Characteristics of Pepper Bogatyr

Characteristics of Pepper Bogatyr

Experts in the field of selection annually produce different varieties of sweet pepper. Some of them are resistant to negative environmental factors and many diseases. Pepper Bogatyr is considered one of these varieties. That is why its yield is always of the highest quality.

  1. Characteristic of the variety
  2. Description of the bush
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Preparation of seeds
  5. Planting of seeds
  6. The process of transplanting seedlings
  7. Care rules
  8. Control of parasites and diseases
  9. Conclusion

Перец Богатырь

Pepper Bogatyr

Characteristics of the variety

The best breeders from Moldova worked on the cultivation of the Bulgarian pepper Bogatyr. Year breeding this species with 1986. It was registered and entered into the State Register of the Russian Federation in 1987.

Suitable for cultivation in all regions of the country, as it has the characteristics of resistance to changes in temperature and humidity. In the southern part of the country it is preferable to grow peppers Sweet Athlete in open ground. In other regions, the best yield indicators are observed when planting in greenhouse conditions.

Description of the bush

Pepper Bogatyr belongs to mid-season crops. The vegetation period, from the time of the first germination to the onset of technical maturity, lasts 120 days. Biological ripeness is observed after a period of 135 days.

If you use Aelita seeds, the height of the bush will be 50 cm. Seeds from the agricultural company Siberian planting materials give bushes up to 40 cm. The bushes have a large number of dark green leaves. On the surface of each sheet there is a slight wrinkling. Since the bushes are characterized by increased spreading, they should be placed at a distance of 40 cm from each other and be sure to tie them up, otherwise the bushes may break. Yields are high: from 1 ha you can collect about 50 centners of high-quality fruits.

Description of the fruit

Characteristics of the fruit of the sweet pepper variety Bogatyr:

  • the shape of the fruit is conical;
  • the average tuberosity is observed on the surface of the fruit;
  • the mass of an individual fruit, on average, is 220 g;
  • color, at the time of technical ripeness, green, and at biological maturity – red;
  • inside there are 4 chambers for storing seeds.

The taste is full, quite sweet. Sugar level is 8.7%. No bitterness or acid is observed. The description indicates that all the fruits of this variety have a large amount of vitamin C, so their use will significantly increase the human immune system. Bell pepper Bogatyr refers to universal crops that are suitable for fresh consumption, for the preparation of salads or preservation.

Seed Preparation

Seeds must be used 2 years of age. It is such planting material that has the best characteristics of germination and productivity. The selected seeds must be placed in a manganese solution to carry out the process of seed disinfection. After that, they need to be placed in a drug called Epin. It is intended to stimulate growth and germination. The optimal time for disinfection and growth stimulation is 30-40 minutes.

After completing all the procedures, the seeds need to be germinated. You can use 1 of the following methods for this.

  1. Place the treated seeds on a gauze cloth and plastic bag. Now the resulting lump should be put in a warm place (whose temperature is 27 ° C) for a week. Every 2 days, spray the seeds from the sprayer with warm water so that they germinate faster.
  2. Pour water into the container (water temperature should be no more than 55 ° C). Hold the seeds in this container for about 40 minutes. Now you need to get the seeds, wrap them in a bag and put them in the refrigerator. After a day, the seeds can be planted in the soil.

Planting seeds

All containers that will be used for planting seeds should be treated with a 5% manganese solution. To create the perfect soil for better germination, you need to mix humus, sand and garden soil, in a ratio of 1: 1: 2. Landing should be carried out in mid-February.All containers must be filled with prepared soil by 60%. The seed planting depth is 2 cm. A distance of 5 cm must be observed between the seeds.

Now the containers must be covered with glass to create a greenhouse effect. They are placed in a warm room (with a day temperature of 26 ° C and a night temperature of 14 ° C). Humidity should be in the range of 50-60%. This will allow seedlings to grow better in open ground.

Очень крупные плоды

Very large fruits

After 2 weeks, when the first shoots appear, the glass shelter can be removed. All temperature and humidity conditions must remain unchanged. Watering the first seedlings is carried out every 3 days. It is better to use a spray, so as not to disrupt the development of the root system. Now you should provide seedlings with optimal lighting. It should last for 13 hours every day. This is done to save the cycles of day and night. After the formation of the fourth pair of leaves, you can start transplanting into open ground or a greenhouse.

Transplanting seedlings

Bogatyr pepper seedlings can be transplanted to a permanent place only after that , as its growth will be 25 cm. Choose only those areas where the acidity of the soil does not exceed 7 pH. 2 weeks before transplanting, the seedlings must undergo a hardening process.To do this, take out the seedlings on the balcony and provide it with a temperature of 16 ° C (hardening is carried out from 2 to 4 hours a day). If you do not have a balcony, you can simply open the windows in the room. Planting seedlings in open ground or a greenhouse is carried out only after the soil has warmed up to a temperature of 12 ° C.

Planting scheme ::

  • in order to grow the crop was simple, you need between the holes keep a distance of 20 cm;
  • between the rows a distance of 40 cm should be maintained;
  • transplantation should be carried out along with the ground that was in the container – this will allow you not to disturb the root system;
  • fill the hole with a small amount of earth and pour 1 liter of water, after which you can fill the hole completely and a little ram.

Rules care

Description and characteristics of sweet pepper varieties Bogatyr indicate that this species needs careful watering. It should be carried out with warm water (24 ° C) with an interval of 4 days and only in the morning. This will allow moisture to persist in the ground, and not evaporate when exposed to the sun. In order to reduce the risk of crust on the surface of the earth, you need to follow 1 rule. Water only on one side of the bush, and loosening on the other side. After 4 days, the reverse procedure is performed. This condition is necessary so that the root system develops uniformly.

Feeding is carried out three times during the entire growing season.

  1. 14 days after transplanting to a permanent place. It is necessary to dilute in 10 l of warm water 5 mg of superphosphate and 10 g of urea. At least 1 liter of liquid is poured into each bush. This will help the plant grow faster.
  2. At the time of formation of the ovaries. In 5 l of water you need to dilute 10 mg of potassium and 20 mg of superphosphate. Again, pour 1 liter of solution under the root of the bush. This procedure is necessary for uniform formation of ovaries and buds.
  3. During fruiting. 5 mg of water should account for 20 mg of potassium and 20 mg of superphosphate. Again, 1 liter of solution is poured into the root system. This will allow the fruit, in the end, to be juicy and sweet.

Do not forget to cut the side shoots every 10 days, because their presence significantly reduces the yield. It is also important to note the mandatory presence of a garter to the support. Otherwise, the bushes may break down.

Fight against parasites and diseases

Quite often, in the bushes of the Bulgarian pepper variety Bogatyr, diseases such as black can be found leg or septoria. It is almost impossible to get rid of the black leg. You only have to remove the diseased plant. It is better to carry out preventive measures, which consist in treating seeds with a manganese solution. You can get rid of septoria by spraying the bushes with 1% solution of copper sulfate.

Among the pests, aphids, spider mites and slugs can be noted.Each parasite can be eliminated using special means.

  1. Tlyu will help to destroy spraying the bushes with Karbofos solution (about 10 mg of the drug should be diluted in 10 liters of water).
  2. Getting rid of slugs will help folk method – tincture of red cayenne pepper (1 tablespoon of spice should be in 1 liter of water). About 0.5 l of the preparation should go to 1 bush.
  3. In the fight against spider mites, tincture of onion husks or garlic will help (dilute 100 ml of ground garlic and 100 ml of ground onion in l of water).

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Bogatyr pepper
Sweet pepper Bogatyr REVIEWS seeds


Sweet pepper Bogatyr has excellent taste qualities that will appeal to everyone who decides to grow if you carefully follow the rules of cultivation and care for the plantations, in the end you can collect a large and healthy crop.

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