Characteristic varieties of tomatoes Olga f1

Tomato Olya was created by Russian breeders at the beginning of the XXI century. Thanks to practical cultivation farming techniques, Olya tomatoes have won sympathy among vegetable growers. This variety is suitable for cultivation both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions.

  1. Feature
  2. Description of the variety
  3. Description of the bush
  4. Description of the fruit
  5. Growing seedlings
  6. Planting seeds
  7. Caring for sprouts
  8. Planting seedlings
  9. Fertilizer
  10. Watering
  11. Diseases
  12. Prevention
  13. Summary

Характеристика сорта томатов Ольга f1

Characteristics of the tomato variety Olga f1


The tomato variety Olya f1 is characterized by high productivity . With For proper care, one bush gives up to 25 kg of delicious Tomatoes.

Variety description

Tomato Olga f1 is a hybrid plant. The most valuable characteristics of this varietal variety of tomatoes include:

    • resistance to unstable lighting conditions;
    • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
    • good harvest;
    • resistance to a number of diseases.


Affordable cultivation and easy care makes the tomato variety Olya f1 universal. The planted seedlings are planted in open ground, it is resistant to cracking with high humidity during rains.

Description of the bush

Tomato Olya has a superdeterministic bush, which is not classified as a standard bush.

The height of tomato bushes is from 1 to 1.5 m. A weak branching and the presence of an insignificant number of leaves are considered a characteristic feature of this varietal species.

Olya Tomato f1 differs in medium growth strength, grows on its bushes 3 brushes at once. Each blooms and matures at the same time. Up to 15 branches develop on a maximum of one tomato bush. When the first stalk of the brush appears, the plant does not paschitsya.

Description of the fruit

Tomato Olya has fruits with bright taste. Vegetable crops are characterized by a small size, rounded shape with a slightly pronounced ribbing. In diameter, the tomato reaches from 60 to 70 mm. The mass of one fruit is from 130 to 140 g.

The composition of tomatoes of this variety includes up to 6.5% of dry matter. One of the advantages of the plant is the same size of fruits grown on one bush, which makes the Olya tomato universal for conservation. Also, the fruit has a sweet and sour taste, it is used in cooking for preparing healthy vegetable salads.

Growing seedlings

For tomatoes of this variety, seedling cultivation is typical. To do this, you need to know the features of seed, soil preparation and care rules.

Planting seeds

Before sowing the seeds, prepare the soil:

  • the composition of the soil mixture includes the following components: one part of peat , sawdust and 2 parts of greenhouse soil;
  • before mixing all the components, pour the sawdust with boiling water and then urea diluted in water and bring to a boil;
  • add crushed to the soil mixture shell, 500 g of wood ash and 2-3 tbsp. l potassium permanganate or superphosphate;
  • mixed components are poured hot into the soil in a sowing container;
  • when the ground has cooled, the container is filled to half the greenhouse soil and sown seeds.

Landing is carried out in early March. The first watering is carried out the day after sowing.

Care for sprouts

Растение необходимо регулярно поливать

The plant needs to be regularly watered

When the first shoots appear, the seedlings should be placed in a cool place for a short time, this will strengthen the seedlings to form a powerful root systems.

Growing seedlings involves regular watering, initially the sprouts need moisture already on the fourth day after germination. When the first 3 leaves appear, the tomato is watered with 100 ml of water at room temperature.

This variety requires good lighting for seedlings, for this use fluorescent lamps. The daylight hours for this variety of tomatoes are 12-16 hours.

Planting seedlings

The variety is characterized by double picking, the description of the care of seedlings says that this method avoids overgrowing seedlings . The first pick is carried out after the first 3 true leaves appear, and the next – after 3 weeks. To increase the immunity of seedlings, plants are sprayed with Epin.

Tomatoes are planted in an open area or in a greenhouse. If the greenhouse is heated, it is possible to grow varietal Olya tomatoes all year round. Seedlings are suitable for planting in beds already in May.

Recommendations for planting seedlings and herding:

  • Tomatoes of this variety are grown in two shoots, 2 branches are left on the planted stalk, then removed on the central stalk there are flowers and apex.
  • Places for removing stems are dusted with charcoal; wood ash is also used.
  • The soil where seedlings are planted must be loose. For this, the same soil composition that was used when sowing seeds for seedlings is suitable.

It’s worth taking care of a strong support for each bush, as the stems may not withstand the weight of tomatoes during the ripening of fruits, as a result, the plant will die. For this, small sticks are suitable, to which the stems are tied after 2 steps of pinching.


After the first brush has grown, the nightshade crops need to be fed and fertilized regularly. For this, top dressings are used, which include organic and mineral substances. Tomato Olga f1 at the initial stage of the growing season involves spraying with a solution of urea.

During intensive fruiting, the tomato variety Olya F1 does not require fertilizer. This is because the tomatoes have received a sufficient amount of the necessary substances and are ready to give a good harvest.


A tomato of this variety variety needs comfortable growing conditions, including humidity. Watering should be organized so that the water flow directly into the soil, but not on the tomato stems or leaves.

It is also necessary to control the amount of moisture in hot weather, when the plant is exposed to intense ultraviolet radiation. On such days, it is recommended to increase watering, but only in the evening, so that the stems absorb moisture.


This hybrid variety is characterized by a high level of resistance to various diseases of nightshade crops. These include:

  • cladosporiosis;
  • nematode;
  • fusarium and others.

Tomatoes are affected by brown spotting , late blight, different types of nightshade rot. The first sign of late blight is the appearance of brown-brown spots on the leaves.


According to the description, it is recommended to treat the seedlings with the “Barrier” preparation as a prophylaxis. This should be done 21 days after planting seedlings in an open area. After another 3 weeks, it is necessary to treat the plants with the “Barrier” preparation: this will allow the phytophthora to be destroyed already at the initial stage if it begins to appear on the leaves.

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For preventive purposes, you can use a garlic solution that stops the spread of infection throughout tomato bushes. In order to get rid of varieties of nightshade rot and spotting, it is recommended to treat with copper sulfate.


Tomato Olya f1 is an unpretentious varietal variety of tomatoes. Compliance with the rules of agricultural cultivation will allow you to get l high yield of healthy tomatoes rich in trace elements and vitamins.

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