Characterization of crested ducks

Among the variety of birds, crested ducks are considered one of the most spectacular. History says that they appeared as a result of crossing an overseas guest from China with European ducks. And 300 years since this breed adorns the lands of European and Russian farmers. Russian crested bird is more decorative than meat. She is called crested because she has a cute crest on her head.

  1. Features and differences of the breed
  2. Russian bird
  3. Ukrainian representative
  4. Other varieties
  5. How to breed and care for
  6. The final part

Хохлатые утки

Crested ducks

Features and differences of the breed

Crested is considered light and a moving bird. It is non-aggressive and, despite its small size, has well-developed muscles. The description of ducks of this breed will not be if you don’t voice their main peculiarity, the crest on the back of the head. It testifies to the purebredness of the breed. Also thanks to it, the crested one gained such popularity among fans of decorative birds. And no matter what color the feathers on the crest, the main condition is that they must be long and thin .

The feathered one has a short but dense neck and a small beak. She has not too developed wings and limbs. Thick plumage complements the picture with a variety of colors. The color of the feathers depends primarily on the place of residence of the ducks, as well as on the manifestation of the blood of other breeds with which it was crossed. A notable moment is the fact that the darker the bird, the darker its beak.

Unfortunately, even when crested and drake and duck are involved in breeding, about a fifth of the chicks are still born without crests. The whole question is in the genes: the lesser crested ducks have the gene concentration, the fewer thoroughbred babies appear.

There is another feature of the breed – low weight. An adult male rarely reaches 3 kg, and a female weighs no more than 2 kg. An egg does not exceed weight in 80 g. Most often, no more than 55 pieces per year of such eggs can be produced by one young individual. The recorded record for this breed was the number of 120 pieces, but this is rather the exception.

Russian bird

There are several species of crested birds, including Russian crested, Bashkir crested, blackened, Ukrainian variety. Let us consider each of them in detail. The rarest and endangered species of ducks is the crested pegans. Little information has been gathered about her. The only evidence of the existence of this breed are a few photos. It is believed that it nests on the slopes of the mountains. Crested pegans is an endangered species listed in the Red Book.

The Russian crested bird is popular with Russian farmers.Its main external characteristics include the following:

  • average bird size;
  • well-built body structure;
  • dense and dense plumage, mostly white; / li>
  • long wings pressed to the body;
  • dark eyes on an elongated head;

One of the main advantages of the Russian crested duck is the ability to lay eggs all year round.

Ukrainian representative

Ukrainian crested duck has a peculiar appearance and more than tasty meat, this is the reason for its breeding. Ukrainian ducks are very similar to simple gray ones. Signs of the breed are:

  • colorful plumage, often they are black with brown, are brown and gray;
  • a light strip wrapped around the neck;
  • oblong head with protruding cheeks;
  • the beak is small, slightly raised;
  • strong legs closely spaced from each other.

Ukrainian crested duck weighing, reaches a mass in the region of 3 kg.

Other varieties

Bashkir crested ducks may differ from other varieties in less weight, but they are more productive compared to the Ukrainian and ENGLISH representatives of the breed. The characteristics of the Bashkirs are as follows: motley feathers and various patterns of wings, a developed body with a sternum extended forward, unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention – this is their main fad.The only thing the Bashkir birds need is a pond, but they feed on what they themselves find. The appearance and ease of care makes Bashkir ducks extremely popular in the farming environment, but their breeding is problematic due to the difficulty of acquiring the nestlings of this species. how very common it is. This is the smallest bird of its kind. It differs from the rest:

  • with black feathers on the body and a purple hue;
  • with white stripes on the wings that are noticeable when the bird flies;
  • yellow eyes;
  • with feathers on the sides that form something like pockets;
  • a shorter crest in females, longer in males;
  • a cigarette-like appearance with a noticeable backward movement, which allows you to dive deeply.

No more than 20 eggs per year are the maximum abilities of these females, but they are extremely careful in breeding. It makes the nest black from its feathers.

How to breed and care

Yes, the facts speak about the simplicity of caring for birds with crests, but for those who want crested Russian ducks , it makes sense to take into account some points. The basis of the diet of birds you need to make a mixture of cereals and dry grass. It is important to dry and ventilate the place of residence of the wards: this will be the key to their health. In moisture and dirt, they tend to hurt.The most demanding Russian crested.

Swimming in the water and looking for food on their own is a favorite pastime of these birds. It is clear that an open pond in the best way will provide them both. And what if there is no such possibility? Then it is necessary to place containers with water in the territory of daytime stay of birds. Purity of the species can be achieved only if both the female and the male with the tuft of one breed, otherwise there is a risk of getting ordinary chicks, and not handsome with tufts.

Final part

We examined the details and made sure that the crested ducks have an extremely attractive appearance. Those who seek to get a large amount of meat from duck breeding will not like such birds. But for esthetes with a delicate taste and for people who want to please and amaze guests and neighbors, a Russian crested one is ideal.

Elena Frost’s farm Mr. Ufa crested ducks
Crested ducks
Ukrainian crested ducks

The uniqueness and sophistication, recognition and brightness of these birds will bring a touch chic to any farm or private economy.

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