Compound feed for rabbits at home

Rabbits are one of the most common types of pets. Of course, in captivity it is much more difficult for them to choose a properly balanced diet with the necessary combination of vitamins and minerals, while in the wild, they, following instincts, themselves choose what their body needs for food. Basically, farmers give their own feed for rabbits. Eared will be delighted with homemade food.

Compound feed for rabbits

Compound feed for rabbits

Rabbits need a large amount of dietary fiber, which they need for their full existence, since they ensure the activity and health of the whole organism.

For decorative domestic rabbits s, especially if they are kept in an apartment, many alternatives of no less healthy and tasty food have been invented. Some farmers purchase full-feed ramen, pellet, purine, pc for rabbits. Nevertheless, it is better to cook such food at home.

Before choosing which food for decorative rabbits will be made, you need to study feedback on it and chat with rabbit owners in the forum to have more complete information about home nutrition.

What is best avoided is to give eared mixers to other pets. Obviously, pork or cat food does not meet the needs of the rabbit.

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DIY compound feed production

Herbal compound feed is made from green herbs, so it is one of the cheapest and easiest to make, and besides, this is a favorite treat for young animals.

Grass is considered the basis of domestic feed. It is most accessible due to its abundance in the summer. In addition, in nature, it is herbal plants that occupy a leading place in the rabbit diet. In central Russia, this food is not available in autumn and winter, so with the advent of the first grass, it must be added to the rabbit’s food in small quantities, gradually increasing it. You can use dry tops of garden crops.

To prepare green feed, you can use specially grown crops such as clover and alfalfa. If it is not possible to plant plants, then many wild plants that rabbits feed on the outside can be an excellent alternative. These include well-known burdocks, nettles, dandelions and even plantain. All these crops can be found in the forest area or in the field.

If you can’t constantly go to the countryside and collect grass, you can buy seeds or dig a couple of plants and plant them at home in a pot. They easily take root in a new place and do not require special care, while you can pamper your pet with fresh herbs all year round.

The second important basis of homemade food is grain. Proportions should be calculated, depending on the weight and age of the rabbit.Also, feeds are made by young animals or pregnant females of different nutritional values. Grain helps animals gain weight, so it must be included in the diet. Mineral substances should be added to the minimum amount in each prepared food.

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Home-made feed for the winter period

In cold weather it is better for rabbits to choose an alternative in the form of more high-calorie food. You need to give such food at a certain time. Hay has a large amount of fiber, but at the same time it is inferior in taste to fresh grass, so rabbits eat it less willingly.

Hay and beans are considered to be the most useful and nutritious, including alfalfa, oats, sunflower, clover, sometimes rye and others. When collecting herbs for hay on your own, it should be borne in mind that some plants can be poisonous and deadly for the animal, so it is important to monitor that the plant breaks down to feed the pet.

How to make feed correctly? At home, for adults or young animals, you can cook compound feed based on grain and with the addition of grass. There are several types of homemade feed, which are based on herbs.

Making and feeding decorative rabbits with compound feed is a simple matter. It is necessary to give such food so that it replaces the pet with all the necessary supplements and vitamins. Combined feeds can also be given for adults.For example, homemade feed plus additives from the store.

Composition of homemade feed

  • grass 30%;
  • barley 19%;
  • oats 19%;
  • wheat bran 15%;
  • fishmeal 1.0%;
  • vitamin supplements, yeast 2.7% ;
  • salt 0.3%.
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All data on dry polnoratsionny food are indicated in approximate proportions and are designed for feeding decorative adult and young rabbits. Some individuals may need to add some ingredients.

During molting or during vitamin deficiency, it is correct for rabbits to grow several times a day in small portions, each of which needs to be added with minerals.

Useful tips

How to make the best feed so that it meets all the requirements and replaces granular feeding? First of all, you must clearly observe the proportions and distribute the ratio of trace elements per kg of animal weight.

V s becoming fodder for rabbits should include all the necessary vitamins. In general it is necessary to rabbits, females during pregnancy and lactation, and animals with weakened body as a result of the disease.

Good nutrition has a certain amount of minerals and calcium. To prepare food at home, you need to mix in equal quantities herbal flour, oats and barley and add minerals to them. It can be fodder yeast, salt or chalk.

Thus, DIY feed for rabbits is the best solution.

First, feed for rabbits convenient to use, since after them there is practically no uneaten food waste and the cell remains clean longer.

Secondly, feed for rabbits is very diverse, which allows you to choose the most suitable type according to the season, health, age and gender of the rabbit.

Another plus of the feed is its low cost, so how the price varies, depending on the composition of the feed. Also among the pluses is the ability to make feed for rabbits with your own hands. Basically, this does not require large financial and time costs, but you will be sure that the pet eats only high-quality food.

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