Characteristics of cucumbers varieties Druzhnaya Semeyka

Characteristics of cucumbers varieties Druzhnaya Semeyka

Cucumbers are one of the most common vegetable crops. To obtain an early harvest, gardeners equip greenhouses, for which the most suitable option is parthenocarpic hybrids (which do not require pollination). One of the modern popular varieties of cucumbers is the Friendly Family.

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Характеристика огурцов сорта Дружная Семейка

Characteristics of cucumbers of the Druzhnaya Semeka

variety in 2003 is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation, Recommended for cultivation in different climatic zones. It is widespread in farms and garden plots.

Characteristics of the variety

Cucumber The close-knit F1 family has mid-early ripening, fruiting on 43-45 days after shoots. The plant bush is medium-sized, with medium weaving. Indeterminate – unlimited growth, due to which it can bear fruit for a long time. This means that in the bosom of the leaf several ovaries are formed at once: on the main stem – 2-4, on the lateral – 6-8. 5 cm. The fruit of bright green color has a cylindrical shape, diameter – up to 3 cm. The surface is medium-hilly, with white spines. The pulp is dense, without bitterness.

The variety is intended for cultivation in closed ground, where there is a problem with pollination of flowers.For parthenocarpic bees are not needed. Although gardeners have experience growing these cucumbers in the open field.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cucumber seeds The friendly F1 family is quite expensive, as it was obtained as a result of selection work. Collect your own seed does not work, because parthenocarpics do not form seeds; the process of fertilization does not occur. Even if some female flowers of a bee can pollinate, the seeds will not produce offspring with varietal properties, like all hybrids. This is one of the few disadvantages of the variety for the consumer.

Advantages of the cucumber variety Friendly family:

  • high yield – 10 kg per square meter (according to some reports, it can reach 17-20 kg) ;
  • good and excellent taste;
  • versatility in use: suitable for fresh consumption, as well as for pickles and pickling;
  • resistance to many diseases pumpkin families.

It must be remembered that when polluting parthenocarpics, if seed formation occurs, green foliage may become deformed, it may appear no bitterness.

Features of growing


Выращивание в теплице принесёт хороший урожай

Growing in a greenhouse will bring a good harvest

This hybrid has no special requirements for agricultural technology.General requirements for planting:

  • loose, well-groomed soil;
  • recommended predecessors – tomatoes, cabbage;
  • temperature not lower than 15 ° C.

Cucumbers are usually planted in the greenhouse in seedlings. Planting time depends on the type of greenhouse, the conditions created in it. In heated, you can start growing in February, with solar heating – in April early May (depending on temperature). 4-5 true leaves should be formed on young plants.

Planting scheme for cucumber seedlings: the distance between holes in a row is 30-50 cm (depending on the characteristics of the plant), between rows – 120 cm. Seeding depth – 2 cm. Before planting, moisturizing irrigation is carried out, soil aeration is provided.

The gardeners who grew cucumbers in greenhouses on warm beds received excellent results.


Pour cucumbers with warm water (25 ° C) under the root 2-3 times a week (a fine option is drop watering). Drying of the soil and stagnation of water should not be allowed. After irrigation, cultivation is carried out, weeds are destroyed. It is combined with top dressing with organic and inorganic fertilizers.

To obtain high yields, tying and pinching are carried out in a timely manner. The wire for tying the bushes is pulled at a height of 1.8-2 m. Twine is tied to it, plants are fixed under a 2-3 sheet with a free loop, preventing them from being squeezed.

Timely collection of green leaves stimulates the formation and development of ovaries.


With naz confusion has arisen with the use of a hybrid cucumber The friendly family of F1 in a network of specialized seed stores. On the bags with seeds you can see very conflicting information about the characteristics of the vegetable. The description indicates different ripening periods: medium early, early, early. Pollination methods are determined differently: not only parthenocarpic, but also self-pollinated, bee pollinated.

To purchase seeds with the necessary properties, you need to pay attention to the accompanying information when purchasing.

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