Can rabbits be given raw squash

Can rabbits be given raw squash

Rabbit is a frequent guest on farms, this is one of the most relevant animals in the household. At the same time, decorative rabbits are one of the most spoiled pets. However, these furry beauties can eat quite a lot during the day, their diet consists of grain feed, hay, fresh vegetables and mineral supplements.But in order for the animals to grow and be active, they need to be fed correctly and regularly, selecting only healthy foods. In particular, you should find out whether zucchini can be given to rabbits.

  1. Is it possible to introduce zucchini into the diet?
  2. Will whether squash
  3. is useful? Pumpkin and its useful properties
  4. What are the advantages of squash

Можно ли давать кроликам кабачки или тыкву

Can rabbits be given zucchini or pumpkin

Is it possible to introduce zucchini into the diet?

For such animals, it is best if most of the food is plant-based I am (natural) food, just such a diet is similar to natural nutrition. A rabbit is an unpretentious animal, but sometimes it can abandon its usual diet. That is why the pet’s diet should always be different so that the rabbit gets all the possible vitamins and calcium. Only hay or vegetables cannot be fed to the animal. A proper and balanced diet consists of solid food and succulent food, only in this case the rabbit’s digestive system will be in order and he will receive all the necessary substances.

Farmers have found the ideal proportion for proper nutrition: this is 80% of dry food, the remaining 20% ​​are vegetables, fruits, herbs, fresh grass and hay. The most favorite products of eared pets are:

  • carrots;
  • pumpkin;
  • beets;
  • potatoes;
  • cabbage;
  • zucchini.

Will zucchini be useful

Often newcomers are faced with the problem of whether it is possible to give rabbits squash and pumpkin. Oddly enough, but veterinarians disagree on this score. Some believe that these products should be an integral part of the diet of rabbits, while others, on the contrary, advise to beware of such vegetables and minimize their amount in the diet, to find other vegetables that will give the same necessary dietary supplements for rabbits.

But nevertheless, most veterinarians are sure that zucchini and pumpkin are possible for rabbits, but pumpkin for rabbits must be carefully added, as this product acts as a laxative. In addition, it is very useful to give tops, cucumbers, lettuce. You can also give dried pumpkin seeds: they contain many useful vitamins, which positively affects the blood flow in the body. Zucchini and pumpkin have useful properties:

  • vitamins;
  • macroelements;
  • microelements.

All of them are necessary for rapid development. Such products are recommended to be given both raw and boiled.But there are rules according to which pet feeding should take place:

  • rabbits can be given zucchini, pumpkin, but only for those who are already 4 months old;
  • the skin must be peeled and remove all seeds;
  • the flesh of the products is best cut or grated, and then mixed with corn silo.

Rabbit breeders should pay great attention to seeds that need to be clean during preparation of vegetables for serving. Seeds are considered an excellent anthelmintic agent of natural origin, so you can add a little bit to the diet of rabbits as a prophylaxis against worms.

Pumpkin and its beneficial properties

Animals can be given squash, but in moderation. If you do this regularly, the appearance of the animal becomes brighter. The coat becomes more saturated and softer, especially if the fluffy friend is orange – its color becomes a fiery color.

Rodents really like the taste of pumpkin, besides it has enough vitamins to support the animal’s immunity, but not enough protein additives and milk thistle. Pumpkin can be stored throughout the winter, the main thing is that the room is cool. You can leave the vegetable in the basement or in the cellar. But it can also be stored in a warm room at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C.

For nursing mothers, it will be an excellent feed additive, since the components contained in the pumpkin affect the production of milk.Also, in mothers, the hair becomes soft and delicate, the coat of the coat improves twice. In addition, young rabbits get vitamins through milk, thanks to which they become more active and stronger.

Adults can be given it raw, just cut into cubes, and it is better to grind young animals on a pre-cooked grater. It is best to give such top dressing in the autumn period, because it is then that the first pumpkin crop appears. Rabbits cannot be fed pumpkin along with mother’s milk. If the baby rabbit is still on mother’s breastfeeding, a product such as pumpkin cannot be added to his diet, this can cause frustration.

Pumpkin and zucchini is one of the best types of juicy rabbit food.
Can rabbits have zucchini.BUNNY BREEDING
Rabbit eats pumpkin rabbit farming

It is better to give rabbits a pumpkin when they reach 4 months, then their body is already able to absorb all useful substances. Many rabbit breeders say they adore pumpkin puree and absorb it with great desire. Animals eat pumpkin seeds very actively, but one must be careful with the dosage. There are 2-3 seeds per one small pet, 4-5 seeds per adult. If you overdo it with the dose, pets may have problems with stools and, accordingly, with the stomach. Pumpkin can not be the main component of nutrition, as it does not have the substances necessary for the proper development of the rabbit. It is rather a vitamin supplement, which should be in the diet of the animal. You can give combinations with pumpkin to dilute the diet:

  • tops;
  • cucumbers.

The animal must have proper food balanced, as there are breeds of rabbits that can suffer from obesity. Feeding should be regular: in young animals – 4-6 times a day in small portions, in adults – 2-3 times a day.

What are the advantages of zucchini

Many rabbit breeders are not sure whether rabbits can be given zucchini, since, in their opinion, this product is not among beneficial for rodents because it can be addictive. Is it possible to feed fluffy rabbits with zucchini often? Veterinarians say yes, but at the same time, nutrition should be balanced, including other foods. 200 g of zucchini should account for 500 g of cucumbers and a little tops or hay. Zucchini cannot become the “crown” of a dish and be the only source of vitamins.

At the same time, veterinarians themselves are not sure whether rabbits can be given zucchini if ​​the babies are not even 2 months old, so they warn that it is best to leave such a product and do not add to the diet of young rabbits.

Useful properties of the product:

  • vitamins C, B1 and B2;
  • minerals: phosphorus, iron, calcium;
  • valuable acids.

Before adding zucchini to the feeding of rabbits, make sure that it is cleaned of dirt, peel, it is missing rotting. If dirt or other bacteria gets into the rodent’s stomach, this can cause a complete upset of his digestive system. Giving zucchini often, and even more so every day, is undesirable. It should be alternated: one day – pumpkin as an additive, the other day – zucchini. Zucchini contains a lot of milk thistle, and a large amount of it in the body can lead to problems with stool (constipation).

The main thing is to diversify the pet’s diet, add new vegetables and properly balanced vitamins, give enough calcium and vitamins for good growth. Also, the rabbit can do without zucchini in its food, they can be replaced with mashed cucumbers.

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