Characteristics of Black Pearl Tomatoes

Characteristics of Black Pearl Tomatoes

Every year, breeders create new varieties of tomatoes that have excellent taste, ripen quickly, and give a good harvest, tomato Black Pearl is no exception . Today, black tomatoes are no longer perceived as something exotic, since there are many different types of seeds on sale.

  1. Feature
  2. Description of the variety
  3. Description of the bush
  4. Description of the fruit
  5. Growing seedlings
  6. Planting seeds
  7. Caring for sprouts
  8. Planting seedlings
  9. Fertilizer
  10. Watering
  11. Diseases
  12. Prevention
  13. Summary

Характеристика томатов сорта Черный Жемчуг

Characteristics of Black Pearl tomatoes


Vegetables of this variety can be grown l both in open areas and in greenhouses under the film. Also, the plant can be used in the landscaping of the infield. Some growers call this variety Black Pearl. One of the suppliers of seed material is Gavrish.

Variety description

The tomato is terminal, characterized by unlimited growth, not a hybrid, it must be planted on the site using a garter to a high support. As a support you can use:

  • pergola;
  • metal frame.
  • roofs of utility buildings;
  • high fence.

Tomato varieties Black pearl belongs to mid-early varieties.Plants are often used when a fruit orchard is planted, because tall growth allows you to create a composition of floral and vegetable elements.

Description of the bush

This tomato variety is cultivated as a tall plant . A feature of dark varieties is their rather intensive growth with the constant formation of new branches. The bush grows to a height of one and a half meters.

The plant has a central strong stem, from which branches with dark green leaves grow in the process of development. On the hands with proper care over time clusters with cocktail dark fruits form. Six to twelve tomatoes ripen on one brush.

Description of the fruit

Vegetables of this variety are characterized by a high content of various vitamins, lycopene, as well as antioxidant substances. Characteristics of the fruit:

  • round shape;
  • rich flavor palette;
  • delicate flesh;
  • each fruit has an average weight about thirty grams;
  • dark brown or black, with a pink tint.

The color of tomatoes depends on the ambient temperature, the higher the temperature, the blacker the shade . The dark saturated color is given by the substance anthocyanin, which positively affects the functioning of the human immune system, which makes the vegetable especially valuable.In cooking, fruits are used for canning, they can be salted and also added fresh to salads.

Growing seedlings

Томатам необходим правильный уход

Tomatoes need proper care

The plant of this variety is grown, like most nightshade crops, in seedlings. Regardless of where the seedlings will be planted, on the plot or under the film, proper care should be organized at the initial stage.

Planting seeds

You can sow tomato seeds in March or April. To do this, it is necessary to prepare the soil, having previously disinfected it. Next, the soil should be poured into a container, a little tamped and sown seeds to a depth of one or two centimeters.

After sowing, the soil must be watered with a small amount of water. Then the container should be covered with cellophane or glass, this will hold moisture and hatch for the first sprouts in a short time.

Care for the sprouts

After the first sprouts appear, remove the glass from the containers or cellophane. Next, the sprouts should be placed on the windowsill on the south side so that there is access to sunlight.

Recommendations for the care of sprouts:

  1. To avoid damage or death of young shoots, in the room where boxes with seedlings, you should take care of comfortable conditions for the sprouts.Temperature and humidity should be at the same level.
  2. After the first true leaves appear, the process of stabbing should begin. To do this, periodically take containers to the balcony.
  3. During the hardening process, you need to organize the correct watering without overfilling or drying the earth.

The stabbing will allow young shoots after landing on the open plot or film quickly adapt to new conditions. If the seedlings begin to slow down, this may mean that it does not have enough light. To do this, take care of additional lighting with fluorescent lamps.

Planting seedlings

You need to dive seedlings in the phase of two or three real leaves, after 2 months after sowing seeds.

Experienced vegetable growers do not recommend watering seedlings before planting for two days, watering must be done immediately after it has been planted. Planting in the greenhouse is carried out in April-May, and in the open ground in early summer. Planting pattern: 40×60 cm. After the tomato seedlings are planted, it is necessary to conduct stepsoning for better bush growth. You should also tie the plants in several places on the central stem.


The first fertilizing is carried out after two weeks after transplanting. During this time, the sprouts are already quite strong, and their root system has recovered, and began to intensively develop.

Feeding solution:

  • 0.5 liters of wood ash;
  • 1 kg of manure;
  • 0.5 kg of sand, you can also take peat.

In the process of preparing the feeding mixture, you need to remember that there may be traces of pests in the manure. It is necessary to inspect the humus well and to prevent the ingestion of pest eggs, which can subsequently damage the plant.


Растения не следует обильно поливать

Plants should not be abundantly watered

Watering should be frequent but not abundant. The fruits of a tomato of this variety are prone to cracking, and the plant itself may be affected by late blight.

Water the tomatoes directly under the root. It is also worth remembering that watering should be carried out in the morning or evening. Daytime watering in hot weather can cause damage to the fruit after evaporation of moisture.


This variety is susceptible to various diseases, especially late blight.

This disease appears as spots on the leaves, the foliage turns black or acquires a brown tint with dry edges. Over time, the leaves curl and fall off, which negatively affects the development of nightshade culture and the further ripening of tomatoes. If the spread of the infection is not stopped in a timely manner, late blight will also affect other tomato bushes.

If the leaves were oversaturated with moisture or the weather was rainy for a long time, the tomatoes are affected by gray rot. This disease affects both the stems of the plant and the fruits themselves.


To avoid the appearance of fungal diseases on tomato bushes every time after the rain has passed, it is necessary to carry out spraying. To do this, you can use such means:

  • trichodermin solution;
  • mix equal amounts of pure water and kefir;
  • garlic infusion;
  • whey.

But the description and characteristic says that such environments The properties will help not only prevent the appearance of the fungus, but also stop its development at the initial stage.As a preventative measure, it is also recommended to timely get rid of affected fruits or leaves.


In the process of growing tomatoes of the Black Pearl variety, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of agricultural technology, as well as observe the rules for caring for plants. This will result in a good harvest of tasty and healthy tomatoes.

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