Causes of yellowing and drying of carrot tops

Causes of yellowing and drying of carrot tops

If the tops turn yellow carrots find out the cause. This often happens when the variety selected for cultivation does not meet the climatic conditions of the region. In early species, the growing season ends faster, and the ground part dries up. But there are more serious factors for the manifestation of symptoms.

  1. Causes of unhealthy tops
  2. Diseases
  3. Pests
  4. Cure culture
  5. Disease prevention
  6. Conclusion

Причины пожелтения и засыхания ботвы моркови

Causes of yellowing and drying of the carrot tops

Causes of the unhealthy appearance of the tops

If the foliage turned black and withered, this is due to:

  • with insufficient watering (the plant suffers from drought) or its excess;
  • with a lack of mineral fertilizers th;
  • with night frosts or too hot weather;
  • with the defeat of fungal diseases or pests;
  • with thickened plantings;
  • with increased acidity of the soil;
  • with physiological reasons – it’s time to harvest.


Often the leaves of the carrot begin to turn yellow when the culture is affected by the disease.


Small dark spots appear on the leaves. Over time, the tops darken and rot. The formation of the root crop is disturbed. The vegetable remains small, curls.

Alternariosis (black rot)

It appears as spots on the tops of a dark brown color, of various shapes and sizes. On the fruits there is a faint black and green coating. The plant gradually blackens and dries.


Adult cultures are affected at the stage of technical maturity. On the veins and petioles of the leaves gray-brown spots of elongated form are formed. The tops turn yellow and wilt.


First, lead-gray spots appear on the root crops, then their surface turns red (a mycelium forms). If the disease develops during the growing season, the tops turn yellow, wither and dry up.

Gray rot

More often appears in storage, although infection occurs on the garden. During the growing season, dark or brownish small angular or oval watery spots appear on the leaves. Periodically, they may dry out.

Brown spotting

First, brown spots with a yellow border appear on the tops and stalks, which then spread. The leaves turn black, as if they were burned with boiling water.


If the tops of the carrots dry, the culture is examined for insects:

  • Scoops . The pest larvae gnaw the root crop in the upper part or just below the ground, so the foliage will wither.
  • Leaf flies. This is a microscopic insect that sucks the juice from carrots and its ground parts. The leaves curl and dry.
  • Carrots. She gnaws the root crop, because of this the tops turn yellow.

Culture treatment

Морковь нужно обрабатывать

Carrots need to be processed

The beds begin to inspect with the appearance of 3-4 leaves on carrots. If the tops turned yellow and withered, they begin to fight this phenomenon. Affected plants are recovered. Dolomite flour or chalk is added to acidic soil. Fungicides of systemic action are used against fungal diseases. Plants are treated with Oxychom, Fundazole, Falcon, or 1% Bordeaux fluid. Spray should be in dry, calm weather, observing the flow rate. Carrots are consumed 20 days after processing.

To scare the carrot fly, plant garlic or onions next to it.

Zemlin preparations help in the fight against this pest, ” Initiative ”,“ Bazudin ”. They are introduced into the soil during sowing. They process the infusion of onion peel, sprinkle the ground with ash or pepper. Against a scoop use the Nemabakt means. This is the type of nematode that destroys caterpillars. If the leaf sheath is affected, tobacco infusion is used. Also from insects the bed is covered with non-woven material. It also contributes to the retention of moisture in the soil. To do this, lay a layer of straw mulch.

Disease Prevention

Sources of infection are seeds, plant debris, and contaminated soil.Diseases also manifest themselves under conditions favorable to pathogens:

  • sharp fluctuations in temperature;
  • cool rainy weather;
  • damage to root crops during harvesting.

In order not to encounter this ailment, they take the following preventive measures:

  • observe crop rotation: plant carrots in their original place after 3-4 years;
  • properly prepare the seed: warm it at a temperature of 40-50 ° C for half an hour and pickle with a potassium permanganate solution;
  • do not plant the crop after onions and cabbage: they have one diseases and pests;
  • do not use fresh cow manure as fertilizers;
  • introduce the optimal amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, thereby increasing the immunity of the culture;
  • observe the irrigation regime;
  • weed the garden;
  • collect plant debris;
  • treat with 1% Bordeaux mixture or with Narcissus, Ecogel, “Zircon” according to the attached instructions;
  • to harvest in a timely manner.


To prevent the carrots from dying, you need to properly care for the planting. It is much easier to prevent diseases how to get rid of them.

Weather conditions cannot be predicted, therefore, crops are sown at different times. This helps to harvest an excellent vegetable crop.

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