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Every year there are more and more stimulants for plant growth, but it should be remembered that, firstly, not all of them are useful and safe for the environment, and secondly, you need to know which drugs have a complex effect. That is, they not only improve the growth and development of the aboveground mass, but also increase immunity and even accelerate the formation of fruits, while simultaneously bringing the harvesting period closer and even making the fruits and berries more tasty, and the flowers more beautiful. Today we will talk about one of these drugs – about “Zircon”.

Zircon can be used at any stage of plant development. Farmer Garden Design Ideas


What is Zircon?

Many people call “Zircon” a fertilizer, but in fact, it is a real biostimulant with the broadest spectrum of action. It is incorrect to say that Zircon is a fertilizer; it does not contain elements corresponding to the fertilizer. Zircon is created on the basis of a natural compound.

Why is it not a fertilizer, what is its composition?

The composition of “Zircon” includes ordinary medical alcohol with hydroxycinnamic acids dissolved in it. The concentration of these acids in the preparation is only 0,1 grams per liter. Hydroxycinnamic acids in “Zircon” are represented by chicory, caftaric and chlorogenic acids and they are obtained from Echinacea purpurea, a well-known plant belonging to the Astrov family.

If you smell “Zircon”, then you will feel, first of all, the smell of alcohol, and if you look at the color of “Zircon”, then it will be slightly yellowish-greenish.

Usually, when diluting the drug in water to prepare a ready-made solution (by the way, it is better to use soft water, for example, thawed or rainwater, in extreme cases – well settled), you can see foam on the surface, this is quite normal.

Remember also an important detail – it is better to prepare a preparation for treating plants using “Zircon” in a dark room or where there is a minimum of light, because the active components of the preparation lose their properties under the influence of sunlight.

Running a little ahead, let’s say that treatments with a ready-made preparation based on “Zircon” should be carried out at dusk, after sunset – for the same reason.

The main actions of the drug “Zircon”

First of all, this is the active stimulation of the preparation of phytohormones of any plant organism, that is, the effect on the well-known auxins, which are responsible for growth, and on a number of other important processes occurring in the plant organism. As a result, the growth of plants is enhanced, immunity is increased, the formation of the root system is accelerated, the number of flowers increases, and the like, up to fruit formation.

It is important that “Zircon”, in fact, can be used at any stage of plant development, it is completely safe for both humans and the environment, it is impossible to be late with its use or cause any harm to nature.

In addition, “Zircon” has full compatibility, that is, it can be mixed with the vast majority of fertilizers without negative consequences, or used both before and after their application, used in conjunction with insecticides and fungicides, as well as herbicides. The use of other drugs together with “Zircon” can only enhance their function, forming a kind of symbiosis of interaction.

Who developed Zircon?

The broad-spectrum biostimulator “Zircon” was developed and obtained by our domestic company NNPP “NEST M”, no other company produces it, therefore, when buying, pay attention to the manufacturer’s company and do not buy cheap and low-quality fakes. Although the packaging of the drug (again under the control of the manufacturer’s company) is permissible, this is necessarily indicated on the packaging of this drug.

Spraying plants with "Zircon" contributes to their longer and brighter flowering
Spraying plants with “Zircon” contributes to their longer and brighter flowering. Farmer Bob Vila

Packaging of the drug

Zircon is “packed” in plastic ampoules with a volume of usually one milliliter, if you count this into drops, for lovers of accuracy, you get exactly forty drops.

Naturally, such a “container” is intended for private gardeners, scientific institutes and large farms never buy “Zircon” in ampoules and never use such insignificant volumes. For such enterprises, “Zircon”, like other similar preparations, is provided packed in cans and bottles up to two dozen liters, no more, because it is very difficult to carry larger containers.

When buying “Zircon”, be sure to place it in a dark and dry room, where the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees above zero. The drug is stored for three years.

How to use and the effect of “Zircon”

To use “Zircon”, a working solution is prepared, which is used for completely different purposes, for example, for soaking green or lignified cuttings in it in order to stimulate rhizogenesis, for processing or watering plants at the root.

In “Zircon” you can soak the seeds, which speeds up their germination and makes the plants stronger, they treat the seedlings, especially before transplanting into open ground, spray the seedlings after planting, a week later, to increase immunity, they are used during the flowering period to enhance pollination and during the formation of the ovary to reduce its fall.

“Zircon”, as a product dissolved in water and filled into knapsack sprayers, can be used to prevent the appearance of various fungal infections when treating plants with it at the initial stages of growth and development.

It is proved that “Zircon” contributes to a faster period of entry of pome tree crops into the season of fruiting, thanks to it the harvest ripens several days faster and is stored 10-20% longer than the prescribed period.

It is appropriate to apply “Zircon” during the period of stress caused by heat, drought, excess moisture, various epiphytoties, inept pruning, root trauma during transplantation and in other similar cases.

How to prepare and how to store Zircon?

It is best to prepare a working solution right before use, because it is usually stored for no more than three days in a dark room, then it suddenly loses its properties, and the drug is stored in the light for no more than a day.

To dissolve “Zircon” in water, as we have already indicated, you need to take soft water warmed up to room temperature. Before pouring the solution into the water, “Zircon” must be shaken and it does not matter if it is a small ampoule, bottle or canister. For the preparation of the working solution, it is recommended to use a plastic container, glass or enamel.

The preparation instructions are simple: pour a third of water from its volume into the container, pour out the Zircon in the required dosage, rinse the ampoule to pour out the remaining zircon, then add water to the required volume and slightly stir with a wooden stick until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

For indoor plants, you can carry out a couple of treatments with "Zircon": during the period of regrowth of shoots and leaves and in the budding phase
For indoor plants, you can carry out a couple of treatments with “Zircon”: in the period of regrowth of shoots and leaves and in the budding phase. Farmer Depositphotos

What are the dosages of the drug in use?

Although “Zircon” is an absolutely safe substance, it is still better to use it in optimal dosages. At home, for example, in a designated area of ​​the site, you can experiment with the dosage and see how increasing or decreasing it will affect the plants.

To soak the seeds, four drops of Zircon per 100 g of water will be enough; it is better to soak for 7-8 hours.

To soak potato tubers before planting, you need to dissolve 20 drops of “Zircon”, that is, half an ampoule in a liter of water, the approximate consumption of the drug is a liter of the drug per centner of tubers.

To soak bulbs, corms, green and lignified cuttings, you need to dissolve one ampoule of “Zircon” in a liter of water, only bulbs and corms can be soaked for no more than an hour, and cuttings – for at least 12 hours.

We talked about dosages of “Zircon” for soaking, then we will talk about dosages for plant treatments. Let us remind you once again that the treatments must be carried out during twilight, because in the light “Zircon” is destroyed and plants should be treated with them when there is no wind, otherwise the drug may not get where it should be.

So, for ornamental crops, including indoor plants, you can carry out a couple of treatments of plants: one – during the period of regrowth of shoots and leaves, the other – during the budding phase. For spraying it is necessary to dilute the ampoule of “Zircon” in a bucket of water, but if the plant is very young (it is a year or two), then half the ampoule is enough. It is necessary to process without flooding the entire plant – the main thing is to completely cover it with the drug, and if the solution remains, then you can switch to another plant, it makes no sense to pour out the drug all to a drop, its excess will simply drain to the ground.

For cucumbers, the first treatment should be carried out when the cucumbers have formed a pair of true leaves, and the second time – during budding. The dose of the solution is an ampoule of Zircon in a bucket of water. Such treatments can be carried out by wetting the entire plant, and then move on to another until the entire preparation is over.

For tomatoes, eggplant and pepper, the dosage is the same – an ampoule of “Zircon” in a bucket of water, but it is better to process the plants after the seedlings are planted in the ground (the next day) and then when the first, third and fourth brushes are blooming in tomatoes, and in eggplant and pepper – immediately after planting seedlings and at the beginning of budding.

For the processing of cabbage (very different), the dosage can be reduced to 15 drops of “Zircon” per bucket of water and the treatment should be carried out at the beginning of the setting of the head of cabbage.

Potatoes will also have enough 15 drops of “Zircon” for a bucket of water, the first time it needs to be processed during the period of seedling on the soil surface and again when the buds appear.

Zucchini, melons and watermelons – they need very little “Zircon”, one ampoule is enough for three buckets of water. First, the plants are sprayed when two or three true leaves appear, and then when the plants form buds.

Absolutely any root crops need just a minimum of “Zircon” – only 10 drops per bucket of water and it is better to process them as they appear above the soil surface, simply by wetting the sheets.

A pear and an apple tree need a whole ampoule of “Zircon” for a bucket of water or two, if the tree is on a vigorous rootstock. Treatments must be carried out so that the entire tree is moistened and the treatments are especially relevant during the beginning of budding and 12 days after the end of flowering.

For stone fruit crops, especially cherry plums, sweet cherries and cherries, a dosage of 2-3 ampoules of “Zircon” per bucket of water is enough, the wetting must also be complete so that the tree is completely covered with the preparation. The optimal timing for this is also during budding and a couple of weeks after the end of flowering.

Considering that trees are large plants, a clarification can be made: usually, in order to completely moisten a tree with a preparation, you need to spend about five liters under a tree under five years of age and a bucket of solution under an older tree.

Berry crops are usually treated during the budding period, the dosage of the drug is 15 drops of “Zircon” in a bucket of water, the main thing is to moisten the plants completely.

To make the needles in the garden beautiful and the tree healthy, it is better to process these plants with “Zircon” during the whole warm season, every 10-12 days, dissolving the ampoule in a bucket of water, process, wetting the whole plant, and then move on to the next one.

In addition to treatments and soaking, Zircon solution can be used for watering the soil, this will allow the root system to fully develop, to cope with a number of fungal diseases and pests that live in the soil. The norm of the drug solution is an ampoule for a bucket of water. For vegetables, usually a bucket of solution is enough for one square meter, for berries – half a bucket for each plant, for trees – a couple of buckets for each plant (1 bucket if this plant is younger than five years of age).

Such treatments (by irrigation) can be carried out in early June and mid-July.

Minimum packaging of the Zircon biostimulator
Minimum packaging of the Zircon biostimulator. Farmer udobryashkin

Precautions when working with “Zircon”

We said above that this drug is absolutely safe, but a person may have allergic reactions to the components of the drug, so you need to dissolve the drug in a non-living room, wear rubber gloves, a respirator and a dressing gown to minimize exposure to open areas of the body. The room must be ventilated. Before and after using the drug and, of course, during its use, you must not drink any liquids. After using it, rinse your throat, only then you can drink and eat, naturally, before taking a shower and changing your clothes.

If you are already familiar with “Zircon”, please share your experience of using it with the readers of “Botanichka” in the comments to the article.


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