Black cardamom, Calories, benefits and harms, Benefits

This is the name of the trees related to cardamom that grow in
mountainous regions from Central Africa to Vietnam. Large boxes of brown
different types of black cardamom colors have different sizes –
from two to five centimeters. This is one of the oldest spices
but we rarely meet her.

Many cookbooks describe black cardamom as a substitute for
ordinary cardamom, but this is unlikely to be true.
So, in India, this spice, called there “kali eylachi»
«bijilachi“Or”bali eilachi“, Has its own
application area – Indians like to add black cardamom
in traditional spicy dishes. And they consider green cardamom a legacy
Mughal cuisine.

Medieval pharmacists in Europe assured buyers that it does not exist
diseases from which cardamom would not cure, and kept
secretly recipes for medicines based on it, and the Chinese still call
cardamom is a spice that bestows wisdom.

Cardamom boxes are usually sold whole. They have a sweetish
smack, pleasant aroma with a slight hint of camphor and haze.

How to choose

On sale, black cardamom is presented either in dried boxes,
either in grains or sold ground. The grains retain their fragrant
the smell and healing properties are much longer than the ground version,
which is bought for roasting and adding to the mixture.

Cardamom powder should be purchased in a complete package.
You should also always check the country of origin and the date of packaging.
with the term of validity.

Choose cardamom seeds only if they are not too hard.
and dry. You can squeeze the seed between your fingers. If they fall apart
into powder, then the cardamom is expired. Quality grains burst
however, they cannot turn to dust.

If you are choosing pods, remember that with perfect harvesting and drying
they are not disclosed. The boxes should be chosen even, fresh, without
any damage or dents. They will definitely be dry, since
the harvested pods are dried in the sun. But at the same time they
retain their greenish color.

How to store

Whole grains stay nutritious and very healthy for longer than powder,
even without packaging. If you need to use ground cardamom,
you can grind the grains just before cooking.

The ground spice can be stored in an airtight container such as
the form, the usefulness will last up to 3-5 weeks.

In cooking

The scope of application of cardamom in cooking is extremely wide. Spices
it takes time for the aroma to unfold, therefore it is used as
as a rule, in dishes with prolonged heat treatment. Especially
Black cardamom is popular in North Indian dishes. There it is included
in almost all spicy mixtures, and together with saffron and almonds
– added to festive rice dishes. Also in India with this product
a fermented milk soft drink is prepared. Have black cardamom
and in other Indian dishes, for example, in pilaf with fruits and meat,
stews, sweet hot drinks and spice mix matter.

This spice goes well with cinnamon, cloves and aromatic
anise, such a mixture of spices is added in European countries for cooking
Christmas pastries and delicious drinks. Often black cardamom
used for flavoring sausages, hams and aromatic
boiled pork.

This spice is also added to various drinks. So, in France
cardamom is added to liqueurs. Chinese add cardamom seed
into tea. It is also often used in baked goods and desserts.

The Germans prepare Easter cakes and candied fruit gingerbread with this spice,
honey and almonds.
None of the traditional oriental sweets can do without this
spices – baklava and other pastries, especially with nut filling.

Together with star anise and cinnamon, cardamom goes well with preserves.
from pears, walnuts, quince
and plums. It is also well suited for meat dishes. Its warm smoky
aroma does not dominate the dish, but rather enhances and reveals the taste
other products, so you can put it on without regret. Combination
cardamom and nutmeg goes well with boiled fish
rocks. Black cardamom can be added in whole boxes or removed
seeds and crush or grind them. Grind them in a mortar or with
using a knife.

Aromatic coffee with cardamom is considered traditional among Asians and Arabs.
It gives this classic drink a noble taste, reducing
the risk of high blood pressure and tachycardia and removing the toxicity of caffeine.
To prepare a drink, put a few ground seeds in a Turk
black cardamom before brewing or in ready-made coffee.

Also, cardamom can be put in black tea instead of citrus – in beans
or pods. The taste of such a drink is especially liked by those who
drinks tea with bergamot.
This tea began to be drunk in India and China, where it is considered “drink

Indian teas are brewed from a variety of spicy masal blends, which include
cinnamon and cardamom. And Kashmiris have a tradition of drinking sweet green
tea with the addition of boxes of black cardamom.

It is also useful to drink it with milk, as this spice is capable of
neutralize the increased secretion of mucus, which can provoke
in the body, the use of dairy products, especially in cold

As a medicine, cardamom should be consumed with warmed milk, but
not brought to a boil. Honey is also added to the drink, you can also
grind or eat almond seeds.

Caloric value

The calorie content of black cardamom is 311 kcal.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 10,7 6,8 40,5 5,78 8,28 311

Useful properties of black cardamom

Composition and presence of nutrients

The chemical composition of cardamom includes choline, vitamins B2, 5, 6, 9,
12, A, E, C, PP and K, as well as the main beneficial minerals:
calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc and manganese, phosphorus, iron
and sodium.

Useful and healing properties

Cardamom is very beneficial for the nervous system. It relieves
depression or depression, relaxes well. Thereby
clarity of mind and activity will increase, a feeling of peace will appear
and ease. Mix 4-5 spice seeds to strengthen the nervous system
with a teaspoon of honey and take this remedy daily. It
will also help improve vision.

Eating black cardamom is an effective flu prevention
and microbes. For pharyngitis, gargling with a solution is very useful
from cinnamon and cardamom diluted in boiled water. This spice is good
treats hoarseness and dryness that may be in the throat. Need 0,5 teaspoon
mix the tablespoons of cardamom with the same amount of cinnamon and pour over
a glass of boiling water.

Black cardamom is considered a very effective mucus neutralizer,
removing it from the spleen and lungs when
bronchitis, asthma, coughs or colds. Treats this product and
excessive salivation. For this purpose, it can be combined with fruits,
for example, a pear
remove the core, put honey instead, half a teaspoon
spices and bake.

Cardamom is able to improve the functioning of the digestive system by cleansing
Gastrointestinal tract from toxins and poisons. Its consumption can normalize digestion
for various disorders – as part of herbal preparations. With severity
in the stomach, overeating or indigestion drink cardamom tea with ground
ginger and
cloves or with cumin and coriander 0,5 tsp each.

To cleanse the body, it is advised to take a hot infusion, brewing
a teaspoon of ground cardamom 200 ml of boiling water.

Cardamom delicately removes a problem such as diarrhea, including
for children. For diarrhea, the spice must be insisted in boiling water along with this
the same amount of fennel
dill and calamus. For infants, such an infusion is taken by a nursing mother.
constipation, this product is put in food together with ginger, asafoetida
and fennel. The spice also helps to eliminate flatulence: chew
a few grains of it, or make a tea from cardamom and fennel,
you can also add ginger there. It works great in this case
tea with cardamom: mix half a teaspoon of cardamom each
and fennel and pour 200 ml of water, after 10 minutes strain and apply
as needed.

Chewing the seeds can stop vomiting and nausea, and mint-cardamom
tea eliminates hiccups well.

This spice, among other things, is an excellent antiseptic,
used in medicines to get rid of fungal diseases,
skin regeneration, treatment of lichen, candidiasis, scabies.

Cardamom can improve the condition of the oral cavity: it will facilitate
toothache, freshen breath, neutralizes any pathogenic bacteria.

You can use the properties of cardamom to tone up with elevated
loads: the spice is consumed with any food. If you chew
cardamom grains in the morning, it will be easier to wake up, the spice will relieve
lethargy and weakness.

As a stand-alone remedy or with saffron, ginger, hawthorn or
cinnamon black cardamom can improve heart function. It stimulates
circulation, and is also thought to be beneficial in case of cycle failures in women
and hypotension.

And this spice is also great for helping to cope with obesity,
as it can enhance
metabolism and help substances entering the body well
assimilated and digested.

The spice is recommended for migraines and as an appetite-enhancing agent.
Cardamom has the ability to detoxify toxins and poisons, like
coming with food, and formed in the body itself. Moreover,
it has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and anthelmintic

It is believed in Ayurveda that cardamom can reduce the burning sensation.
in the heart muscle, and also treats impotence
and headache. UK and American pharmacists recognize cardamom
aromatic tonic of the digestive system.

Use in cosmetology

In aromatherapy and cosmetology, it is actively used butter
which is a smell-like
clear liquid. It has quite strong antiseptic
properties and is used for skin inflammation.

Together with other oils, the cardamom product enhances their action
due to the fact that it enhances blood circulation and promotes effective
nutrition, as well as the penetration of absolutely all components of oils
into the skin layer.

So, spice oil helps to cleanse the skin, stimulate cellular
renewal, deodorizes and tones, and also has anti-cellulite

A face mask with cardamom is considered effective, which nourishes
and smoothes the skin. For her you need to mix 3 drops of cardamom oil
with 5 drops of rose oil, 3 – almond oil and 2 – oil
avocado. After cleansing the face, the mask is applied to the skin by massaging
movements, washing off after 15 minutes.

Also popular is a face and neck mask that tightens the skin.
For her in 1 tbsp. l. cream
or sour cream add 5 drops of cardamom oil, almond oil, avocado
and rose oil. Apply this mask for 20 minutes, rinsing off after they have expired
warm water.

To make mask for oily skin, advise
Dissolve 3-4 drops of cardamom oil in 2 tablespoons of milk.
At the same time, a teaspoon of honey should be mixed with half a teaspoon
tablespoons of sea salt. Combine both mixtures and mix thoroughly.
The mask is applied to the face with a cotton pad and kept for 20-25 minutes, after
which are washed off with warm water. The effect of such a mask is purified
and renewed facial skin. It is recommended to make such masks in a course –
every 5-6 days for one month.

For anti-cellulite scrub per 10 drops of butter
cardamom take about 50 grams of olive oil and 2 tablespoons
table or sea salt. The resulting mass is applied to the skin and
massage until slight redness, and then gently and thoroughly
washed off with warm running water.

Cardamom-based blends can also be made for anti-cellulite
massage. To do this, mix 10 drops of cardamom oil and tea
wood, 30 grams of olive oil.

In aromatherapy cardamom oil is widely used
to relieve fatigue and improve mood, it is especially popular
in individuals prone to apathy, lethargy, passivity.

Widespread popularity was able to get cardamom as an aphrodisiac
(a few drops are added to the cream and applied to the skin). Interesting,
that cardamom oil does not cause redness or irritation.

Dangerous properties of black cardamom

Black cardamom should not be eaten if an ulcer is present.
And in large quantities, the product is not recommended for expectant mothers.
You should also not use it for individual intolerance.

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    Cardamom Benefits and Side Effects, Cardamom for Heart Health and Anti-inflammatory Properties

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