Chub, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Chub is a fish of the carp family.

Reaches a length of 80 cm, and a mass of 5 kg or more.
in rivers with fast and medium flows, rifts, pools
and enough cold water. Keeps on the rapids –
under the breakers, behind the ledges of stones, under the sunken logs,
cliffs, overhanging bushes and trees, collecting fallen
insects into the water; loves whirlpools.

Differs in a thick, wide, slightly thickened head (for which
and got its name), almost cylindrical body and steep
The back of the chub is dark green, almost black, the sides are silvery
with a yellowish tinge. It feeds on air insects, juvenile crayfish,
fish, frogs.

Calorie chub

Chub is a fish with a high protein content, its calorie content
– 127 kcal per 100 g of product. Do not use it in huge
quantities of overweight people.

Useful properties of chub

Fish contains most of the essential nutrients,
necessary for humans – unsaturated fats and proteins, phosphorus and
zinc, calcium and
vitamins B and D.

The quality of the chub meat is quite high, it is whiter
and tastier than ide and bream meat, a little fatty, but more bony.

Good chub in the ear, fried, as well as stewed with vegetables in sour cream.

Dangerous properties of chub

Frequent consumption in a raw form destroys vitamin B1 (carp, bream,
pike, whitefish, minnow, chub, ide, smelt, crucian carp, perch, tench).

Individual intolerance to fish is also possible.

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The video will tell about the life of underwater inhabitants, including the chub.

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Chub, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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