Application of wormwood oil

Wormwood is popularly called a natural doctor. All of its varieties have individual healing and cosmetic properties. uses wormwood oil, which is a biologically active liquid with a large number of useful substances in the composition.

  1. Types of wormwood oils
  2. Aromatherapy properties
  3. Therapeutic properties
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  5. Application
  6. In medicine
  7. In cosmetology
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Применение масла полыни

Application of wormwood oil

Types of wormwood oils

In total there are more than 150 varieties of wormwood. The most common in the CIS countries are bitter, lemon and Tauride (Crimean). The bitter variety is known for its pungent odor and unpleasant taste. It is rich in essential oils, volatile and organic acids.

The lemon variety is named for its citrus smell, which gives the plant the substance citral. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiparasitic properties. It also contains tannins and coumarins.

The Crimean species is rich in tauremisine. It is a biologically active substance with antiseptic, analgesic and antifungal effects.

Aromatherapy properties

Oil, especially a bitter variety of wormwood, is a powerful agent that affects the psychoemotional state of a person. Vapors of oils, entering the body, contribute to relaxation, relieve fatigue and help to overcome depressive states. But there are also tonic properties.

Medicinal properties

Each type of product has certain medicinal properties. Bitter wormwood oil relieves inflammation, helps get rid of helminths and normalize digestion.It is also used for the prevention and treatment of liver diseases, depressive conditions. It has calming, analgesic, expectorant and immunostimulating properties.

Tauride wormwood oil stimulates sexual activity, helps remove toxins from the body and has a powerful therapeutic effect in diseases of the cardiovascular system. It also has antiseptic and analgesic properties. The Tauride variety acts on the central nervous system and is a good remedy for motion sickness.

Lemon wormwood oil is a good antiseptic. They appreciate it for its antimicrobial properties in viral infections, as well as the disinfecting effect in the treatment of purulent wounds. Its peculiarity is its effect on ethanol. The product of the lemon grass variety neutralizes the decay products of alcohol in the blood, contributing to their rapid excretion from the body.


Wormwood oil can be prepared at home. For its preparation, fresh stems and leaves of grass are used. A dry product sold in pharmacies will not work.

The second important ingredient is olive oil. If he is not on the farm, they manage the sunflower. It will be possible to prepare a healing product if you follow the instructions:

  1. The stalks and leaves of the grass are chopped with a knife or scissors.
  2. The Chernobyl is placed on a baking sheet in one layer and sent to the oven for 3-4 minutes .
  3. Take the grass out of the oven, chop it and pour 150 g of product into a glass jar.
  4. Pour 150 ml of the second component of the medicine.
  5. The jar is closed with a sealed lid and put in a dark and cool place for 11 days.
  6. After the medicine is filtered.

Chernobyl oil is used for its intended purpose. Store it in the refrigerator for up to 2 months.


Масло из полыни используется в косметологии

Wormwood oil is used in cosmetology

Wormwood oil is used both for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It is also used in everyday life. At home, it helps against fleas and other insects. The smell of this product repels pests, so wet cleaning of rooms using this product will be the best way to protect it. To do this, pour 30 ml of medicine into a bucket of water and wash the floors with it. For effective flea control, the product is poured into small saucers and placed in the corners in different rooms.

The use of the product is also possible for honey producers. Chernobyl is part of the healing mixture against nosematosis in bees. The use of wormwood essential oil is most active in folk medicine. Its properties are universal and help in the treatment and prevention of a large number of diseases.

In medicine

Take wormwood oil both internally and externally.For the treatment and prevention of pancreatitis, bulbitis, helminthic invasion and ascites, a doctor’s consultation is necessary. The ingestion of such a product is dangerous due to the toxicity of certain substances in its composition.

External use of the drug in folk medicine:

  1. Baths. Effective for colds. The bathroom is filled with warm water, sea salt and 10 drops of the product are added to it.
  2. Compresses. They help with purulent inflamed wounds, ulcerative formations on the skin. Use with olive oil.
  3. Rubbing. Often used for arthritis and rheumatism. The rubbing medicine consists of 10 ml of vegetable and 1-2 drops of essential oil.

Inhalation of respiratory tract infections is also popular. You need to boil 2 liters of water in a saucepan, add a drop of the product to it and breathe in useful fumes, hiding under a towel. Procedure time – no more than 7 minutes.

In cosmetology

Beauticians use bitter, Tauride and lemon wormwood oils in their work.

The most popular such tool was in the fight against papillomavirus. If you apply the medicine 3 times a day with a cotton swab, after 7-8 days the signs of the disease will disappear.

Also in cosmetology, this product is used against acne on the face:

  1. Wet cotton pad with lemon or bitter wormwood oil.
  2. Wipe them with problem areas of the skin.
  3. After 10 minutes.the medicine is washed off under warm running water.

A hair mask with Chernobyl ether will also be useful. It’s easy to cook. You will need to mix 2-3 drops of the drug with 0.5 tsp. Vitamin A (oil) and pour the resulting substance into 0.5 cups of hot water. Keep such a healing mixture on your hair for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Beauticians are confident that such a mask gives the hair shine and promotes its active growth.


Oil of wormwood, both bitter and Tauride and lemon, except for its positive effect on human health, capable of harm. Wormwood essential oils have a high concentration of beneficial substances that have a toxic effect. An example is common wormwood. Its composition is dangerous for the human body substance tuyota. It is toxic and irritating. Such wormwood healing oil has limited use. It is not used in aromatherapy, and medical use is possible only after the doctor’s recommendations.

Another important nuance is the dosage. The product of the processing of wormwood is used with caution, especially inside. Exceeding the dosage results in poisoning, indigestion, dizziness, convulsions and even the appearance of hallucinations.

Wormwood oil will help get rid of papillomas, viral infections, inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, etc. But the use of this healing product is not allowed to all people. It is all about contraindications for use.

Both the drug sold in the pharmacy and the self-prepared product are prohibited for oral administration, especially during pregnancy.

Only certain plant varieties are allowed after consulting a doctor. Use oil with honey, 1-2 drops per day. The product is prohibited:

  • children;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • for bronchial asthma;
  • patients with epilepsy.

Individual intolerance to the product is also possible. Allergic reactions are observed both when taken orally, and when applied to the skin or aromatherapy.


Chernobyl oil has a large number of healing properties. It helps to normalize the work of internal organs, helps in the treatment of papillomas, purulent wounds, and cures insomnia. Some types of Chernobyl are even aphrodisiacs, awaken sexual energy and increase libido. But it is important to use such a product with caution, observing the dosage. Exceeding the dose threatens poisoning, headaches and even convulsive conditions.

Application of wormwood oil
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