  • 180 g of fresh leaves of the plant are chopped with a knife;
  • pour 10 liters of water;
  • insist 2 days;
  • add 50 g of crushed laundry soap;
  • mix thoroughly.

The insect accumulation sites are sprayed with the obtained liquid. It is also worth processing the ways of their movement around the room.

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Wormwood does not help from bedbugs, it is a temporary remedy that does not kill insects. After a few days, bedbugs return.

Grass they are more often used if you need to wait a while before the pest control arrivals or chemical control agents have not yet been purchased, then it will save the apartment residents from parasite bites for several nights.

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