Characteristics of Tomato Bell Rosa

With the advent of spring, many people go to summer houses and household plots for planting various vegetables, flowers and bushes. Every year, gardeners plant some new plant species, and why not plant a special Bella Ross tomato on their plot. This subspecies grows well in all climatic conditions and does not require close care.

  1. Variety description
  2. Benefits of Tomato Bella rosa F1
  3. Cultivation of the variety
  4. Sowing seeds
  5. Caring for seedlings
  6. Planting seedlings
  7. Caring for tomatoes
  8. Diseases and parasites Bell dew
  9. Conclusion

Характеристика томата Белла Роса

Characteristics of Tomato Bella Rosa

The variety also has the name Tomato Bella Rosa f1. This letter designates all hybrid species. Many gardeners also noticed that he was quickly taking root in a new place.

Variety Description

Bella Rosa tomato is in the mid-season variety. The bush belongs to the plants of the determinant type. The variety is high-yielding, so from one plant you can get more than 8 kg of fruits.

The description says that the bush grows large enough, its maximum height is fixed at 1 m. Leaves have a pleasant green color. A tomato of this kind should be tied up and stepsoned. It is best to choose a bush growing in two three stems.

The fruit of the Bell Ross tomato has a round shape and a pleasant red color. The weight of one tomato is about 150 gr.The fruits are quite strong and fleshy, sweet with a touch of bitterness. Bella Rosa tomato does not crack or crease even if the fruit is overripe. That is why they are used for transportation, preservation in its entirety and for the preparation of salads.

Advantages of tomato Bella Rosa F1

  • has excellent commercial qualities;
  • fruiting for a very long time;
  • heat-resistant;
  • resistant to the main diseases of melons.

This characteristic most often attracts gardeners. After all, there are few subspecies that can boast of such tasteful and transportable parameters.

Cultivation of the variety

The variety of this tomato must be sown for at least 60 days. But, since the variety belongs to hybrids, the seed material and the soil for planting require preparation.

Sowing seeds

Before sowing seeds of Tomato Bell Rosa seedlings, it is necessary to prepare the tank and soil. The variety grows well in the land, which is intended for planting indoor flowers. If such soil is not at hand, then you can use black soil with sand. Before planting, seeds should also be prepared. They are recommended to be soaked in potassium permanganate for 24 hours.

Such actions will remove all the infection that may be inside the seeds or on their seeds. After soaking, you can safely plant Bella Rosa tomatoes in a prepared container.To do this, make small holes in it, 2 cm deep. Then sprinkle with previously prepared soil, pour well and cover with a plastic bag. In this state, the variety is located before the seed germinates.

Caring for the seedlings

Растению необходимо хорошее освещение

The plant needs good lighting

When the tomato seedlings of Bell Rosa F1 will give two strong leaves, it is necessary to pick. Each bush should be placed in a separate container. This will allow seedlings to gain more strength and develop a powerful root system. For the development of bushes, seedlings must be provided with the right conditions.

Seedlings should stand where there is enough light. If the day is not long enough yet, then additional lighting must be carried out using a fluorescent lamp. The air temperature in the room should be above 15 degrees, otherwise all the seedlings will turn purple. Watering the plants should be carried out as the soil dries, too much irrigation can lead to decay of the root, and a lack of moisture to yellow the stem.

Planting seedlings

to transplant the variety in open the soil must be selected the right place. It should be well lit and sufficiently fertilized. A place for a tomato is best prepared in the fall. After you have decided where to plant the seedlings, you need to make holes.The distance between them should be about 50 cm.

After this, you can safely transplant seedlings. To do this, it is good to fill the containers with seedlings with water. Then carefully remove the seedlings and transfer to open ground.

Tomato care

Bella Rosa tomato fruit bush needs proper care. To do this, you should first properly water it. It is better to do this once a week, and on hot days twice every seven days. Do not overdo it with the introduction of water into the ground, otherwise you can damage the root system of the subspecies.

It is also important to fertilize the tomatoes. This can be done with a mixture of organic or inorganic preparations. A fertilizer such as superphosphate is perfect for tomato.

Diseases and parasites Bella dew

The variety is resistant to different types of ailments that are characteristic of melons and nightshade. But, prevention should still be carried out. You need to do this with the help of special preparations that can be purchased at any gardening store.

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Insects rarely attack these tomatoes, but in order to eliminate all the risks, it’s better to go alongside Midori planting plants that repel pests melon.



Bell Ross is a type of tomato, which can be grown in any region of the country. To do this, you just need to get seedlings from the seeds. Then plant it in open ground.

Tomato variety Bella Rosa receives reviews only positive for good reason. After all, the fruits of this tomato have excellent characteristics and are used in various fields. And the bush itself is resistant to temperature extremes and various diseases.

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