Characteristics of King of Giants Tomatoes

Characteristics of King of Giants Tomatoes

Tomatoes have long been a sought-after food product. This is due to the simplicity of their cultivation. Tomatoes are consumed both in their original form and added to various dishes. The Tomato King of the Giants is used for making pasta or preserving, but it is recommended to use it fresh.

  1. Tomato description King of the Giants
  2. Description of the variety
  3. Description of the bush
  4. Description of the fruit
  5. Growing seedlings
  6. Selection of seeds for planting tomatoes
  7. Caring for sprouts
  8. Planting seedlings
  9. Fertilizing <
  10. Watering
  11. Diseases and pests of the King of the Giants
  12. Conclusion

Характеристика томатов сорта Король Гигантов

Characteristics of tomato varieties King of the Giants

Taste qualities of any tomato found They are at a high level, but in this variety they are especially good. This is noted by ordinary amateur gardeners, specialists and true gourmets. The description of the variety on the label contains information about their characteristics, the necessary conditions for cultivation and characterization of the fruit.

Description of the tomato King of the Giants

As the name implies, King of Giants tomatoes must be really gigantic. Tomatoes were bred by Russian selectors in 2010. It’s not for nothing that gardeners choose a tomato King of the Giants description of the variety indicates a large number of positive characteristics. The age did not prevent them from becoming popular among many gardeners of the country.

The King of Giants is intended for cultivation in the southern regions of Russia.The climatic features of these regions contribute to high tomato yields.

The yield of the variety is quite high and ranges from 7-10 kg per square meter (several bushes). It is possible to collect more fruits if the necessary conditions are created. A detailed description of the tomato variety King of the Giants is shown on the package with seeds.

Description of the variety

The King of the Giants is referred to as indeterminate tomatoes due to the unlimited growth of the stem. The variety is mid-season. After 120-130 days, the gardener will receive the crop.

What determines the yield of tomatoes? Proper care, timely top dressing and prevention from pests is what a gardener should do. Natural factors have a great influence:

  • climate;
  • weather;
  • temperature conditions;
  • humidity and so on.

Therefore, initially you need to decide whether the King of Giants will take root on the territory or whether it is worth choosing a different tomato variety. The best place to grow them in the northern regions would be a greenhouse. Residents of the southern regions or the middle strip are recommended to plant tomatoes King of the Giants outdoors in the open ground.

Description of the bush

The size of the bush can reach 2 meters. In most cases, this figure is 150-180 cm. The leaves are no different from the leaves of other tomatoes. They are bright green and medium in size. Inflorescences are simple, that is, they do not branch.

The formation of the brush begins immediately after the appearance of 9 sheets. New branches appear every 3-5 leaves.

The lack of bushes is their weak stem. Therefore, you need to regularly clean them from excess leaves in the lower tier. Such tomatoes are best tied to a metal or wooden support. You can remove it after the end of the formation of the bush.

Description of the fruit

В составе помидора много микроэлементов

The tomato contains many trace elements

The King of Giants variety is named for its voluminous fruits. The weight of tomatoes on average is 400-600 grams. There have been cases when this indicator was equal to 900 grams or more.

Also, the fruit has:

  • bright red color;
  • oval, flattened shape;
  • fleshy texture;
  • slight ribbing, etc.

The amount of dry matter in the structure of the fruit is 5-7%. The fruits can be transported without losing a beautiful appearance. Gardeners cultivate the King of the Giants variety using tomatoes for personal consumption and for sale.

Tomato The King of the Giants is truly a king not only in size. It has in its composition many useful trace elements. For this reason, the King of Giants is very popular among people who eat good nutrition.

Tomatoes of this variety can be used for any dish.These are great ingredients in salads. On their basis, delicious sour, sweet, spicy sauces are obtained. You can serve tomatoes as a complement to the side dish fresh. But for conservation it is better to choose a different variety.

Growing seedlings

Is it difficult to grow tomatoes King of the Giants? Even beginners in gardening can do this.

It is possible to plant a plant in 2 ways: seedlings or seeds. The taste and appearance of the fetus do not depend on the choice of method. It only affects the rate of growth and fruit formation.

Follow the instructions described to achieve a successful result. First you need to prepare all the items in advance.

Selecting seeds for sowing tomatoes

When deciding to grow a tomato King of the Giants, it is important to choose the right seeds. What is the best way to breed this tomato variety? Experts advise doing this with seedlings. This helps increase yields.

To avoid difficulties in the further cultivation of King Giants tomatoes, follow these guidelines:

  1. Buy seeds only at specialized garden stores. Choose trusted manufacturers or use the services of a consultant. On the back of the package must be a short description of the variety King of the Giants. It is advisable that they have already been treated with a protective agent against insects and pests.
  2. If there is no special protective agent, do it yourself.To do this, make a manganese solution. Place the seeds in this solution for at least a day.
  3. Buy soil also in garden stores. This product has a good composition and contributes to the excellent germination of tomato seeds of the King of Giants variety.

Keep the same depth of seed burying. Its optimal value is 5-7 mm. The distance should also be the same.

This stage can be considered successful if sprouts appear. These are small plants, up to 8-10 cm high.

Care for the sprouts

When the sprouts were discovered, the tactics of growing should be changed. Now it focuses on the adaptation of plants to the soil or new soil.

Caring for sprouts consists of control over lighting, watering and air temperature. Tomatoes King of the Giants are thermophilic, so the temperature in the room cannot be lower than 22 degrees.

Поливать растение нужно во время

Water the plant during

Watering is intuitive. Watch the earth in pots. It should not be overdried or waterlogged.

Dive tomato seedlings King of the Giants or transplant a plant from a small capacity to a large one immediately after the appearance of 3 leaves. If you do this earlier, the sprouts may not take root and die.

Planting seedlings

What is the most favorable time for planting seedlings?According to experts, a good period after the completion of frosts and frosts at night. In order for the tomato variety King of the Giants to tolerate winter and early spring, it is better to cover the plants with a film.

It is important to remember that no more than 3 bushes of tomato King of the Giants should be planted per 1 square meter. Thus, they will not interfere with each other.


Fertilizer is necessary to improve soil quality. The tomato productivity depends on it.

What is the best way to feed the King of the Giants bush? Experts recommend making an infusion of nettle dioecious. He will need 300 g of fresh grass. Pour greens with a bucket of warm water. Put the infusion for 2-3 days.

Also suitable as fertilizer:

  • nitroammophosk;
  • superphosphate;
  • urea ;
  • ash and more.

Each product has useful properties. The main function of superphosphate is to reduce soil acidity. It consists of nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus and sulfur.

Nitroammofoska complete tool to increase soil fertility. It includes nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus.


The basic rule in watering is checking the state of the earth. A tasty and juicy vegetable will not grow in too wet or dry soil.

The optimal time for watering is after 17 hours. There should not be direct sunlight or sunshine. Use only warm or warm water.

Want to simplify your gardening care? Install automatic irrigation systems. They will save time and water.

Diseases and pests of the King of the Giants

No plants can be completely protected from the effects of negative organisms. Tomatoes King of the Giants are no exception. They are influenced by whiteflies. These are small insects with white wings with a body length of up to 3 mm. Outwardly, they resemble moths only in a reduced size.

Where can they be located? In the lower part of the bush, they often lay eggs under the lower leaves of the tomato.

The main signs of the presence of whiteflies:

  • spots of white, yellow or black color;
  • certain sections of the leaf have an unusual gloss;
  • poor ripening of the fruit;
  • white veins in tomatoes;
  • twisted and sluggish leaves.

To check for pests, simply touch the plant. If a large number of whiteflies have taken off, an urgent need to take a treatment technique.

You can fight insects with adhesive tape, which is also used to eliminate flies. Put the lamp or flashlight in the greenhouse on. Whiteflies, in an attempt to land on them, will be burned and will instantly die.


Due to the good, fleshy texture of the King of Giants, tomato fruits have a pleasant and pronounced taste. They are recommended for those who adhere to dietary or proper nutrition.

Negative phenomenon when breeding tomatoes of this variety is weak resistance to influ Experts and enterprising gardeners have already found many solutions to such problems.

Despite the various difficulties in growing the King of Giants variety, he should still take the time. With good care, the bush will thank the gardener with good yield and tasty fruits.

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