Cucumber Growing Temperature

A plentiful harvest is the merit of an attentive farmer. Knowing what vegetables are afraid of and what is necessary for their germination, it is possible to achieve maximum returns even from the budget variety itself. what is the temperature of growing cucumbers? We will analyze the most optimal conditions for the development of a popular culture.

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Температура выращивания огурцов

Cucumber growing temperature

Subtleties of the temperature regime

Cucumber is a heat-loving plant, it needs the right microclimate for healthy formation of roots and fruits. occurs at a temperature of:

  • during the day – from 24 ° C to 30 ° C;
  • at night – from 16 ° C to 18 ° C.

A capricious vegetable is demanding in the thermal conditions from the moment the seeds are sown in the ground until harvest. When it drops to 10 ° C, the bushes do not grow and hibernate. The roots stop absorbing water and nutrients, which leads to starvation. If the cucumbers stay at an air temperature of 3 ° C for three days, irreversible tissue changes occur, after which the culture dies.

Heat above 35 ° C is just as dangerous for development as cold. The leaves die off in the heat, and the pollen from the ovaries becomes barren. In a greenhouse, stagnant, moist air is created, which leads to weakening of bushes and activation of diseases.

The regime for growing seedlings

To get an early harvest, domestic farmers practice cultivating a popular vegetable in seedlings. In this case, it is possible not only to accelerate the development of plants, but also to completely control the microclimate. Knowing the basic requirements of a capricious bush, you can avoid problems.


The optimum temperature for the growth of cucumber fruits is 20 ° С. To wake up the seeds, they are wrapped in a wet towel, put in polyethylene and left in a warm place for two days. Seeds are planted in the ground after punching.

Simultaneous seedlings are obtained in the range from 24 to 28 ° C. When heat decreases to 14 ° С, the material wakes up heavily, and the seeds do not tolerate a decrease to 12 ° С.

Often, gardeners grow seedlings on the windowsill, not paying attention to drafts and low temperatures. Young cucumbers react painfully to changes, so it is recommended to put polystyrene under the containers and close the cracks in the frames.


After hatching the seeds, the crates are put in a warm sunny place. Experienced farmers regularly measure with a thermometer in different parts of the “plantation”: glass and the battery. Often the first rows of seedlings are cold, and the rest suffer from dry air from heating devices.

The optimal mode for growing seedlings is from 20 ° C to 23 ° C, while the minimum air temperature for seedlings of cucumbers should not drop to 16 ° FROM.With a deficit of light, the culture stretches.

Before planting at a constant place of growth, the cucumbers temper. Every day, containers are brought out onto the balcony, gently reducing the degree and increasing the time spent in the cold. Over the past two days, vegetables are left to spend the night outside the house.

Outdoor mode

Холодная почва не даёт корням развиваться

Cold soil prevents the roots from developing

Seedlings are planted on the bed when the soil warms up to 18 ° C. Many beginning farmers make the common mistake of choosing the wrong time. The best period for work is the end of May and the beginning of June, while the daily temperature does not fall below 20 ° C. In cold soil, the roots do not develop, so the death of tissues and the death of bushes begins.

If the air does not warm up to 18 ° C at night, the soil will remain cold. A prolonged stay in inappropriate conditions inhibits the growth of vegetables. To avoid frost, seedlings are advised to hide under cover material. Sudden changes at 7 ° C are also dangerous for seedlings.

When cultivating plants directly in open ground, you must wait until the earth warms up to 13-15 ° C. For measurements using a conventional street thermometer, which is left in the holes. Experienced farmers carry out several stages of sowing every week. If frost destroys the early plantings, later bushes will bring the crop.

Under controlled conditions, friendly shoots appear 2-3 days after sowing, in the field – a week later in good weather.

Mode for the greenhouse

The temperature for growing greenhouse cucumbers should be stable. Abundant moisture, day and night fluctuations in heat and cold will be an excellent environment for the occurrence of ailments. In an unheated greenhouse, the degree often drops below the recommended minimum. A characteristic sign of violation of the regime is the wilting of leaves in the sun and the appearance of white spots in the morning.

When cultivating vegetables in indoor structures, it is necessary to carefully regulate the temperature in different parts of the room. To protect against daytime overheating, in the daytime it is necessary to open the sashes and ventilate. The degree of soil can not be lowered below 14 ° C, in the extreme it is allowed to cover the greenhouse with non-woven material.


If you know the culture requirement, growing cucumbers will not be a burden. Heat-loving plant is forbidden to irrigate with cold water. Getting on the stems and roots, the liquid shockes the bushes, after which they recover for a long time. Under adverse conditions (frosts, prolonged cloudy days), vegetables die.

The irrigation procedure is carried out with water heated under the sun to 20 ° C. In extreme cases, a couple of liters of boiling water is added to the watering can. The critical point is below 10 ° C.

In the heat, irrigation is carried out in the evening or in the early morning.The requirements for the liquid are the same, so you can not forget to heat it. At noon, when the sun is burning, you can not water: drops on the foliage will create the effect of small lenses and the plates will get burns. Slight drying of the soil negatively affects the taste of greens.

Things to remember

To get a plentiful harvest, you need to know at what temperature conditions the plant dies. If you plant seedlings in open ground without hardening, even the strongest varieties can not stand the coolness of the night. The difference of 3-4 ° does not allow the bushes to adapt, which leads to death.

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Before planting at a constant place of growth, it is recommended that the wells be poured with boiling water and then covered with a film or agrofibre. This trick helps warm the soil to an acceptable On the level. In regions with regular frosts, warm beds are built under cucumbers or harrowing crops is used. Technologies allow to raise the temperature in open ground by 1-4 ° C. In the heat, such plantings will be protected from dangerous midday heat.

maximum return of vegetables, all the requirements of the culture must be observed. Knowing what kind of night and day temperature is necessary for cucumbers, it will be possible to grow healthy plants.

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