Characteristics of Tomato Honey Spas

Tomato is the most demanded vegetable in our country, striking in the variety of its varieties and species. And although today this product is available at any time of the year, many prefer tomatoes that were grown in the summer in their own garden. Tomato Honey saved will surely please you. Gardeners love this variety for its excellent yield and unpretentiousness in cultivation, as well as its unique taste.

  1. Variety characteristic
  2. Description of the plant
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Advantages
  5. Disadvantages
  6. Growing rules
  7. Diseases and pests
  8. Reviews about the cultivar

Характеристика томата Медовый Спас

Characteristics of the tomato Honey Spas

Characteristics of the variety

This species was developed by a group of scientists led by breeder Vladimir Dederko, whose name is well known to all those involved in cultivation tomatoes, because it was he who bred many varieties that are successfully grown by farmers in various countries.In 2004, Honey Spas passed state registration and was recommended for cultivation, both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions.

The most suitable for this vegetable are regions with a warm climate. Another distinctive quality of the variety is that the fruits can be harvested even green, as they ripen perfectly at home. These tomatoes do not cause allergies, so even people who are forced to adhere to diet can completely eat them.

Description of the plant

Tomato Honey Spas is an indeterminate, that is, tall plant species and mid-season variety. The branches of the tomato grow to a height of 150 cm, therefore, they need to be tied up, and also necessarily to pinch. From the moment of sowing the seeds until the harvest, an average of 110 days passes. The fruits ripen throughout the summer.

Because of the huge size of the lashes, agronomists do not recommend planting more than 3 tomato bushes per square meter of land. If you follow all the rules for caring for the plant, you can grow a good crop. So from one bush you can collect up to 5 kg of fruit.

Description of the fruit

This tomato is characterized by a rounded and slightly elongated shape. Noteworthy is their unusual color – orange-honey. The pulp is fleshy and juicy, with a small amount of seeds. The weight of one fruit reaches an average of 200 g. Compiling the characteristics of the variety, farmers note that giant fruits are also not uncommon, weighing up to 600 g. Despite their large size, tomatoes are not susceptible to cracking and always ripen well.

The taste is sweetish vegetable with a slight hint of sourness, as evidenced by the characteristic. Since this is a salad variety, insanely delicious appetizers, salads and side dishes for main dishes are obtained from the fruits. Unfortunately, due to its size, the vegetable is not suitable for preservation in its entirety.However, housewives are happy to use tomatoes as the main ingredient for the preparation of various preparations for the winter. Thanks to the perfect combination of sugar and acids, they make the most delicious tomato juice. You can use the fruit for pickling in barrels.


The tomato variety Honey Spas has a number of undeniable advantages that distinguish it from other species. These tomatoes are characterized by:

  • high yield;
  • beautiful shape and color of the fruit;
  • large size of tomatoes;
  • immunity to temperature differences;
  • resistance to various types of diseases;
  • attractive presentation;
  • long shelf life.


С растением следует обращаться осторожно из-за его хрупкости

The plant should be handled carefully because of its fragility

The disadvantages of the variety are extremely minor. These include, first of all, the following points:

  • very fragile branches near the bush, which are easy to break;
  • a large number of small side shoots.

Growing rules

If you follow the basic rules for caring for plants in the nightshade family, it’s easy to grow Honey saved. Take the advice of professionals.

  1. The best time to plant seeds for seedlings is March.It will be better if you use garden land for these purposes. Just do not forget to carry out the disinfection procedure, and be sure to calcine it. Before planting, carefully sort the seeds, separating the healthy from the empty and rotten.
  2. Use peat as the main fertilizer for growing seedlings. By the way, during the season, it is necessary to feed the tomato at least 3 times.
  3. The most optimal temperature regime for growing seedlings is 25 ° C. Good lighting and constant watering are also necessary.
  4. The picking process should be carried out no earlier than 2-3 leaves appear on the seedling. In this case, you should definitely water the plant with a solution of mineral fertilizers.
  5. Planting seedlings in open ground is best in May. Immediately install a support next to the sapling in order to then quickly tie up the branches near the bush. The first days after planting in the open ground, seedlings must be wrapped every night with a film.
  6. The optimal planting scheme for the Honey Spas tomato tomato is 60×50 cm. When forming the stem, consider the climatic conditions of your region. In the open ground, you can leave one stem, in greenhouses and greenhouses it is better to form two. This must be done in the first half of summer, when the stepsons of the plant are formed most actively.
  7. Constantly monitor the cleanliness of the garden beds. Also provide moderate watering of bushes with warm water and do not forget to periodically loosen the soil.

Otherwise, caring for tomatoes is no different from caring for any other vegetable crops.

Diseases and pests

This the variety is practically not susceptible to diseases from which vegetable crops suffer. The only thing that can cause inconvenience to gardeners is diseases that can occur due to a violation of the rules for caring for seedlings. In the event that your tomatoes are planted in a greenhouse, be sure to ventilate it from time to time. Carefully monitor the temperature and humidity conditions, observing moderate watering. Remember that if you do not follow these points, then the tomatoes can begin to rot and get sick, and this can cause significant harm to the entire crop.

Tomato Honey Spas
K Sting for the best varieties of tomatoes (h.2)
Tomatoes for the greenhouse: Honey saved, Pink honey, Rocket.

It also happens that tomatoes are attacked by insects. Melon aphids, whites, moths and sawflies are most dangerous to the crop. Specialized drugs that can be easily purchased in stores, supermarkets and in the market will help you solve the problem with pests.


Reviews about the variety

Giving a description of Honey Save , gardeners leave only positive reviews about this variety. By the way, this is the most popular type of orange-yellow tomatoes, which, moreover, are distinguished by their pleasant taste. The pluses of the variety include good yield, immunity to extreme weather conditions, long shelf life.

These tomatoes are ideal for preparing summer light salads. They can also be successfully used as the main ingredient for various homemade blanks. Description of the variety – confirmation that it is ideal for every gardener.

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