Common varieties of cucumbers for open ground in the suburbs

Common varieties of cucumbers for open ground in the suburbs

If there is a site in the suburbs, many gardeners do not know which varieties of vegetables to grow in such a climate. To get a healthy and plentiful crop, you need to know what varieties of cucumbers are suitable for open ground in the suburbs.Before choosing the type of vegetables to plant, you should study all varieties of cucumbers with a description that are suitable for planting in your climate zone.

  1. Varieties of varieties
  2. What varieties of cucumbers to choose?
  3. Early ripening varieties
  4. Early varieties
  5. Middle-ripening varieties
  6. Middle-early varieties
  7. Late-ripening varieties
  8. Middle-late varieties

Varieties of varieties

  • Early ripening
  • Mid-season
  • Late-season

Despite the inconsistency of natural conditions in the suburbs, with a job well done, you can grow a plentiful crop not only in greenhouses, but also in open ground. An important factor is the choice of seeds. New and good species are first planted in small quantities for a sample to see how the fruits will ripen on your soil in this climate zone. The best varieties of cucumbers for the Moscow region should have certain properties.Indeed, in case of temperature changes, prolonged rains, contaminated soils and other adverse conditions, you need to choose the genetically correct material.

What types of cucumbers to choose?

When choosing cucumbers, consider the following factors:

  • Ripening

Because of the short summer, it is better to give preference to varieties with a short ripening period. Typically, such species are planted immediately after the first frost, and after two months, you can get a plentiful and healthy crop.

  • Appointment

Three species are conventionally distinguished fruit by appointment. Salad, pickling and universal. Varieties differ in appearance, taste, shelf life and storage conditions. Each gardener chooses a type of fruit that he will like best according to the external description and characteristics. Universal views suitable for any purpose. The main difference between pickles and lettuce cucumbers in the thickness of the peel. In pickles, it is much thinner, which facilitates the penetration of brine into the cucumber during canning. Salads are mainly used only for fresh consumption.

Please note that fruits that have a thin peel cannot be stored for a long time in the refrigerator or cellar, as they begin to deteriorate.

It is quite easy to distinguish which fruit is salad, universal or pickling.If you see a long, brightly colored vegetable, you can rest assured that it is a fruit for salads. If the peel is smooth, without spikes, then the cucumber can be cut and eaten raw. Pimply and black-spiked fruits are of the pickled type, because thanks to the spikes, the brine penetrates perfectly through them. For growing in difficult conditions near Moscow dachas, it is better to give preference to universal species. They combine the best qualities of the two previous varieties, so you can safely serve them as a snack, or you can preserve them.

  • Type of pollination

Most often on store shelves You can meet two types of seeds for pollination: self-pollinated and bee pollinated. Bee pollinators are suitable only for open ground, because the access of honey insects to greenhouses is often impossible, therefore there is a risk of being left without a crop. But on the other hand, with a short rainy summer, insects physically will not be able to fulfill their function.

Therefore, in order not to risk losing the long-awaited crop, it is better to give preference to self-pollinated. In this case, you can not worry about the availability of nearby apiary or rainy weather. It is also worth noting that self-pollinated species lack a bitter taste. Pay attention, manufacturers always indicate on the packaging which varieties are not prone to bitterness. But one should not forget about proper care. After all, watering and top dressing no less affect the taste of the future crop, as well as its genetics.

But trusting inscriptions like 100% germination is not worth it. Varieties of cucumbers for the Moscow Region for open ground do not have 100% germination, this is a marketing ploy for the buyer.

There are also many species that differ in resistance to frost, insensitivity to pests, and best yield indicators. Therefore, experienced gardeners recommend planting in their area at least five varieties that differ from each other. Cross-pollination can give exactly the result that is ideally suited for the soil of a particular area.

Early ripening varieties

Побалуйте себя ранними огурчиками

Indulge yourself with early cucumbers

The best and early ripe varieties of cucumbers for Moscow Region are suitable for unstable climate and very short summer. For impatient lovers enjoy fresh fruits, breeders invented early ripe species. Early species can be planted on the bed after the completion of frost and the relative stabilization of temperature fluctuations. After planting early ripe species, after 2 months you can harvest. The early species of cucumbers will bear fruit longer than others, due to their rapid maturation and re-formation of the ovaries.

Early varieties

Little finger boy

Little toddler got its name because of the appearance of the fruit.Small and oblong cucumbers will look very profitable in banks. Maturity occurs within 37-39 days after seed emergence. This type differs from similar cucumbers in that up to 6-7 fruits are formed on its ovary, when in other varieties these indicators vary 2-3 fruits on one ovary. The fruits behave very well during transportation, do not deteriorate, are stored for a long time. A seedless or seedling method of cultivating a boy-with-finger hybrid, depending on climatic and agricultural conditions.

Connie f1

The species of Connie f1 cucumbers is a hybrid, universal species that can be grown under the film and in the open ground. Ripening occurs 45-50 days after germination. The average size of a ripe fruit is small, about 10-13 cm. The cucumbers are elongated, oval in shape, and the skin is tuberous. Cucumber is quite fragrant. Due to its juicy taste, it will be profitable to look in slices, and is also well suited for preservation.


This hybrid is also early maturing, universal. It is self-pollinated. The first fruits ripen 50 days after planting. Good yielding appearance. A special feature is powerful, tall stems. Seeds give a good and healthy harvest. Keep this in mind when landing on small plots of land. Cucumbers up to 10 cm in size do not have a bitter taste.


Hector is an ultra-early hybrid that came to us from Holland.It is popular among summer residents of the Moscow Region because of its compact size, high yield and simultaneous ripening of fruits. Due to the compactness of plants, they can be planted more often than usual. The bushes do not need to be formed. Cucumbers grow approximately the same size, rounded with a tuberous peel. The pulp is dense, rich in taste, sweetish, without bitterness. If you suddenly forgot to take the crop from the branches, do not worry, since the hector variety does not turn yellow, but the skin on the fruits becomes stiff. Hector performs well during transportation, is stored for a long time.


A variety of cucumbers Angelina has proven itself in poorly lit areas. In the main nodes, up to 3 fruits are tied up to a length of 14 cm. The variety is highly resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew, cladosporiosis. The variety is universal, so you can safely roll it into banks. The taste of the fruit is pleasant, bright, well suited for fresh consumption. Seeds have good germination.

Middle-ripening varieties

Лучше посадить несколько разных сортов

It is better to plant several different varieties

Varieties of medium-early cucumbers for the Moscow Region are also well suited for short and cool summers. Many gardeners mix early and mid-early varieties to harvest different varieties several times throughout the summer.

Mid-early varieties


This is a variety of gherkins. Due to their miniature size, the fruits look good in pickling, and in terms of taste they are not inferior to other varieties for preservation. In the care, the species of darling is not whimsical. Watering, weeding and top dressing as in all mid-season varieties. Fruits up to 10 cm in size. The color of the fruit is juicy, dense flesh, thin skin with tubercles.


The Alliance is a mid-season hybrid. The alliance is fully matured within 50 days from the moment of planting seedlings on beds in open ground. Please note that the species is a bee pollinator alliance. The alliance is popular among gardeners due to its excellent taste. The alliance is suitable for connoisseurs of thin crispy peel and tender pulp without bitterness.


Vir is a mid-early species, with a ripening period of up to 50 days. Resistant to high temperature extremes and the effects of pathogens of the most common diseases. Gives fruit 11 cm in size with excellent taste. With good care, from one shoot you can get up to 2 kg of cucumbers.

Late ripening varieties

For lovers of a plentiful and well ripened crop, it is better to choose varieties for planting in the suburbs that have a mid-late ripening period. Many types of cucumbers fully ripen in late summer and have good large-sized fruits.

Mid-late varieties


The species of libella will suit those gardeners who prefer to plant late species. The advantage of the libella is that it begins to actively bear fruit at the end of the season, when most other varieties have already presented their crops. 60 days after planting in open ground, the fruit can be removed from the libella. The species is resistant to night frost and fungal diseases.

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This variety also belongs to late ripening. The ripening period is 60 days. Nezhinsky is popular because of its low sensitivity to various pathogens. resistant from the representatives of its species to dry weather, tested in the field with differences in day and night temperatures, in the presence of abundant morning dew. It has proven itself from the best side. Oval-shaped fruits, up to 14 cm in size, have ha active dark green color. This variety is good for preservation. The fruit pulp is crisp, juicy, with a delicately perceptible cucumber aroma.


so as not to get confused in all varieties of cucumbers for the Moscow Region, experienced gardeners recommend keeping a diary of their crops so that you can control which of the offers on the market are most suitable for your site, with its microflora and acidity. Only by trial can you find the perfect variety for yourself. Experiment with fruit sizes. Good fruits can be both small and voluminous. Ordinary fruits, pickles or gherkins can be grown equally well. Many mistakenly believe that these are different species of the pumpkin family, but these are just different sizes of one species.

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