Beloperone, or Justice – shrimp bush – care

Beloperone is a plant from the Acanthaceae family, more often we know this plant under the name Justice, or Jacobinia (Latin Justicia). It comes from the tropical regions of America, where more than 30 plant species grow, mainly shrubs.

In warm greenhouses and rooms, Beloperone guttata (Beloperone guttata), also known by another name as Justicia brandegeeana, is an evergreen shrub with simple opposite leaves of a reddish brown color. Flowers are two-lipped, collected in terminal dense spike-shaped inflorescences. Large bracts give a special decorative effect.

Beloperone drip (Beloperone guttata), or Justicia brandegeeana

The plant is light-requiring. It grows best at a temperature of 16-25 ° C, in winter – 12-15 ° C. Dry air can also temporarily tolerate, but higher humidity is desirable. With high humidity and a change in the timing of cuttings, flowering specimens are obtained at any time of the year.

From November to January, watering is limited; during the flowering period, they are watered abundantly. Responds well to spraying.

For better growth, once a month, they are fed with a solution of a complete mineral fertilizer. In the spring, the plants are transplanted into a mixture of leaf, peat soil and sand (4: 1: 1). For a lush growth of the bush, you need to regularly cut off the tops of the shoots.

Beloperone, or Justice - shrimp bush - care
Beloperone drip (Beloperone guttata), or Justicia brandegeeana

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Propagated by beloperone cuttings from January to May at a temperature of 20 ° C. Cuttings are placed in a water bottle or wet sand. Rooted cuttings are transplanted into pots with prepared earthen mixture. January seedlings begin to bloom in August. To have blooming beloperones in June, you need to cut the cuttings in August and leave the already rooted plants for the winter.

In the room, the plant is placed in a bright place, best of all on a flower table. The pots can also be displayed in display cases next to items of not very bright colors.

Beloperone, or Justice - shrimp bush - care
Beloperone drip (Beloperone guttata) or Justice Brandege (Justicia brandegeeana)

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Beloperone, or Justice - shrimp bush - care
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