Characteristics of pigs breed Large White

Characteristics of pigs breed Large White

At the moment, the Large White breed of pigs is in demand around the globe. This species is quite common because of its excellent adaptability to harsh living conditions, both climatic and fodder.

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Описание свиньи породы Крупная Белая

Description of the pig breed Large White

In the 19th century a particularly large and hardy breed of pigs was bred on Foggy Albion, and by the end of the century there was a threat of degeneration of Yorkshire pigs. but that’s why all the professional farms came together and created some special characteristics of the Krupnaya Belaya pigs and agreed that they would not cross this breed with other breeds for the sake of preserving the purity of blood. This is how the pure Krupnaya Belaya breed appeared. h2_0 ‘> Distribution

In our countries, the Large White pig appeared in the last century (in the 80s). About 80% of the livestock falls on these representatives. More good species were bred thanks to the active participation of this subspecies of farmed artiodactyls.

The breed of White Large pigs has changed quite a bit during the breeding in our territories compared to the English animals that were originally.The new selection is distinguished by a fairly strong build, excellent fertility and adaptation to life in regions with special conditions, in any climate.


Large White breed of pigs primarily refers to the lard-meat direction. The head of its representatives is light, the constitution is harmonious and balanced, the mouth and snout are small, of the correct form, the patch from the profile is slightly concave. The ears are elastic, wide, small in thickness, but large in size. The body is long, wide dorsal region, chest area and loin are large, well muscled. The back is arched, a very strong spine. The legs of such a pig are short and without large folds, with hooves of the correct shape.

Farmers or owners of small private farms can hardly distinguish a purebred white pig from Ukrainian greasy meat or from Estonia, because outwardly they can find a lot in common. Of the differences noted the large weight and height of the English pig. Its body reaches a length of 2 m.

Pros and cons of breeding

The breed described is often called the optimal choice in order to cross them in order to create species with excellent properties . In addition, the advantages include:

  • excellent fecundity;
  • rapid entry into the age of slaughter and reproduction;
  • weight gain, indiscriminate eating.

English animals show a stable tendency to obesity if there is a large amount of cereals in the diet. Also, they do not favor severe frosts, but at the same time, productivity will fall under strong rays of the sun.

How to make the right choice

Any farmer can easily purchase White pig stock in the ordinary agricultural market is the same as in private farms. For starters, pay attention to strong piglets. An absolutely healthy animal will run away with a squeal on the hand extended towards it.

Also, a normal pig is distinguished by a constant desire to eat something, mobility, activity and good sound data. It is worth knowing that by his 2 months the white breed of pigs must show a weight of at least 20 kg. Thanks to the above facts, it is easy to distinguish a healthy pig from a weak one. Such a baby weighs a little, does not react to touch in any way.

Разведение свиней породы Крупная Белая

Breeding pigs of the breed Large White

When buying a large number of pigs, you need to be vigilant, because sometimes sellers can specially slip a few frail ones into the party. In no case should you spare the time to review each piglet. Before buying, you must definitely ask what feed the pigs ate from birth, what vitamins they took, what probiotics were given, how often they ate.

You need to get answers to each of these questions, because if you dramatically change the everyday life of a pig, it will refuse food, resulting in weight loss and, possibly, growth.

Correct content of a large pig

A large White pig is quite thermophilic and does not tolerate any sudden cold snap. Before populating this species in the pigsty, it needs to be insulated. An ideal option would be a concrete screed insulated with polystyrene foam, because then the animals will not be able to damage anything and there will not be sudden changes in temperature. Straw, sawdust or a platform made of wood will not allow pigs to cool down even in the coldest weather. The top of the barn is usually insulated with fresh straw, placing it either under the roof or on the floor of the attic.

With stable, even slight hypothermia, pigs can get pneumonia, which most often ends with the death of animals. This should be taken seriously and be able to identify the first symptoms of the disease: missing activity, lethargy and lack of appetite, increased lacrimation, rapid breathing, angry wheezing or coughing, fever.

Уход за крупными свиньями

Care for large pigs

Any of the aforementioned symptoms are worth the attention of a breeder, especially when it comes to small piglets.If for individuals older than six months the last stage of inflammation is fatal, then babies can die at an early stage.

A good outcome of any disease depends entirely on the skilled help of a specialist. If it is problematic to call a veterinarian at home, then you need to try to neutralize the heat in the pig yourself. To do this, it will be enough to use drugs from a home veterinary medicine cabinet or ordinary paracetamol with the effect of a painkiller, which will perfectly remove the heat and calm the animal. But here it is worth monitoring the dosage, because taking more than 1 g at a time (with a weight of 40 kg) can do much harm. Pills should be crushed and added to water, but not to food, because a sick animal often does not have an appetite.

It is not necessary to limit oneself to first aid, a sick individual must be shown to a doctor.


Animals of this species are stronger than others in need of good proteins and amino acids. When piglets get older, they need high-quality food, because to get appetizing meat, some cereals can not do. A normal grain diet affects weight gain, but not meat. On a grain or ordinary feed, the pig will be fattening and gaining a greasy layer. In the feed, add special flour from the grass, silage, herbs, plants. Vitamins are also indispensable.

Growing rules

Care of piglets begins from the first minutes of life, the primary task is to trim and properly process his umbilical cord. The body of each baby must be wiped with a soft cloth or a clean burlap. For farrowing alone, the uterus gives an average of fifteen piglets, in the first birth their number, of course, is less, but the number grows each time.

After the offspring was born, it needs to be heated, and this must be done even before the sows give birth. The optimum temperature for newborn piglets is 28 ° C. If the pigsty is cool, babies due to the lack of natural immunity to hypothermia can get pneumonia and just die in 3 days.

In addition, the owner will need help with the first feeding of the newly born offspring. The owner will have to hold the babies by the muzzle, correctly applying them to the nipples of the sow. This must be done in the first 45 minutes after birth, because then the pig will increase vitality, the sucking baby will ease the pain of labor during labor.

When the pig finishes eating colostrum, it must be weaned from the sow, placed in a separate shelter for housing. Such pigs rarely go out for a walk and most of the time they simply eat, gaining mass.

The breed gives a healthy, strong and numerous offspring that grows rapidly and gains a lot of weight.From the third day, babies can be given complementary foods, supplementing their mother’s milk, and released After the survey, change the diet of the sow after It’s worth it, because it can adversely affect the level of milk abundance and its taste.

Many breeders are impressed by the characteristics of the large white breed of pigs, because it is financially profitable, it is easy to maintain and breed; pigs of the breed Belaya Krupnaya demonstrate a high survival rate. If you follow all the above tips correctly and treat cattle well, the offspring will be excellent and animals will gain weight correctly. Continuation of the article …

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