Chanterelles, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Chanterelles are forest mushrooms with bright yellow, less often with pale yellow

A hat measuring 3-10 cm, in the form of an inverted umbrella
or funnels; the leg almost fuses with the cap. the main
the value of the chanterelle is that this mushroom almost never
is never wormy.

Chanterelles can be found from early summer to late autumn.
They are especially fond of coniferous forests, birch and mixed:
spruce and birch. Like many mushrooms, chanterelles grow
families or groups.

You should buy mushrooms only in organized trading
points in markets where the goods are inspected.

If you picked mushrooms in the forest, remember what to store
they can be taken from 18 to 24 hours at a temperature not higher than + 10 ° C.

Before cooking, rinse the mushrooms, sort,
discard the flabby and wormy.

Useful properties of chanterelles

Chanterelle contains a large amount of vitamin A,
B, PP,
many amino acids and trace elements (copper and
which helps to improve vision, cure chicken
blindness “, and is also the prevention of many eye
diseases. In addition, the substances contained in chanterelles
improve the condition of the mucous membranes, especially the eyes,
moisturize them and make them resistant to infectious
diseases. The substances contained in chanterelles are used
in fungotherapy.

In Europe, extracts from chanterelles are used to treat liver diseases
and hepatitis C. Also, chanterelles indirectly treat obesity
(which appears from lack of functionality
liver function), of course, provided the correct
their dietary preparation.

Chanterelles remain untouched by worms and all kinds of insects
due to the fact that the body of the fungus contains a special substance
– chitin mannose, which destroys the capsules of eggs of various
worms, including tapeworms, not giving them in this way
develop. Since ancient times, the infusion of chanterelles has been treated
boils, abscesses and sore throat. In addition, chanterelles delay
growth of a tubercle bacillus. Some pharmaceutical
firms buy chanterelles, isolate chitinmannose from them
and use it in its pure form as part of medical

Quinomannose is a natural substance that is harmless
for the body, which does not cause any side effects
effects that are typical for drugs,
obtained synthetically. Chinomannosis is harmful
affects various types of helminths. Influencing
parasites, this substance does not poison them, as it happens
when treating with chemicals, but is introduced into their mucous membranes
shell and has a blocking effect on nerve
centers. At the same time, human organs do not receive any
negative impact.

Maintain the value of this substance at home
difficult, since quinomannose is a heat-sensitive substance,
collapses at 60 degrees, salt also acts on
it is destructive.

Chanterelles also contain a useful substance called
ergosterol, which acts on the liver and is used
to cleanse it. Recent research by scientists has shown
that trametonolinic acid in the composition of these mushrooms has
healing effect on the hepatitis virus.

Fried chanterelles are most delicious, especially since there are enough of them
just cook. Recipes for fried chanterelles are countless,
but they all boil down to fine or medium cut
mushrooms, evaporate water from them in a pan, add oil
and mix with something delicious, such as potatoes, eggs, chicken,
spaghetti, add to pizza or pie.

Dangerous properties of chanterelles

Chanterelles are contraindicated in case of individual intolerance
of this product. It is also not advisable to give these mushrooms to children aged
up to 3 years old.

In addition, it is forbidden to eat mushrooms collected in ecologically
contaminated areas.

And people with metabolic disorders, as well as those who suffer
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver should
consult a doctor before consuming these mushrooms, so
how they are considered difficult to digest.


The video will tell you how to cook deliciously a dish of fried chanterelle mushrooms with sauce.

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Chanterelles, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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