Chiktonik for rabbits

Chiktonik for rabbits is a special medicine created and developed by Spanish scientists.

  1. General description of the drug
  2. The composition of the drug
  3. Method of use
  4. Contraindications
  5. Drug effectiveness
  6. Cost and indications

The use of Chiktonik for rabbits

Application Chiktonika for rabbits

The drug contains vital vitamins and amino acids that affect the metabolic rate of the animal. The medicine is especially necessary in winter, in the season when animals have a huge deficiency of vitamins.

General description of the drug

The use of Chiktonika for rabbits is an excellent solution to all health problems of furs. It is important to give the drug to pets who have a deficiency of vitamins in the body or poor digestive system.Chicktonic for rabbits also plays an important role in severe poisoning. Veterinarians recommend giving this form of the drug after vaccination, a serious illness, a course of antibiotics.

The use of the drug has a good effect on the growth of young animals, increases the resistance of rabbits to various diseases, prolongs their life. Also, beneficial substances positively affect the appearance of rabbits and the smoothness of their coat.

It is during the winter period that rabbits suffer from a lack of vitamins and fresh plant foods, which contain a large number of important trace elements. The farmers have an important task: they need to restore all the missing substances in the pet’s body.

It makes sense to give balanced feeds that are similar in use to Chiktonik, as they also replenish the balance of the necessary vitamins in the rabbit’s body, but, unfortunately, they are doing this in insufficient quantities. As a percentage of feed, only 2-5% of vitamins can be produced from 50%. Chiktonik, in turn, will replenish from 50% from 1 to 50%. Everything will depend on how the body perceives the supplement.

The instructions indicate: if the fluffy muzzle becomes wet, then the hair falls out sharply and the skin becomes cracked, this is the first sign of vitamin deficiency, then it’s time to give vitamin supplement.

Composition of the drug

The composition of this preparation includes more than 30 important trace elements, amino acids and vitamins, which are extremely important for the good life of the fluff. If you give Chiktonik eared, you can avoid the development of such an ailment as vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency is a severe deficiency of vitamins and minerals that are important for animal life.Symptoms of vitamin deficiency:

  • decreased activity;
  • lack of appetite or its decrease (you can notice that the rabbit chooses a certain product, which means that it contains the necessary vitamins);
  • weight loss;
  • protrusion of the eye;
  • miscarriage.

Method of use

Chiktonik for rabbits is added to water and bred. The entire course lasts 5-7 days. It is enough to change the water once a day.

Chiktonik for rabbits is added to water and bred.

Chiktonik for rabbits is added to the water and divorced.

The mixed solution can be stored for no more than 24 hours. If the room is hot, it is best to change the water 2 times a day.


Among the side effects, individual intolerance is distinguished. An allergic reaction (especially dermatitis), suffocation symptoms, and a sharp reddening of the mucous membrane of the eye are also possible.

The effectiveness of the drug

Veterinarians say that Chiktonik can be given for prevention. In this case, you must carefully monitor the dosage and number of days. Chiktonik well affects the growth of young animals and the health of adults. Fuzzies quickly gain the necessary weight, the percentage of their fertility increases significantly.

In addition, veterinarians note that such a vitamin supplement perfectly affects the pet’s appetite and the quality of its coat.

Also, the drug must be given in the winter so that the animal’s immunity can resist various diseases.

Cost and indications for use

You can buy this supplement in any pet store or pet pharmacy. There are 2 dosages: per 100 ml and 1 liter. Those with one rabbit do not need a solution per liter. The price depends also on the dose. The price of one liter is an average of 651-800 rubles, 100 ml on average will cost 75 rubles.

Veterinarians prescribe this remedy for the following symptoms:

  • if you have an upset stomach and violation of the digestive system;
  • vitamin deficiency (when the rabbit’s hair had already started to fall and dandruff began);
  • recovery of the whole body after prolonged use of antibiotics;
  • if there is a strong poisoning.

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Использование такой витаминной добавки не требует рецепта ветеринара, но не должно заниматься самолечением вашего питомца. Крайне важно обратить внимание на инструкцию по применению и проконсультироваться с профессионалами.

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