Characteristics of Marzipan Eggplant

Eggplant Marzipan F1 is a healthy vegetable crop that contains vitamins and minerals. Characteristics of Marzipan eggplant will allow you to study their features, the rules of cultivation and care, this will bring a vegetable crop.

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Характеристика баклажана сорта Марципан

Characteristics of Marzipan eggplant

Variety characteristic

Marzipan eggplant is a mid-season hybrid, a heat-loving crop planted in the southern regions. description, gender ripening vegetables is 120-127 days. 2-3 vegetables are obtained from one bush.

Advantages of the variety:

  • stamina in relation to bad weather conditions;
  • the shape of the fruits and their taste;
  • the yield from the bush is about 1.5-2 kg.

The marzipan stem is stable, reaches 1 m in height. It is tied, so that the bush does not break. The flowers of the vegetable are solitary or collected in inflorescences.

Fleshy fruits, weight 600 g. Creamy flesh, with a small amount of seeds.


Grow Marzipan eggplants, subject to all their peculiarities.

Planting seeds

Marzipan eggplants are a hybrid variety, so the seeds are not used for planting next season.

Seeds are sown in late March, they require preparation: they are heated for 4 hours at a temperature of 24-26 ° C, after which they are kept for about 40 minutes at 40 ° C. For disinfection, they are soaked with 20 mi in a solution of potassium permanganate.

To increase germination, the seeds are kept for 12 hours in a Zircon solution, then they are soaked in wet tissue and transferred to a warm place sdf.ncz.

Soil for seedlings is prepared on its own: mixed humus with turf (2: 1) and disinfected in the oven.

Description of the characteristics of planting Marzipan seeds F1:

  1. Planting containers Fill with soil by 2/3 and moisturize. In the central part of the tank, a recess is made in which the germinated seed is placed, covered with a small layer of soil. The containers are covered with a film.
  2. If the seeds are planted in a large box, furrows are made on top of the soil at a distance of 5-6 cm from each other. The box is covered with glass or film and sent to a warm place with a temperature of 25-28 ° C.
  3. Seedlings are expected after 7 days, after which the coating must be removed and the seedlings placed in a bright place.
  4. To avoid stretching seedlings, the temperature drops to 19-20 ° C.
  5. Seedlings are watered in the morning with warm water, do this carefully, without erosion of the soil.


Перед посадкой рассаду нужно закалить

Before planting, seedlings need to be hardened

Seedlings are transplanted in a container 10 * 10 cm, after the appearance of 2 leaves.

Preparation of containers for transplantation: at the bottom are created holes, a thick layer of expanded clay, pebble, broken brick drainage is filled.

2 hours before transplanting, seedlings need to be watered. Then they carefully move to a new place, sprinkle with moistened soil to cotyledon leaves. After transplantation, growth is slowed down, this is due to the formation of a powerful root system. The plant is protected from sunlight.

Variety Marzipan F1 watered 5-6 days after the pick. A month before landing on the plot, seedlings begin to harden. Tanks with plants are carried out into the air, gradually increasing the time they are in the air. To do this, containers with plants are taken out to fresh air.

Planting seedlings

Marzipan seedlings are planted on the site when 8-12 leaves grow.

Eggplant – a culture that loves warmth, they are transplanted into the greenhouse after May 14-15, in open ground – in early June.

When the bush reaches 30 cm, the first garter is made, after the appearance of lateral shoots they are tied to a support. 2-3 strong shoots are left on the bush, the rest are removed.On the main stem of the eggplant of the Marzipan F1 variety, all leaves that grow below the fork are torn off. Above the fork, shoots without fruit are removed. To get rid of strong density on the bushes near the tops of the stems, a pair of leaves are removed.

To good coverage and reduce the risk of damage by gray rot, foliage is torn off. Secondary shoots are required to be removed.

It is important to remove dry and damaged leaves, at the end of the season, pinch the tops of the stems and leave up to 7 ovaries, they will have time to ripen to frost. Flowers are also cut off during this period.


Fertilizer application order:

  • after the first leaves appear, a fertilizer mixture of 10 l is applied 5 g of ammonium nitrate, 30 g of superphosphate, 10 g of potassium sulphate are added to the water;
  • 10 days before the seedlings are planted on the plot, a solution is applied to the soil based on a dilution of 60-70 g of superphosphate and 20-25 g of potassium salt in 10 liters of water.

Eggplant should be fertilized during flowering and fruiting:

  • when flowering, a mixture is prepared for fertilizer: in 10 liters of water dissolve 5 g of urea, sul potato veil, 20 g of superphosphate;
  • during fruiting the following solution is used: 10 g of superphosphate, 10 g of potassium salt in 10 liters of water.


Water the vegetables carefully, keeping the soil in an indelible state. The best watering option would be a drip system.Eggplant cultivar Marzipan F1 is temperature-sensitive, water will be optimal for watering at 25-28 ° C.

Watering the plant is required in the morning, to preserve moisture in the soil, loosening and mulching.

The frequency of irrigation depends on the climate: before flowering every 7 days (a bucket of water per m²). If the weather is hot, watering is increased to 3-4 times a week. During flowering: 2 times a week, in August watering is reduced.

Eggplant F1 Marzipan from Russian Garden
Best eggplant variety for the Northwest (variety Galich)

Diseases and pests

Marzipan is affected by a black leg. The fungus affects the darkening of the root of the neck, after which the plant withers. Before planting the seeds, water the soil with boiling water and bake on a baking sheet for disinfection.

The Colorado potato beetle also influences. The attack occurs after the tops of the potatoes are dried. The fruits ripen on the bushes during this period, so chemicals are not used. Prevent the beetle from getting By establishing a fine mesh up to a meter high.


Marzipan eggplant is easy to grow. Studying its features and observing simple rules for growing and caring for a plant will allow you to get a large vegetable harvest at the end of the season.

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