Characteristic duck old 53

Characteristic duck old 53

Duck star 53 is a representative of the meat breed, which is usually bred at home. If we consider the features of such a duck, then we can say that this winged eats very well and quickly grows. This is a huge advantage of the old 53 duck compared to other varieties.In addition, the Star 53 breed tolerates any weather well and does not sort out different types of food, therefore, we will consider the unique breed of ducks Start 53 with a photo and description of how to breed it properly at home.

  1. Where does the species of star 53 live?
  2. Description of the breed of star 53
  3. Feeding and rearing ducklings and adults
  4. Features of the start breeding 53

Утка стар 53

Duck old 53

Where does the variety old 53 live?

The breed of ducks old 53, in comparison with other species, prefers to live near various ponds and swamps. A good place to live in old 53 is a shallow river or a lake with a small current.

If we consider the direct origin of old 53, then for the first time in America this species was imported from Beijing, so it is not surprising that the old 53 is Peking breed of duck. After that, its spread quickly began to occur in European countries. Nowadays, the ducks of old 53 feel great in Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and other countries.

The French duck old 53 was first bred with the help of European breeders. Due to enormous efforts, a large and medium French broiler duck was obtained. Even outwardly, these species differed among themselves, and their productivity was several times higher. In some sources, the French species of broiler is considered the forerunner of the breed bred in Beijing.

Nowadays, the breed of duck 53 is distributed in many countries of Europe, where it is bred both in the household and in numerous poultry farms. In the summer, this bird will spend a large amount of time in the pond, so you don’t have to worry too much about its nutrition, and in the winter you need to have an insulated room where this Peking species will live. breeds of star 53

For a long time the duck is old 53 whose breed description and characteristics are of interest to many farmers who want to breed ducks, is popular. And this is not surprising, since the characteristic of the old duck species is truly amazing.

First of all, the start of duck 53 has a fairly powerful physique with a chest of impressive size. The duck’s head is large and well developed, which can be seen in numerous photos. The breed is quickly recognized by its bright orange beak and rather convex forehead, which is not observed in every species.The description of the feathered breed of Star 53 can be compared with a photo to make sure that they have large enough wings that fit tightly to the body. The tail, on the contrary, is quite small and slightly directed upwards. The legs of the variety are cross wide and short. Despite this, the cross confidently rests on its feet. As for the color of the plumage of the old, the most common are representatives with a white or cream color.

After reading a detailed description of the old, it is worth paying special attention to egg production. In 1 year, the Beijing broiler duck is able to lay about 120 duck eggs. The size of one on average is about 90 g, but a key feature of duck eggs of this breed is that they are quite nutritious and can be safely used for cooking. Ducklings old 53 at the age of 3 months can already weigh about 3 kg, and their meat will be quite juicy, soft and nutritious.

There is also a certain growth schedule for this breed, according to which it is possible to trace how it changes bird weight by origin of a certain number of days. If we consider more adult representatives of the cross, then their meat will already be an order of magnitude fatter, so it is not surprising that the meat of ducklings is the most valuable, since it is completely dietary.

Among the advantages of star 53 are:

  • it tolerates various temperature conditions and sudden changes;
  • feeding and growing is quite simple, as the duck is completely unpretentious in choosing food;
  • she has a high precocity;
  • eggs are quite high-calorie and nutritious;
  • she prefers to live near water bodies, but they do well without them.

If we consider the description of old 53, then we can say that there are flaws in its content, but they are few. The first is that the feathered is a very poor brood hen. The second concerns the issue of cultivation. Keeping the bird in a rather wet and damp room is strictly forbidden, as it will simply become ill and will soon die.

Feeding and raising ducklings and adults

After reviewing the detailed description, we can safely say that this species of bird is characterized by rather rapid and active growth. This is the reason that the Beijing broiler duck is most often bred specifically for meat, so ducklings should be fed until the first molting process takes place.

Literally one month after the hatching of the ducklings, the first slaughter. As soon as the first molt is over, growth will slow down significantly, so you should reconsider your views on caring for this bird.When caring for ducklings, in no case should one miss the period of transition of ducklings to adolescence, since their meat after that will become quite tough and not so juicy.

The process of breeding and keeping for old 53 should be carried out taking into account of the following nuances:

  • care of this variety should be thorough, since this breed is characterized by too fast metabolism;
  • due to the small intestine, the absorption of the food takes place over 3- 4 hours;
  • for active weight gain That a bird in the manger was always fresh and nutritious food.

To poultry development occurred quickly and properly, it is necessary to pay special attention to diet. It is desirable that the food consumed is not too heavy, but at the same time it should be saturated with proteins. The growth of a bird largely depends on the environment in which it is located. Since this variety is quite alarming, you can not expose it to excessive stress and screaming, otherwise its growth will be slowed down, and the meat as a result you will get far from the expected quality. This species of birds should live in comfortable and quiet conditions.

Pekingka or Star-53? Who to choose?
Ducks STAR-53 live weight in 52 days
Peking duck STAR-53 heavy cross. Broiler duck. French company GRIMAUD

Features start feeding 53

Quite often, many farmers have a question: how many days do small ducklings appear and how does the incubation process take place? This breeding work is quite difficult, especially if the process will occur without a hen, as many reviews say. That is why it is necessary to prepare for this process beforehand.

First of all, you need to make sure that the place where the future ducklings will be located is warm enough.That is why it is important to think about high-quality artificial heating, on which the future life of little ducklings will depend. The most optimal temperature indicator will be 30 ° C. For example, you can put a warm heating pad previously wrapped in some soft cloth in the box in which the hatched ducklings will be located.

You can also use special electric lamps with which each egg will be heated individually. If the egg has already cracked and a duckling begins to appear in the wild, you can maintain an ordinary room temperature in which both the little duckling and the adult Peking duck will feel good.

There were problems with the process of growing the breed ? You can watch numerous videos in which experienced farmers share their own secrets of the correct and high-quality growth of this bird.

If you are interested in duck start 53, you should be exactly familiar with all the nuances of its content: feeding, care. Only then can you please yourself with delicious meat.

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