Catfish, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Catfish is the largest freshwater predator. Dwells in
whirlpools and littered river pits, can reach weight
up to 300 kg! Such giants, scientists say, usually have
age 80-100 years old! True, you don’t hear something to
some of the anglers are so lucky. More often come across
catfish weighing 10-20 kg.

By its external features, catfish is easily distinguished from
all other fish. He has a huge dumb head, big
the mouth, from which two large mustaches and four antennae extend
on the chin. The mustache is a kind of tentacles,
with the help of which the catfish finds food even in the dark.
And what is surprising – with such large dimensions – very
small eyes. The tail is long and looks a little like a fish tail.

The body color of the catfish is changeable – from above it is almost black
color, the belly is usually off-white. His body is naked
without scales.

Useful properties of catfish

Catfish meat almost boneless (backbone), fatty, soft
and tender with a sweetish taste. Before use
it is usually fried or simmered.

Catfish contains such macro and microelements as calcium,
magnesium, sodium,
potassium, phosphorus,
chlorine, sulfur,
iron, zinc,
iodine, copper,
manganese, chromium,
fluorine, molybdenum,
cobalt, nickel.
Catfish meat contains vitamins A, B1,
B2, B6,
B9, C,
Well, PP.
It also contains a large amount of fats and proteins,
which are sources of energy for the human body.

Catfish meat contains all amino acids, it is valued higher,
than vegetable protein. By consuming about 200 g of fish
meat, you can satisfy the daily need for an animal
protein, because the proportion of essential amino acids in fish is very
high. Especially high in amino acid content
lysine, but in cereals it is not enough, therefore
fish is especially suitable as a supplement
to foods containing grains.

The body of fish contains only 2% of connective tissue
(bones, ligaments and skin), while beef and pork contain 8 to 10% and sometimes more. Due to the small
the content of the connective tissue the fish is lighter and faster
digestible than the meat of mammals, which
important for people with a sedentary lifestyle.
Fish is useful for both children and young people with a large
the need for protein during growth, as well as sick.

Catfish meat is good for the health of the skin, mucous membranes,
nervous and digestive systems, it perfectly regulates
blood sugar, and also contains an antioxidant.

Catfish also accumulates its fat in the insides –
the fat-rich liver of cod and burbot is best known. Fatty fish do not lend themselves to prolonged
storage, because the fat quickly goes rancid.

Dangerous properties of catfish

There are no special contraindications for catfish, however, one should take into account that
that this fish, like any other, can be an allergen, due to which
individual intolerance is possible.

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