Characteristics of Tomatoes Varieties Grandma’s Gift

Among the huge variety of tomato varieties, one stands out that deservedly received the status of one of the most delicious tomatoes grown on beds throughout the country. Tomato Babushkin A gift must be grown at least once in his personal plot to understand why gardeners speak so well of it.

  1. Variety characteristic
  2. Description of the variety
  3. Description of the bush
  4. Description of the fruit
  5. Growing seedlings
  6. Planting seeds
  7. Caring for sprouts
  8. Planting seedlings
  9. Fertilizers
  10. Watering
  11. Diseases
  12. Prevention
  13. Conclusion <

Характеристика томатов сорта Бабушкин Подарок

Characteristics of the tomatoes of the variety Babushkin Gift

This variety was recently developed and combined all good qualities of the parent varieties. Once having tasted the tomatoes Grandma’s Gift, not one summer resident can resist the temptation to grow these red-sided vegetables in his garden.

Characteristics of the variety

This late-ripening variety gives excellent harvests subject to all the rules of agricultural technology. In order to fully determine the variety for planting, you need to familiarize yourself with the description of the variety. The official description of this nightshade suggests that the seed always gives seedlings, and the seedlings guarantee a guaranteed harvest.

Variety description

Tomato Babushkin Present description refers to the hybrid variety that was bred based on drought and disease resistant tomato varieties.It is a late-ripening hybrid of the first generation and gets its varietal qualities by artificially crossing the parent plants. This means that the seeds collected from the tomato will not have the same varietal qualities if they are planted in the ground. They will germinate and bear fruit, but this will not be what the summer resident expected.

Seeds of tomato Babushkin A gift must be purchased in factory packaging or in specialized nurseries. So you can protect yourself from fakes and grow tomatoes that fully correspond to the description.

Description of the bush

The variety is quite tall and reaches 1.5 meters in height. Some specimens can grow up to 2 meters with proper care and all the rules of feeding and watering.

The main distinguishing features of the bush are:

  • powerful stem, which is formed from 2 -2 shoots;
  • the trunk is very lowered;
  • the leaves are large, have a dark green color;
  • the rhizome is well developed, but is close to the surface of the earth, which contributes to its damage due to improper weeding.

The bush must be stepson and leave the strongest shoots. Since the growth of the plant is not limited and continues even after the formation of the fruits, then to save vitality for the ripening of the crop, stepsons are removed.

Description of the fruit

The period from emergence to germination is 120 – 125 days. The ovary is formed over a 6-7 leaf and forms 7-9 clusters with beautiful red tomatoes gathered in them. The yield of the variety is very high, especially when growing tomato in film shelters.

Tomato Babushkin Gift can be easily distinguished by its appearance:

  • large fruits weighing 250-250 grams;
  • the color is deep red;
  • the shape of the fruit is round, slightly flattened at the base and top.

It is also worth noting the excellent taste of tomatoes of this variety. It is very sweet, and the skin is very thin and almost not felt. The pulp is dense, but tender and very powerful. Due to the quality of the fruits, they can be consumed fresh, as well as for preparing first and second courses, as well as preservation.

Growing seedlings

С первых дней необходимо хорошо ухаживать за растениями

From the first days you need to take good care of the plants

Residents of summer residents say that this tomato suitable cultivation through seedlings. Regardless of whether tomatoes will be grown in open ground or in a film shelter, it is necessary to take care of the plant from the first days of its life. This is the key to a good harvest.

You can not grow seedlings yourself, but make an order for planting material in the nursery.But it will come out, albeit less troublesome, but much more expensive. Therefore, it is better to grow a gift of Grandma’s tomato yourself.

Planting seeds

Since the variety belongs to late-ripening tomatoes, they begin to plant seeds in the second half of February. This period is enough for the plant to be ready for transplanting.

Plant the seeds in this way:

  • the soil is pre-disinfected by sprinkling it with boiling water or calcining in the oven;
  • the seeds are laid to a depth of 0.5 – 1 centimeter and at a distance of 5 centimeters from each other;
  • after planting, abundantly watered and tighten with polyethylene.

When over the first sprouts appear with soil, the film is removed, and the pot itself is put in a warm and bright place. Further, young plants will need careful care in order to get a plentiful harvest from them.

Care for sprouts

Young tomatoes are very sensitive to light. There should be plenty of light, since the production of chlorophyll and the growth of the plant depend on it. Seedling boxes are placed near the south window, but if this is not possible, then you will have to take care of additional illumination with ultraviolet lamps.

The room temperature should be at least 23-25 ​​23 C, otherwise the sprouts will develop poorly and begin to hurt. The necessary temperature can be maintained by simply lighting an incandescent lamp in a visit with seedlings, but not too close to the sprouts.Delicate stems can get severe thermal burns.

Also, seedlings need timely watering. The earthball should not dry out or be too wet, as this will destroy the seedlings. The secret of quality planting material is also in hardening plants. Gradually accustoming them to the weather of the outside world will help them to quickly take up and grow well. the threat of night frosts and sudden changes in temperature will pass. The variety is not too picky about the growing conditions, but is very sensitive to the composition of the soil. It must be fertile, rich in organic and minerals. Productivity completely depends on this factor.

If a tomato is planted in a greenhouse, then inside it it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature and humidity. Landing in the film cover occurs a little earlier than in open ground.


Растение нуждается в умеренном удобрении

The plant needs moderate fertilizer

Reviews and characteristics of the variety indicate that the plant needs to be fertilized. It is recommended to do this within reasonable limits, since all chemistry falling into the ground accumulates in the fruits, and afterwards in the human body.

As a top dressing for tomatoes use:

  1. The first time the plants are fertilized during their planting in a permanent place. To do this, put a little humus, wood ash and superphosphate in the hole.
  2. To quickly ripen the fruit, leaf feeding is used. To do this, superphosphate is diluted in a bucket of water and sprayed with bushes with this solution.
  3. Before fruiting, the tomatoes are fertilized once with nitrate.

Significantly reduce the need for fertilizing, you can support crop rotation on your own plot. So the soil is not depleted and the risk of tomato disease is significantly reduced.


Tomato Grandma’s gift is not picky about watering and calmly tolerates even the driest summers. The earth should be moistened only as it dries. Excess water can trigger an outbreak of late blight and ruin the crop.

Do not use the cold water of their well for irrigation. It is better to leave a bucket in the sun so that the liquid in it warms up. Cold water damages the small roots of the bush, through which nutrients are transported and delivered to the whole plant.


Like many varieties of tomatoes, Grandma’s present is prone to late blight. This is one of the most dangerous diseases for the nightshade family, to which the tomato belongs. The cause of its occurrence is spores that may be on the planting material or in the ground.In conditions of high humidity, spores germinate and cause black rot of the stems, leaves and fruits of the tomato.

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Such a dangerous disease as late blight cannot be treated, and diseased plants are completely removed from the beds and burned away from the garden. Like any other disease, it is easier to prevent than to eradicate.

To prevent late blight, you can:

  • remove stepsons;
  • increase the distance between plants;
  • moderate watering;
  • timely removal of diseased specimens.

Fruits affected by late blight are not suitable for food. Also, it is not fed to pets and birds.


An excellent variety of tomatoes Grandma’s Gift will please with its productivity and ease of growing any gardener. The variety shows good results in the northern regions of Russia, where it is grown in film or glass greenhouses.

Sweets and meaty fruits of this tomato are ideal for making fresh salads, fruit drinks, juices and ketchups. When whole-canned, tomatoes do not burst and do not lose their appearance.

Characteristics of Tomatoes Varieties Grandma's Gift
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