Baking Soda for Cucumbers

When growing plants using chemicals that can be dangerous to human health. However, there are tools that can replace conventional fertilizers and dressers. What benefits does baking soda bring to cucumbers? We will analyze in detail what and how to use the substance for vegetables.

  1. Action soda
  2. Useful properties
  3. From powdery mildew
  4. From gray rot
  5. From insects
  6. If not properly maintained
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Пищевая сода для огурцов

Baking soda for cucumbers

Soda action

At the height of the vegetative season, problems need to be quickly dealt with. Farmers do not always have time to get the necessary preparation on time, which is not has a beneficial effect on the crop.

Processing cucumbers with soda can affect the future crop. When soaking the seeds, it is possible to harden the entire seed. Friendly seedlings do not get sick and become stronger than other plants. Such seedlings do not delay flowering, and fruit formation takes place without problems.

Water spraying on a leaf improves the taste of greens. Beautiful, neat cucumbers quickly ripen. Regular treatments help extend the yield period and increase the number of ovaries on one plant.

Useful properties

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is not only an excellent assistant in cooking, cleaning, but also an indispensable tool for farmers.What is its feature when growing cucumbers? Farmers noticed a number of useful properties:

  1. Drives away insect pests. The substance contains alkaline components, the taste of which is not pleasant to parasites (aphids, caterpillars). Getting on the leaves in the form of a thin film, the drug makes the greens inedible.
  2. Protects against germs, fungi. Light antiviral and antibacterial abilities can get rid of diseases in the early stages of occurrence. Soda is safe for cucumbers, so it is often used as a prophylaxis.
  3. Adapts to adverse conditions. Watering and spraying activates the internal forces of plants, helping to resist diseases and wilting foliage.
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Powdery mildew

Fungi are one of the most common ailments of the crop, therefore, gardeners have to look for ways to fight. Powdery mildew affects plant greens, covering the plates with white plaque-mycelium. If you do not delay the treatment, then sodium bicarbonate will help to cope without harm to the vine.

How to spray cucumbers with soda? To do this, you need to prepare a special solution, which is then carried out irrigation on the sheet with a spray. For the liquid you will need:

  • sodium bicarbonate – 50 g;
  • laundry soap – 40 g;
  • water – 1 bucket.

The bar is rubbed to the state of fluffy chips, and then combined with the powder in a slightly warm liquid.Gently mix until the components dissolve, then pour into a spray bottle. The procedure is carried out in the morning or in the evening until the signs on the greens completely disappear.

From gray rot

When grown in a greenhouse, cucumbers suffer from a dangerous bacterial disease. The disease affects all parts of plants from roots to greenhouses. Characteristic signs of the disease are gray spots on foliage and fruits. Disputes quickly spread through enclosed spaces, infecting nearby landings.

Сода поможет справиться с заболеванием

Soda will help to cope with disease

If rot is detected during ripening, it is better not to use chemicals: they accumulate in the pulp, making the food unsuitable for food. To cure a liana, it is worth resorting to a folk method. Baking soda for cucumbers is the safest solution. 75 g of powder is dissolved in a bucket of water, after which they are processed every 3 days on a leaf and fruit.

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If you spray cucumbers with baking soda, you can get rid of aphids and caterpillars. Pests destroy the green mass of plants, which is the cause of disease and death. In hot summer, parasites become a real disaster for land owners. The use of chemicals during the ripening period will lead to the accumulation of poisons, so it is better to give preference to less dangerous means.

Thoroughly spraying foliage and lashes helps drive away annoying insects. Processing is carried out in dry, calm weather, not sparing the solution. The drug is prepared in the following proportions:

  • liquid soap – 1 cup;
  • sodium bicarbonate – 3 tbsp. l .;
  • crushed ash – a pinch;
  • water – one bucket.

If you adhere to the recommendations and do not increase the dose, the product is completely safe for people and plants. The procedure is carried out 1 time in 3 days until the parasites completely disappear. After a week, the spraying is repeated, trying to wet as much greens as possible.

If not properly maintained

Why pour cucumbers with baking soda? If the leaves turn yellow and fade, this is not necessarily a sign of disease. Most often, this way the plant makes it clear that it lacks moisture. This happens with occasional irrigation during a hot summer. To correct the consequences, you can use a proven tool.

In the garden with a soda solution, moisten the plants under the root. To do this, pour 1 tbsp. l sodium bicarbonate in a bucket of warm water, stirred until completely dissolved. By the way, the medicine helps to prolong fruiting and improves the appearance of greens.

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How to fertilize

Soda for cucumbers can achieve excellent results. The substance is used as top dressing and a disinfectant solution for soaking seeds.To do this, 10 g of powder is diluted in 1 liter of liquid, stirred until completely dissolved. The raw materials are placed in the product for a day, after which they are thoroughly washed, dried and sown in the beds.

This procedure becomes reliable protection of seeds from fungus and pathogenic bacteria, prolongs the time of fruiting of cucumbers, increases their yield, improves taste quality.

This method will be dangerous for seeds of hybrids that go on sale already processed from all misfortunes. Additional soaks wash off the protective layer of substances, which weaken the plant. Before manipulation, it is advised to carefully study the instructions on the packaging for the seed.

Cucumbers can be watered with soda as a harmless fertilizer. Plants quickly transform, leaves do not turn yellow and do not fade. In the garden, procedures are performed twice in July and once in August. During this period, not only the ripening of Zelentsy falls, but also the abundance of hot days. Feeding does not work as instantly as chemicals, but the result will please the farmers.

Fertilizer with soda for home cucumbers is carried out in the morning or in the evening. Any water procedures during the sun threaten plants with burns of greenery. It is necessary to water only with warm liquid, settled in fresh air during the day. By the way, using the product, it is important to prevent excess bicarbonate sodium in the ground and on the plant, otherwise the culture will stop the development of the fruit. mki should not exceed 1 time per week.

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  • you need to spray the cucumbers with soda concentrate wisely, otherwise treatment or prevention will quickly destroy the seedlings. Experienced farmers advise start work in the garden when there are no signs of disease. Preventive measures are much more effective than combating the disease.
  • To prevent the substance from leaving burns on the foliage, you need to take a special sprayer. It’s better not to save and buy a professional device. The smaller the drop, the more uniform the application.
  • Watering cucumbers with a solution of baking soda is not a complex fertilizer, but an additional tool to support plants. Do not use sodium bicarbonate solely as the main top dressing. It is advised to alternate applications with conventional mineral or organic preparations.
  • Watering or spraying the culture should be within reasonable limits. If you carry out the procedure often, other problems may occur. For example, when the soil is alkalized, the development of the plants stops, the fruits become small, irregular in shape, and the leaves turn yellow.
  • When spraying and watering with soda solution, you cannot independently increase the concentration of sodium bicarbonate. The proportions indicated in the recipes are safe for vegetables, but at the same time deadly for fungi and insects. It is better to repeat the treatment several times than to observe the slow death of seedlings.

If you want to grow vegetables without using chemicals, give preference to proven folk remedies. This will help to get homemade cucumbers without problems, baking soda will be an excellent addition to the basic agricultural procedures. Continuation of the article …

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