Aucuba – golden tree – care

Aucuba (Aucuba), this. Aucubaceae is a semi-lignified shrub native to East Asia. One type of aucuba is grown in room culture – Japanese aucuba (Aucuba japonica). The mature plant grows to a height of 1,8 m, but size and shape can be controlled with spring pruning. The leaves of the aucuba are elongated-oval, serrate at the edges, about 13 cm in size. They are decorated with golden-yellow spots of various shapes, for which the people call the shrub the golden tree. Aucuba blooms rarely; after flowering, bright red spectacular fruits are formed on the plant.

Aucuba Japanese ‘Crotonifolia’ (Aucuba japonica). Farmer Gavin Jones

Aucuba is quite popular due to its unpretentiousness. Most often, the following varieties of Japanese aucuba are found on sale: ‘Variegata’, ‘Dentata’, ‘Crotonifolia’, ‘Hillieri’ and ‘Goldiana’. Aucuba grows well in brightly lit places, but it does well in partial shade. The plant needs a moderate temperature, in winter it is recommended to keep it cool at 8 – 12 ° C. In a warm, dry environment, the shrub can shed its leaves. Aucuba tolerates low air humidity, but still, in a heated room in winter, the plant requires spraying.

Japanese Aikuba leaves
Japanese Aikuba leaves. Farmer Gavin Jones
Flowering aucuba japonica
Blooming Japanese aucuba. Farmer Loree Bohl
Aukuba japonica fruit
The fruits of Aukuba japonica. Farmer Area G

Aucuba is watered abundantly from spring to autumn, moderately in winter. They are fed monthly during the growing season. They are transplanted annually in the spring into a substrate consisting of sod and leafy soil, humus, peat and sand in a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1: 1. After transplanting, the plant is cut off and the tops of the shoots are pinched. Aucuba propagates by seeds and cuttings in late summer. If the edges of the leaves dry out in the aucuba in summer, then the leaves fall off, this means that you are not watering the plant enough. Increase watering. Black spots on leaves in winter are the result of being too warm and / or dry. It is necessary to eliminate these causes.

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Aucuba - golden tree - care
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