Cocoa fruit – useful and dangerous properties of the cocoa fruit, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

These are the seeds of the fruit of an almond-shaped tree, placed in a pod
in 5 rows. They grow on the trunks of evergreen trees in Central
America. These beans have long been used to make bitter
a drink that gave an incredible burst of energy.

Cocoa beans are now grown in South America, Africa and Indonesia.
At the same time, the main suppliers of these fruits are Peru, Cote d’Ivoire,
Malaysia and Colombia.

Harvesting the fruit of the cocoa tree is an extremely time-consuming process,
which requires great physical effort. Hanging from the lower branches
ripe beans are cut, and the fruits hanging above are knocked down with sticks. Assembled
the harvest is handled by hand. For this, the shells are crushed,
and the seeds are separated from the shells and pulp. After this, the seeds are subjected to
a fermentation process lasting 7 days. Fermented seeds
and get their own specific taste and aroma.

Cocoa beans are dried outdoors under the sun or in special
drying ovens. Then they are packed in bags and shipped
in places where chocolate is produced, they are processed into cocoa liquor,
cocoa powder, butter and other products.

There are two groups of cocoa beans – “noble»(Kriollo,
which means “туземец“) And”consumer»(Forester,
which translates as “alien“). The first fruits are soft and
red, the latter are hard and yellow. Criollos taste like nuts
and forastero has a specific aroma and bitterness.

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Since the taste of the fruit depends on the soil and climatic conditions,
then, together with the varieties, confectioners pay attention to the place of their cultivation.
True, often when processing beans of different varieties and origin
mixed to obtain the best aroma and taste.

How to choose

Cocoa beans in bulk are not easy to find. But if you
succeeded, then remember that fruits that are not subject to
thermal or other processing. These raw beans contain several
the qualities of the strongest antioxidant can be preserved for years.

More often in stores you can find cocoa powder that we use
in cooking and cosmetology. Pay attention to the color here.
and smell. So, high-quality cocoa should have a rich brown
shade, darker or lighter colors are not worth buying. Scent
cocoa should resemble chocolate, without any impurities. Not good,
if the powder does not smell at all, such a product is generally better
set aside.

An equally important point is the structure of the powder. If it’s lumpy
then this means that the product was stored incorrectly, or what is suitable
by the end of the expiration date.

High-quality powder should be finely ground, you can try
rub a pinch of cocoa in your fingers: it should linger on the skin,
and not turn to dust.

How to store

Whatever you buy, beans or powder, you can store such foods
only in sealed containers. If you wish, you can add a stick to it.
vanilla, which will make the cocoa even more pleasant

In cooking

A variety of delicious dishes are now prepared from cocoa beans: hot
chocolate, cocktails, cocoa drinks,
jelly. Also grated cocoa and powder are added to baked goods, dairy
cereals, desserts, puddings. And most importantly – chocolate is made from cocoa.

If you have whole beans, you can grind them before eating.
in a food processor or coffee grinder. The resulting powder, like the purchased one, can be
add to cocktails, teas, favorite desserts and other dishes that
you will want to complement the delicious chocolate flavor.

You can also prepare delicious sauces based on cocoa, served
for desserts and pancakes. For this, the powder can be combined with coconut

Caloric content of cocoa beans

It is worth noting that the calorie content of cocoa beans is quite high: 565
kcal But to the surprise of many, the regular consumption of cocoa beans
even helps to reduce weight. In addition to the beneficial effects on the body
and its system, cocoa is able to satisfy hunger and suppress appetite for a long time.
Although you should not be zealous with its use either.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal 12.8 53.2 9.4 2.8 2.2 565.3

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Useful properties of cocoa beans

Composition and presence of nutrients

Cocoa fruits are classified as natural, environmentally friendly
products. They are also suitable for creating new products that
differ in taste from cocoa, but have more healthful
and a useful composition.

Cocoa contains minerals and numerous vitamins, including
and fat-soluble, which are found inside the beans in cocoa butter,
thanks to which this product has a beneficial effect
on the heart and other organs. Is in the composition of the fruit magnesium, minerals
iron, chromium, etc., which are considered essential in the prevention
different diseases.

Cocoa also contains bioflavanols, oligopeptides and other bioorganic
substances that are precursors not only for the production
hormones, but also to constantly maintain their balance, which helps
quickly improve well-being and heal the body.

In addition, there are polyphenols in cocoa that are able to protect cells
from aggressive free radicals.

Useful and healing properties

Cocoa beans are a storehouse of useful ingredients and their combinations. By scientists
almost 300 combinations of substances have been identified that combine the mineral,
lipid and protein composition of this product.

Cocoa beans are able to speed up metabolism, improve vascular health
and hearts. Regular consumption of real beans replenishes
deficiency of magnesium, iodine, zinc, chromium, protects against exposure
the environment, as well as the wrong way of life.

There is also a life-giving substance in cocoa cocoon (“healing
component of cocoa “), which promotes skin regeneration, contributing to
healing wounds, smoothing wrinkles and even reducing the risk of ulcers.
It is advised to use cocoa for the prevention of diabetes or mitigation
its forms.

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This product is also effective in treating colds. It has an expectorant,
antitussive action, liquefies phlegm. In addition, cocoa helps
with inflammation of the intestines, increased blood cholesterol, gastric
diseases, cholecystitis (has choleretic properties).

Cocoa removes women from menopause, facilitating its course and even
increasing life expectancy. Regular use of it
rejuvenates women, improves the structure and color of hair, skin, nails.
And for men it helps to prolong life and sexual activity.

Recommended for use of beans and athletes for protection
from “overtraining” and heart problems associated with this phenomenon.
For those who smoke or work in hazardous industries, the use of
cocoa will help prevent the action of various negatively affecting
health factors and will compensate for the harm done.

And students and schoolchildren need to include cocoa in the diet in order to improve
memorization and speed of thought processes, performance
and well-being.

It is noted that if you consume 40-50 grams of raw cocoa per day,
then from the first night you can celebrate a wonderful dream, after which you
wake up easily.

After a month of drinking cocoa beans, the complexion improves, work
and heart condition, hormonal balance.

Use in cosmetology

High content of oleic acid (up to 41%) helps cocoa to activate
lipid metabolism, restore the barrier functions of the skin and keep
it contains moisture, which is why it plays an important role in products for flaking
dry skin.

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Cocoa beans are able to tone and tighten the skin, promote
maintaining its barrier functions of the skin, provide collagen synthesis
and elastin, activate metabolic processes, help eliminate
cellulite and stretch marks, remove toxins.

Cocoa in cosmetology provides a complex effect: it removes
dead epithelium, delivers oxygen and trace elements to the cells,
increases the efficiency of collagen production.

Cocoa face masks have one advantage over other products
for care – versatility. This means that you can use a unique
the composition of the fragrant powder can be used by women of any age and for
solutions to a variety of problems on the face.

Cocoa will provide the skin with a high level of hydration, thanks to
what masks based on it are recommended to use when too dry
skin. Problem skin after applying such masks will get rid of
acne and blackheads. And the wilted one will become more elastic, getting rid of
wrinkles. Masks with cocoa are also useful for oily skin, as they help
regulate the work of the glands.

By using cocoa for regular grooming, you can achieve amazing
results. Easy and comfortable care will delay old age and help
look fresh and beautiful.

Use for weight loss

By consuming cocoa beans, you can also lose weight. So, nutritionists advise
every time you feel like eating, take a teaspoon of cocoa
or drink a drink made from natural powder. It will give a feeling of satiety,
which occurs due to the improvement of hormonal balance. After
you can either refuse to eat for 2-3 hours or eat half
the usual portion.

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In addition, positive changes in hormonal balance help
improve metabolism and remove excess fat from the body. Effect
from such weight loss is relatively soft and is about 2-2,5
kg per month without consequences.

Dangerous properties of cocoa beans

Despite the beneficial properties of cocoa beans, pregnant women are better off from it.
refuse, as it is an allergen and interferes with absorption
calcium. But this substance is vital for the development of the fetus,
and its deficiency can harm the health of the child and the mother herself.

It is also not recommended to consume cocoa for kidney problems.
and gout,
since these fruits contain purine compounds.

For those who suffer from diseases such as sugar
diabetes, atherosclerosis,
you should also refrain from consuming cocoa. But also with any others
ailments should consult a doctor about the possibility
consumption of cocoa and its quantity.

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