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The first crocodiles appeared 190 million years ago in the middle Triassic.
These are perhaps the most terrifying animals in the world. In length they can
reach 7 meters and are common in tropical rivers, swamps,

The number of these animals is steadily declining, some species
and subspecies are protected. America, Japan, Cuba and
in other countries, these reptiles are bred on farms. And only when
crocodile reaches 15 years of age, it can be used in

Crocodile meat has long been used for food where these predators live
– in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. For cooking
There are ten types of crocodile meat suitable for culinary dishes. The last
time due to epidemics of “swine flu” and foot and mouth disease, crocodile meat
strengthens its position in Europe, whose residents are willing to pay a lot
for exotic but organic meat.

How to choose

It is preferable to choose crocodile fillet from the tail, so
as there is less fat. And the meat in this part of the reptile
more tender. Remember that the meat must be fresh, have a solid color
color and pleasant smell.

How to store

You can store crocodile meat, like any other, in the freezer
chamber or refrigerator. Of course, in order to preserve the meat
for a long time, it is better to use the freezer.

The duration is influenced by temperature:

  • from -12 to -8 degrees – no more than 2-4 months;
  • from -18 to -12 degrees – 4-8 months;
  • from -24 to -18 degrees – 10-12 months

To properly freeze the product, fresh meat must be cut in portions,
wrap portions in foil, cling film or parchment paper.
Fold the meat into a bag and place in the freezer.

Refrigerators maintain temperatures from +5 degrees to
0. Here the deadline runs for hours:

  • from +5 to +7 degrees – 8-10 hours;
  • from 0 to +5 degrees – 24 hours;
  • from -4 to 0 degrees – 48 hours.

Remember that you should never wash meat before freezing, as
this will shorten the shelf life. To extend the term by a few days,
you can wrap it in parchment paper smeared with vegetable
oil. Defrosting meat is only worth it in a natural way, so
it retains more nutrients.

In cooking

Now there is a tendency towards an increase in the use of various exotic
products. And crocodile meat in this list is by no means
last place. Even rather high prices do not stop gourmets.

Crocodile meat tastes like chicken
meat combined with fish. Any processing is suitable for a crocodile:
it is fried, stewed, boiled, delicious chops and canned food are made from meat.
And one of the best Thai dishes
kitchen is considered to be chopped finely fried crocodile meat with ginger
and onions, as well as medallions stewed in a spicy thick sauce.

Most often, crocodile meat is cooked like chicken: stew
with herbs and vegetables. A crocodile can turn out to be unusually gentle,
stewed in cream and dry wine. It also goes well as
with vegetables and herbs, and can even serve as a filling for pies
and pies, omelets, casseroles and pizzas. Crocodile meat advise
combine with any exotic sweet and sour and spicy sauces.

Caloric value

The calorie content of crocodile meat is only 100 kcal. Wherein
it contains very little fat, and there are no carbohydrates at all,
therefore, such meat is suitable for those who choose a carbohydrate-free
diet, and those who watch their weight can eat such meat even
in the evening.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal 21.1 1,9 – 0,8 65 100

Useful properties of crocodile meat

Composition and presence of nutrients

Crocodile meat contains a minimum amount of fat and cholesterol,
but on the other hand, it is abundant in protein, which is needed for normal life.

The chemical composition of this product is distinguished by the presence of group vitamins
B (1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 12), C, PP and H, as well as minerals necessary for the body
substances: potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, selenium, manganese and copper,
iron, cobalt, silicon, nickel, sodium and phosphorus.

Useful and healing properties

Eating crocodile meat can enrich the body with vitamin
B12, lots of protein and monounsaturated fat, which
lowers cholesterol levels. Crocodile meat is considered environmentally friendly.
clean, since it is not affected as much as
for meat from pets. And crocodile cartilage has anticarcinogenic
and anti-arthritic properties.

Now the composition of the blood and meat of crocodiles is being studied in laboratories with
the purpose of synthesizing an analogue of the antibiotic crocodile as protection against infectious
diseases, as well as attempts to create one of the types of substitutes for human
blood. In the traditions of many peoples inhabiting the habitats of crocodiles
the meat of this reptile is considered a medicine for many diseases,
as it contains substances that destroy bacteria. Bones, dried
meat and cartilage, along with crocodile oil, are widely used
in the preparation of medicines that are used in alternative medicine.

Use in cooking

If you have found where to buy crocodile meat and decided to cook it,
then it is worth knowing that there are several secrets that will make it possible
cook this product at home.

So, it is best to use meat from the tail of a crocodile for cooking.
The meat on the back is tough, but it can make a good barbecue.
The dorsal upper part is cut in slices, and the lower dorsal and tail
pieces are cut for steaks.

If you bought a frozen fillet, then it must be defrosted at room temperature.
temperature, which will make it possible to retain moisture in the product. After
it is necessary to remove excess fat, since it has a specific

Remember that you can only cook crocodile meat on the smallest
heat, otherwise the product will become hard.

It is not advised to cook meat dishes with a lot of ingredients.
Culinary experts say that it is better if your dish contains no more
three components. You don’t need to use a lot of spices at once, because
they can spoil the natural taste of the product.

If you want to marinate crocodile meat, you can use
citrus, rosemary, garlic, ginger,
salt, etc.

When frying, you can use creamy, sunflower or olive
butter. The use of margarine is unacceptable, as hydrogenated
fats can give the meat an unpleasant taste. Frying meat should be
in a hot skillet, but try not to overcook it too
strong. Remember to drain off excess fat after cooking.

Dangerous properties of crocodile meat

It is generally accepted that crocodile meat has no contraindications
to use. As with any other product, it is possible
individual intolerance to the product.

Have you seen how a crocodile is fried on a spit?

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