Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

The vast steppes of the Southern Urals are excellent for beekeeping. In spring and summer, many herbaceous plants bloom here, suitable for collecting nectar and pollen. Bashkir honey is appreciated for its good quality, beneficial properties and wonderful taste. The products of the apiary can be purchased at fairs, where the well-known varieties (buckwheat, acacia, lime) and rather rare ones (akuraevy) are presented.

Characteristics of Bashkir honey

The abundance of South Ural plants affects the structure and properties of products produced by bees. Even in monofloral varieties with a predominance of one melliferous plant, the analysis reveals many impurities that set off the taste.

White neat honey is produced by separate Bashkir apiaries. There are 2 versions from which plants the name of the variety originated:

  1. Psoralea drupe, or akkuray, is a perennial weed. The bluish purple flowers bloom in May and until early July attract the sweet scent of insects.
  2. Tall melliferous plants with hollow stems (angelica, angelica), from which Bashkir wind musical instruments are made. They belong to the umbrella family. For the light color of flowers, they are popularly called “ak-kurai”, that is, “white kurai”.

Psoralea drupe is almost never found in Bashkiria, its homeland is the countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), and umbrella plants make up a small part of the South Ural melliferous plants. Therefore, the true white flavor is produced in small quantities.

Taste and color

Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

Bashkir bee products, immediately after being removed from the honeycomb, are quite liquid and transparent. After a while, they can crystallize without loss of taste and useful properties.

Due to the high glucose content, neat honey thickens faster than other varieties. It looks like a white cream with a beige or yellowish tint. Pieces from the resulting soft mass, which has many small grains in the structure, are separated with a spoon or knife.

Accurate Bashkir honey is less sweet and tart than other varieties. After its use, a faint aftertaste of cream remains in the mouth.

When collected early, the product from nectar processed by insects is almost odorless. The pollen does not have time to get into it and convey the aroma emanating from it.

Composition and calorie content

Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

The content of substances in different varieties of Bashkir honey most of all depends on the plants that are located near the apiary and are available for insects to collect nectar. It is impossible to get exactly the same portions even from neighboring hives.

The basis of sweet bee products is carbohydrates belonging to the groups of mono- and disaccharides (fructose, maltose, glucose). They are dissolved in liquid.

Bashkir honey contains about 17-18% water. It also contains a set of nutrients:

  • vitamins – A, groups B, C, E;
  • trace elements – potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium;
  • enzymes that accelerate chemical reactions;
  • carboxylic acids – citric, tartaric, malic;
  • essential oils.

The energy value of 100 g of Bashkir honey is about 300-330 kcal. It is very nutritious and easily absorbed by the human body.


Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

In spring and summer, over 3 hundred Bashkir melliferous plants bloom. Therefore, the products of the local apiaries differ from other regions in their great variety.

For connoisseurs in Bashkiria, they collect natural boron honey with a richer taste. It is obtained from bee dwellings arranged in hollow logs or tree hollows.

Among the monofloral species of Bashkir honey, lime is distinguished. It is light yellow, transparent, fragrant. Differs in sweet taste, diluted with light bitterness.

This is the most healthy and popular product. Linden grows in many areas of Bashkiria, forming vast forests.

A large amount of nectar is collected by bees from cultivated and wild herbaceous plants. Well-known varieties of Bashkir honey are obtained from it, which are easy to distinguish by color:

  • buckwheat – brown, very dark;
  • acacia – yellowish-white, transparent, delicate in taste;
  • sweet clover – cream or light brown, gives off vanilla;
  • sunflower – bright golden, tart, aromatic.

A rare and valuable type of Bashkir honey is neat. It is colored white and has a soft creamy consistency. Only a part of the apiaries is engaged in its production.

Polyfloral varieties are called floral or herbal varieties. This is processed nectar that has been collected from several plants (thyme, fireweed, angelica).

Useful Properties

Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

Ingestion of Bashkir honey has a positive effect on health, strengthening the immune system. The active substances of the sweet bee product gradually improve the functioning of the circulatory and digestive systems.

The components of honey, due to their calming effect when taken daily, help a person cope with nervous disorders, stress, and get rid of insomnia.

Accurate bee product differs from other varieties of Bashkir honey by the increased content of active substances that accelerate metabolism, promote the elimination of toxins from the body. It also smoothes hormonal changes. The nutritional products of apiaries are easily digested, become a source of energy and give strength, which is especially important in the spring-autumn period or during recovery after treatment.

At what diseases is applied

Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

Honey is known as a healing agent due to the presence of phytoncides contained in plant nectar. The property of destroying pathogens of various diseases, preventing their spread is used to fight bacterial and fungal infections.

With external application of a mixture of Bashkir honey with baby cream in equal proportions, wounds and burns heal faster, and inflammations are cured. By adding ground celandine leaves and the protein of 1 egg to this mass, they make an ointment for psoriasis and eczema. It is applied to the affected skin 2 times a day.

Akkuraevy and other types of Bashkir honey effectively relieve the symptoms of colds (fever, runny nose). Together with the course of treatment with medicines, you need to dissolve 8-10 g of the sweet medicine after meals. For best results, add a little chopped garlic.

For sore throat, Bashkir honey is traditionally used (for example, from linden flowers, buckwheat), dissolved in 1 glass of warm milk, in the form of drinking or rinsing 3-4 times a day. The same medicine relieves coughing attacks, helps to heal inflammation in the oral cavity.

Combination with other bee products (propolis, white royal jelly), herbs enhances the effect of active substances. The mixtures created according to the recipes of traditional medicine are used in the treatment of diseases of the circulatory system, stomach and intestines, female genital organs (thrush, erosion, inflammation).

Used in cosmetics

Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

Creams, balms, masks for face, body, and hand care are often made on the basis of honey. This component smoothes and softens the skin, evens out its color. With daily use in courses, cosmetics lighten age spots, increase the elasticity of the skin, and reduce the depth of wrinkles. It is noted that the neat white variety is able to strengthen nails and hair.

A nourishing face mask is obtained by mixing 50 g of Bashkir honey with 2 egg yolks, rejuvenating – with juice of a whole lemon, cleansing – with 10 crushed tablets of acetylsalicylic acid. The mass is spread over the skin with gentle finger movements, without affecting the area around the eyes, and left for 20-25 minutes. Then you need to wash yourself with warm water, lubricate your face with a moisturizer.

Vegetable oils are applied to the hair with the addition of liquid honey. The product is distributed from the roots to the tips. After that, the head is wrapped in a towel, and after 1 hour the mask is washed off completely.


Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

Despite the beneficial qualities and natural origin, honey should not be used in case of intolerance to beekeeping products. It is not recommended to give it to a child under 2 years of age. A small amount can cause an allergic reaction.

Before the first test, 1 drop of honey should be applied to the inside of the bend of the elbow or wrist to check for a negative reaction.

It is believed that the neat variety is hypoallergenic, with a mild effect on the body. However, you must take precautions not to eat honey on an empty stomach. If an adult eats more than 2 tablespoons per day (1 spoon is enough for a child), the digestive system may malfunction.

Overweight people, diabetics are advised to limit honey intake due to the high carbohydrate content. It is better to consult with your doctor about the permissible dosage of this sweetness.

How to distinguish real Bashkir honey

Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

It is recommended to buy apiary products from trusted, familiar sellers by checking the quality certificate. In this way, the likelihood of purchasing a product containing harmful chemicals or drugs is reduced.

You should not save money when buying bee products – too low a price should alert you. Counterfeits are often found on the market, especially of rare types of Bashkir honey (neat, from white roses). To achieve similarity with real products, chemical thickeners, dyes are used. Therefore, you need to know how to distinguish a fake from the original.

High-quality honey flows down from a special spoon in an even stream, is quickly absorbed when applied to the skin, and easily dissolves in hot water.

If there are doubts about the origin, you can conduct a pollen analysis of honey and find out from which plant nectar it is obtained. The presence of starch is checked by adding iodine (1-2 drops): a chemical reaction will begin with a blue staining.


Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

A little more than 20 years ago, a Bashkir research and production center was created to study the properties of honey collected in different regions. On its basis, production was launched under the brand name “Bashkirskaya Medovnya”, which passed certification. Proven apiaries are allowed to harvest bee products.

Honey products from the Republic of Bashkortostan are delivered throughout the country. She has received numerous awards for excellence.


Bashkir honey: neat, how to distinguish it from a fake

It is recommended to place containers with honey in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight. The content should not overheat, contact with liquids. It is necessary to use a glass, ceramic or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid, then dust particles and moisture will not get inside.

When stored properly, the sweet bee product does not deteriorate for a long time. But the greatest benefit from the use can be obtained during the first one and a half years after pumping out of the wax honeycomb.

Over time, Bashkir honey, like others, crystallizes without losing its beneficial qualities. To restore its liquid consistency, it is heated in a water bath, not exceeding + 40 ° C. If the temperature is too high, harmful substances begin to be released.

Bashkiria is one of the main beekeeping regions in Russia. It produces dozens of varieties of high-quality, tasty and healthy honey. Nectar is collected from hundreds of species of flowering herbs and trees, so lovers can try rare, unusual varieties of products.

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