Causes of pepper bloom

Causes of pepper bloom

Falling flowers from peppers is one of the main problems that gardeners may encounter when growing this crop . There can be several reasons for this behavior of plants, consider them in the article.

  1. Reasons <
  2. Poor lighting
  3. Insufficient humidity
  4. High temperature
  5. Improper soil fertilization
  6. Pests
  7. Bad pollination
  8. Conclusion <

Причины опадания цветов у перца

Reasons for the falling colors of the pepper


The quality of adult crops depends on the health of the seedlings, but there are times when the seedlings were strong and strong, and the plants at the flowering stage upset the host.

Causes of pepper bloom:

  • Improper cultivation conditions. In this case, peppers, besides flowers, shed ovaries and unopened buds.
  • Whitening the crop. Such a reaction may be on some pests, so pepper should be inspected regularly.
  • Lack of pollination. Un dusted flowers can also fall.

Poor lighting

It is important for the culture to provide enough light, otherwise seedlings will be of poor quality.

Disadvantage lighting will also adversely affect the development of reproductive organs in the future. Also, in poor lighting, part of the flowers are not fertilized.

In the summer, especially in July, plants can suffer from excess light – they must be protected from the influence of this factor. To this end, planting on the site is made so that at noon the bushes are obscured by other plants. It can be tomatoes or other crops. You can throw a wet newspaper on top. If no action is taken, the pepper will drop buds.

Insufficient humidity

During flowering and budding, soil and air humidity are controlled. The earth is regularly and moderately watered, preventing the drying of the upper layer. With a lack of moisture, the ovaries of peppers fall, and the plant slows down growth.

Humidity, in which the culture feels good, ranges from 60 to 80%. In the heat in the morning, leaves are watered from a watering can in the morning, and in the afternoon – the ground, after which they must be loosened up soil. 610px “class =” wp- Опадают цветки и чернеют перцы

The flowers fall and the peppers turn black

In the summer, the weather may become too hot for the peppers to fall flowers. This is especially threatening to plants grown in greenhouse conditions. Temperatures above 30 ° C are harmful to pollen, and above 35 ° C to flowers.

To establish the optimum heat level, in July, cut grass between rows of rows.Advantages of the method:

  • prevents the earth from overheating;
  • helps to retain moisture in it;
  • serves as additional food.

You should not carry out the procedure in June: by this time the soil may not have time to warm up to a sufficient depth.

Overheating of air and soil can be prevented by obscuring the greenhouse. During the day, open the windows, close in the evening (and the doors too). On warm nights they are left unlocked.

Improper soil fertilization

On infertile land, the fruits will not be pleased with either quality or quantity, because then inferior ovaries form. They cannot exist for long: the plant dumps them. That is why peppers need soils saturated with nutrients.

Especially important is the content of nitrogen in the earth. Its deficiency leads to slow growth of vegetative organs. Excess – to too much growth of green mass to the detriment of the development of the ovaries, which significantly reduces the number of fruits on the bush. This can even cause ovaries to fall.

Throughout the growing season, peppers need to be fed with nitrogen-containing fertilizers in strictly defined doses. If an overdose still occurs, top dressing is stopped for an average of 2 weeks.


If the flowers fall in pepper, they examine the bushes. Such a plant response may be to a spider mite or a whitefly.A sign of a tick is the presence of a spider web on the leaves. Whiteflies are small butterflies with white wings.

In the fight against spider mites, both folk and purchased products can be used. Of the folk, a solution of laundry soap is isolated, which is used to process all areas of the culture. Actelik is bought in stores. It is used accordingly with the attached instructions.

It is good to use garlic infusion against whiteflies. To prepare it, take 150-170 g of the crushed product and pour 1 liter of water, insist 5 days. For processing, it is enough to dilute 6 g of the product in 1 liter of water. Of the chemicals you can use Actelik, Confidor.

Bad pollination

Peppers are a self-pollinated crop. This process is effective in open ground. To organize it in the greenhouse, frequent airing is carried out.

Also pollination is done mechanically, shaking off pollen in the morning. This method is used when growing crops on the windowsill.


To collect the fruits in large quantities, you must not allow pepper fell flowers and ovaries. The correct agrotechnical process prevents this problem. If this happens, take measures to help stop it in time.

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