Characteristics of tomato varieties Rio Fuego

Characteristics of tomato varieties Rio Fuego

Tomato Rio Fuego has excellent taste and aroma. The thick peel on the fruits protects it from shock, so it is not afraid of traffic, and is also universally suitable for pickles. It is suitable for cleaning in a mechanized way, which explains its high popularity.

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Характеристика томата сорта Рио Фуего

Characteristic of tomato variety Rio Fuego


Tomato Rio Fuego is a determinant, medium early ripeness. ry begin to ripen in the second decade of July and bear fruit until the frost, bringing a good harvest.

Some growers believe that the fruit lacks juiciness, but this is easily offset by good taste and unique aroma. The full characterization of the variety will convince readers that that they should be interested.

Variety Description

The variety is highly prolific, its selection belongs to the Dutch. The plant is small and compact, it does not require much space and area.

It is recommended to grow the tomato seedling-free method in open ground conditions. Subject to all agricultural conditions, from each bush you can get up to 15 kg of tomato.

Description of the bush

The bush of this variety is medium, its height does not exceed 70 cm. The leaves are small, dark green in color.

When forming the bushes you need to leave several trunks, on each of which an ovary is formed. In this way, tomato yields increase.

Description of the fruit

The fruits ripen 4 months after sowing. Tomatoes are distinguished by their high density, which is very convenient when transporting them.

Characteristics of the Rio Fuego fruit:

  • oblong, shaped like cream, with a pointed nose;
  • with fairly dense pulp;
  • small in size, no more than 8 cm long;
  • saturated bright red color;
  • average weight 110 g.

High sugar concentration and excellent taste made Rio Fuego tomatoes unusually popular, they can be consumed fresh and canned. Rio Fuego can cost differently, it depends on the size and presentation of the fruit.

Growing tomatoes

Ежегодно меняйте место высадки кустов

Every year, change the location of the bushes

This variety can be grown immediately in open ground. It is important to choose a suitable place in the garden: it should be sunny, without drafts, well protected from the wind. The predecessors of tomatoes can be cucumbers, legumes, cabbage.It is unacceptable to grow plants for several years in a row at the same place, as larvae of pests of nightshade crops are preserved in the earth.

Planting seeds

Before planting seeds, you need to prepare the soil.

Soil preparation rules:

  1. Dig a bed no more than 1.2 m wide (optimal time is the end of April).
  2. For each sq. m. make no more than half a bucket of humus and 0.5 liters of ash.
  3. On the bed, draw two grooves up to 10 cm deep, their distance from each other is about half a meter.
  4. Soil in grooves should be disinfected with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  5. The bed needs to be wrapped with foil for a week so that it warms up.

After seven days, the bed is ready for planting tomatoes, after which the film needs to be removed , in each groove, make indentations at a distance of 35-55 cm and sow tomato seeds (1-2 pcs.). The seeds should be sprinkled with earth, preferably peat mass or sand.

Sowing is carried out in late April – early May, the earth is covered with a film, its edges are densely covered with earth, as a result of which the sprouts will be reliably protected from night cold.

Care for the sprouts

The first sprouts appear after a week, when they reach the cover, it should be raised with the help of supports, the earth around the plants is loosened.P

Advantages of sowing seeds in open ground:

  • the seedling-free method forms a strong root system and excellent immunity in sprouts: such tomatoes are not afraid of drought or painful conditions;
  • plants do not experience stress when picking and replanting, so they bloom early and bear fruit;
  • caring for plants is much easier than when growing seedlings, and the result is much better.

In hot weather, the film must be lifted and ventilated. Tomatoes are tempered in this way and are not afraid of a temperature difference.


The first dressing should be carried out 3 weeks after sowing the seeds. It is not recommended to feed the sprouts until the first full leaf appears, since oversaturation with some substances can lead to a negative result. For the first feeding, it is recommended to use the following solution: 1 tbsp. a spoonful of fertilizer (Nitrofoska, Agricole No. 3) is diluted in 1 liter of water. The resulting solution is enough to fertilize about 35 plants.

After 14 days, the fertilizer is applied a second time: if the tomato has a thin stem, a superphosphate solution should be used (1 tbsp. Fertilizer is diluted in 3 l of water). You can use the Athlete drug once for feeding. To fertilize healthy plants that meet all the necessary requirements, use “Effekton O”.

In the future, tomato fertilizer is carried out every 20 days.During the entire growing season of the plant, top dressing is carried out up to 5 times, and soil fertility is taken into account.


Обильный полив требуется до появления третей кисти цветов

Abundant watering is required before the appearance of the third flower brush

Sprouts under the film are not watered, because in the spring there is enough moisture in the soil, but if spring is very early and warm, the plants are carefully watered under the root with warm water in the morning or evening.

Water the plants should be abundantly until a third brush with flowers appears, otherwise volume mobilize all forces for the development of the root system. As a result, fruit growth will be slowed down, and valuable time will be lost, which may result in significantly reduced yields.


During the cultivation of tomatoes, vegetable growers may experience various painful conditions: twisted and yellowed leaves, drooping stem, blackened fruits. Tomato diseases are provoked by:

  • viruses;
  • bacteria;
  • various fungi;
  • improper care or growing conditions;
  • lack of microelements.

Late blight is one of the most dangerous and common fungal diseases of tomatoes. This painful condition most often affects varieties of late ripeness, so Rio Fuego is very rarely ill with it.

Gray rot can damage tomatoes in high humidity and plants.First, gray-brown spots appear on the leaves, then the stems and fruits are damaged. If the plant is not treated in time, it may die.

The characteristic of Rio Fuego indicates that it is resistant to attacks of alternariosis, verticillosis, fusar withering.


To prevent phytosporosis, plants must be treated with fungicidal preparations (Fitosporin-M, Tatu, Ridomil Gold). For processing, a 10% solution of salt (10 g of water and 100 g of salt) is also suitable. In addition, the following rules must be observed:

  • to plant tomatoes near other nightshade, for example, potatoes, which are the carrier of the disease;
  • dig up the soil deeply;
  • remove affected leaves and plants;
  • water the tomatoes under the root;
  • use folk remedies (tincture of garlic).

When the first signs of gray rot appear plants should be treated with fungicides (“Switch”, “Fundazole”). To prevent the development of the disease, the following measures are carried out:

  • the damaged areas on the tomatoes should be greased with fungicide solutions or chalk;
  • ensure good ventilation of the plants – plant each other at the required distance.

It is necessary to promptly remove the diseased fruits or plants, change crops growing on the same bed.When frosting, tomatoes need to be covered with a film or agrofibre for the night.


As the description and reviews of gardeners Rio Fuego shows, this is an excellent choice for beginning vegetable growers, as the tomato practically does not require garter, is simple in agricultural technology and care.

Sort Rio fuego tomato, its seeds
Tomato seeds Rio Fuego
Tomato Rio Fuego. Code

The ability to grow it immediately in open ground is an important advantage of this unpretentious variety. The shape and size of the fruits allow them to be used in salads, canned and salted. The dense pulp of a tomato and firm peel reliably protects the fruits from damage during transportation, they are distinguished by excellent keeping quality. Anyone who grows Rio Fuego tomatoes once will never be able to refuse them again.

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