Calcium Borgluconate for Broilers

Calcium Borgluconate for Broilers

To grow chickens today is very profitable, since chicken is in great demand. You can grow a bird normally at home, the main thing is to observe elementary rules for the care and feeding of a pet. In addition to food, chickens need to be given special vitamins that accelerate their growth and development. To avoid serious illnesses and death of chicks, veterinarians advise giving calcium borgluconate to broilers.This medication is used only after examination of the bird and permission of the veterinarian.

  1. What kind of drug
  2. To whom and why to give the medicine
  3. When do you use the drug
  4. Rules for use
  5. Why is it needed for chickens
  6. How to prevent the death of broilers

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Growing chickens

What kind of preparation is this

Potassium borgluconate – means by suitable for any pets. It is sold in the form of a sterile, clear or light yellow solution. The medicine goes to drugstores with different volumes. It comes in dosages of 100, 200, 250, 400, 500 ml. Pack it in sterile jars of transparent material. The jar is hermetically sealed and does not allow air to pass through.

Also, instructions for use are necessarily attached to the medicine. 1 ml of the solution contains 250 ml of calcium gluconate, 18.5 mg of boric acid, 13 mg of sodium tetraborate, sodium tetraborate 10-water and water for injection – 1 ml.

Calcium borgluconate is classified as a drug that does not cause allergies.You need to store the drug as described in the instructions: in a dark and cold place at a temperature of 6-24 ° C, do not put near food and keep it away from children. You can store 2 years. Before use, be sure to read the instructions for use and consult a veterinarian.

To whom and why to give medicine

When the chickens are born and begin to move on their own, in addition to normal care and feeding them the body requires vitamins . First of all, this is necessary so that in the first months of life they do not die. In such cases, veterinarians recommend the administration of borgluconate to pets. It is used at the first signs of vitamin deficiency, as well as to improve immunity.

Calcium borgluconate is a medicine given to animals in the presence of vitamin deficiency, as well as in case of damage and metabolic arrest in the body. In addition to broilers, this medicine is given to many large animals.

In which cases the drug is used

Borgluconate is prescribed for use by many pets, as well as broilers. The substance can cure chickens and other animals from diseases such as:

  • vitamin deficiency;
  • rickets;
  • spasmophilia;
  • calcium in the body;
  • serum sickness;
  • osteomalacia.

Also, borgluconate is often prescribed for liver diseases and for severe poisoning in large animals.

Rules for use

It is important to follow the instructions for use while using the drug. Doses of the drug come from the disease itself, the age and type of animal. Before giving medicine, it is very important to warm it to a temperature of 35-36 ° C. Borgluconate is injected into pets under the skin very slowly. This preparation is given to large animals 1 time, if there is a need for reuse, then after 24 hours.

Правила применения

Rules of use

Broilers are also given calcium under the skin or intravenously. It starts to be used if the owner has noticed the first signs of vitamin deficiency, as well as in cases where the chicken begins to fall on its legs . The medicine does not cause allergic reactions in broilers, it is absolutely not harmful to them. Also, the drug helps winged to establish metabolism, has anti-inflammatory effects and promotes the functioning of the heart muscle.

Why is it needed for chickens

Calcium in the body of the birds may not be enough , and from this they begin to get very sick, even die. Borgluconate is needed for pets in the first months of life. It will help them to stand on their feet, grow quickly and make the body work well.

Also, the solution supports the immune system and improves metabolism. It does not cause allergic reactions and is absolutely non-toxic.The dosage is calculated based on the weight of the pet. If the medicine is not injected into the vein, but subcutaneously, then it is done in different places. Bird treatment lasts several days and under the supervision of a veterinarian. Do not use alcohol or ether during the injection, as the solution does not dissolve in these substances.

How to prevent the death of broilers

so that the birds do not die in the first days and months of life, it is necessary not only to drink them with a special drug, but also to properly care for them. To save the lives of pets, they conduct elementary actions.

  1. On the first day after birth, broilers are evaporated with a glucose solution diluted in water. This is necessary so that the rest of the yolk can resolve.
  2. Vitamins are given from 2 to 5 days. It is forbidden to give antibiotics, since chickens do not yet have microflora.
  3. After a few days, antibiotics also begin to be given. Necessarily not in large quantities, as the pet can get used to such a drug. They are given from 8 to 11 days of life, since it was at this time that the winged begin to die. Then, for a week, the babies are given nothing, take a break, and then begin to drink 3 days with vitamins and antibiotics.

Calcium borgluconate is a miracle drug !!
Broiler. The broiler falls to its feet.
Why do broilers fall to their feet ??? Does calcium matter ??? !!!
Broilers fall to their feet

It is easy to grow healthy and beautiful broilers, the main thing is to know all the features of such a process. Experienced farmers know all the intricacies of this matter, and beginners will have to work hard, since such a way of earning money is not easy.

Before giving vitamins to birds or medications, you must always consult a veterinarian and read the instructions for use.Although borgluconate does not have side effects and does not cause allergies, it is simply necessary to follow all the tips and recommendations.

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