Conducting foliar nutrition of garlic

Conducting foliar nutrition of garlic

Foliar nutrition of garlic protects the ground part of the plant, stem and leaves from damage, strengthens the bush and promotes its growth.

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  5. Recipes of foliar top dressing
  6. Minerals
  7. Folk remedies
  8. Feeding recommendations
  9. Errors in use
  10. Excess solution concentration
  11. Mixing with other products
  12. Uneven fertilizer treatment
  13. Incorrect determination of the timing of application
  14. Uncertainty in the choice of preparation
  15. Conclusions

Types of foliar top dressing

Top dressing is used when plants specific micro and macro elements are needed. It is not applied at the root, but sprayed onto the outside of the plant, which helps garlic absorb elements faster.

The main rule of foliar nutrition is a solution of a lower concentration than in the basal. It is important that fertilizers of this type complement the main types, and not replace them. Such feeding is carried out several times during the ripening of garlic.There are three types of foliar top dressing:


It is carried out two weeks after the snow has melted if it is winter garlic. Or after the first leaves appear, if ardent. In the spring, garlic needs to be nourished, ovaries should form and resist the last frost.

At this time, it is best to fertilize young plants with urea or boric acid with sodium humate. Such top dressing will help the fruits to form and reduce leaf falling or yellowing.


It is carried out two to three weeks after the first. The most commonly used solution of boric acid, sodium humate and calimagnesia. Such a tool is used to enhance the growth of garlic fruits. Sometimes they fertilize with urea.


They bring in the period when the bulb is formed, by mid-summer. A solution of superphosphate and potassium sulfate is usually used. And used in an amount of 5 liters. on the bed.

The following additional top dressing can be applied after the formation of leaves, at the beginning of ripening and before harvesting. The most commonly used complexes of trace elements, potassium sulfate and boric acid.

Recipes of foliar dressing

Обязательна обработка

Mandatory processing

Processing is carried out both by chemical means and organic.


Often used vitriol crystals, a tablespoon of which are diluted in room temperature water and sprayed with bushes with a ready-made solution. After using this product, photosynthesis is activated, fruit ripening is accelerated, and plants become more resistant to late blight.

Often, in the spring, a urea solution is used for plants to compensate for the lack of nitrogen. If garlic grows on acidic soils, then karmabid is replaced with calcium nitrate, which is diluted in water with a calculation of 150 g. for 10 liters liquids.

Folk remedies

For many summer residents, chemical preparations are very doubtful, they prefer to use natural substances. Organics act on garlic no less productively.

Fermented weed infusion well acts on the condition of plants. A wooden or plastic barrel is filled with green herbs, filled with water, covered and left for about 2 weeks. The solution must be stirred every day. The infusion is diluted with water in a proportion of 1:20 and the leaves are sprayed with it.

You can process the garden with garlic infusion of onion peel. A glass of husk is poured into 8 liters of water and boiled, then you need to close the solution with a lid and leave it for 3-4 hours. Then the infusion is filtered and treated with plants, which is an excellent prevention of various diseases.

Recommendations for top dressing

  • when spraying, be sure to use a spray with fine dispersion;
  • it is better to make a less saturated solution and repeatedly process than burn foliage and stems with highly concentrated;
  • you can’t fertilize too often;
  • it is better to fertilize in the morning and in cloudy weather or in the evening, but so that the leaves have time to dry before night.

When doing the scraps, observe sanitary standards and hygiene. Also, do not forget to use only high-quality fertilizers, spray guns and various auxiliary containers.

Errors in application

Foliar top dressing is aimed at giving plants specific elements.

If it is phosphorus or nitrogen, then you need about 25 fertilizing to give garlic these necessary elements.

If the plant needs other substances, then foliar is combined with root fertilizers. Consider the main mistakes in the use of foliar top dressing.

Excess solution concentration

If the flow rate of the working fluid is more than necessary on 1 ha of territory, then the processing time will be violated. After this, the time of operations is delayed, and you have to use solutions that are very saturated with trace elements.

With these tools you can burn the leaves.

Blend with other means

Отличный чеснок

Excellent garlic

Many summer residents mix different chemicals to get the effect faster. But if you don’t know the properties of fertilizers and their interactions with others, you can harm the plants.

You always need to carefully study the compatibility options for various dressings. It is necessary to take into account the doses and concentration of the preparations so as not to damage the foliage or the stems, but to destroy the weeds.

Uneven treatment with fertilizers

It is known that various fertilizers inside plants behave according to in different ways. Mobile elements, such as phosphorus, nitrogen or potassium, move from top to bottom from the point of impact.

Whereas elements with low mobility – iron, calcium or manganese, will only move up. It is important to remember these features and process all the leaves, otherwise some elements may not reach the bottom sheets.

Incorrect determination of the timing of application

When foliar fertilizer cannot be given elements in reserve, because everything that falls on the leaves is very quickly absorbed into the garlic. Therefore, it is imperative to know when such periods occur in a plant, when it is deficient in microelements.

Uncertainty in the choice of preparation

Today there is a very large selection of top dressings.Means for foliar fertilizers differ significantly from each other in price, quality, composition and even form.

Be sure to read the composition of the drug. One must always take into account the phase of the plant’s growth and its needs in order to choose the right recharge.


Garlic is an unpretentious plant in care, but it needs foliar top dressing.This procedure will significantly improve the condition of leaves and fruits. You can enter them both in spring and late autumn.

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