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Even a beginner gardener should know how to plant a spring set. An unpretentious and useful plant is quickly taken and started to grow without constant watering and in severe drought. When to plant onion sets? To find out how to properly plant the onion sets and what it is necessary to create environmental conditions, can anyone who is not afraid to ask experienced gardeners for advice. A few tricks and recommendations will make landing the onions a simple and exciting experience.

Planting onions and planting material

Planting onions sets in autumn requires careful preparation not only landing ma terial, but also soil. The territory on which the plant will be planted is selected according to certain criteria. What can be planted with onion sets? To prepare seeds for planting and directly planting onions, special mixtures and homemade fertilizers are used. The entire process, from harvesting to harvesting, is divided into several successive stages.

It is not recommended to plant onion sets on dry soil for several years in a row. Onion is a simple culture with minimal care, but to plant it you need to take into account several important nuances. It is impossible to plant in salty soil or in soil with a large amount of surface groundwater. Cultivation will be difficult, and the harvest from such plants will be bitter or too small.Plant onion sets near vegetables carefully, not every seedlings will agree to such a neighborhood. The best “neighbor” for this crop is garlic or herbs. With other plants, onion sets take root worse.

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Before planting, the soil is thoroughly moistened and cleaned of weeds. After such events, onion sets will be taken faster, and starts active growth. The beginning of autumn is an ideal time for planting winter varieties (sowing sits in a greenhouse or warm room). You can make a small garden on your own windowsill and add green arrows to salads all year round. The size of the land for planting onions in late autumn depends on the needs and abilities of the family.

To plant onion sets is affordable even for beginners. Thorough harvesting and preparing small bulbs for autumn planting will not take much time. The onion head is harvested, and after fertilizing the soil is planted in the ground. One stage of planting is replaced by the care and watering of the plant in greenhouse conditions. Watering winter varieties too often is not worth it. It is necessary to monitor the water level in the soil or a special material that serves as drainage. How long does feather-greens appear?

Planting time for onion sets

How to plant onion sets on the head and soak the onions before planting? Planting onion sets on a turnip is carried out in the warm season before the onset of cold weather. In May, the time comes for planting the variety, which gives the harvest by summer. Sort the head in late August.During this period, it is already possible to divide the head into re-landing and for consumption or for sale. Preparation of onion sets for planting begins immediately after harvesting. Short deadlines allow you not to miss precious time for planting winter crops in greenhouses.

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After careful preparation of the material, you can begin to choose the right time. Winter varieties are necessary in the cold season, when greens are absent in the human diet. Spring varieties (one of the frost-resistant) after planting starts growing and a juicy feather appears. It is necessary to monitor the root crop and organize watering in time. When can a plant be planted, and do they set onion sets exclusively on a feather?

Depending on the variety and needs of the gardener, the planting dates must be adjusted to the ambient temperature. Early planting promotes the development of a strong root system that can withstand any adverse environmental factors. It’s too late to plant the bulbs in June, but in April you need to worry about the formation of the onion rows.

Choosing the time for planting in April:

  • after the cold weather ends, the earth quickly warms up and recovers after winter;
  • in March, crops are planted only in warm areas (you must take into account the difference in spring ambient temperature);
  • certain periods can vary from year to year;
  • the distance between the beds selected depending on the composition of the soil.

Late seeding, when all the spring periods have passed, leads to the most deplorable results. Tasty root vegetables and bitter feathers will not bring any benefit. Every farmer must comply with the deadlines, regardless of experience and faith in their own strength. Why do you need soaking material for planting, you should find out before the start of the season. Preparation is the most important stage, which serves as a guarantee of the quality of the crop.

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Often the soaking of the material is skipped, and the autumn planting ends in failure for any housewife. Planting a bed or a small garden on the windowsill without preparation is a waste of time. Favorable conditions in spring or autumn (sunny days and a sufficient amount of moisture) contribute to the rapid growth of the green part of the onion. Soil warming in winter entirely falls on the shoulders of the gardener. Before planting a bed (spring planting) or leaving the bulb in the greenhouse, you should evaluate your own strengths and capabilities.

Choose a place to plant the onions

For planting onions on a feather Bulb planting occurs in the spring. The planting dates of onion sets in the spring and the determination of the landing site guarantee a good harvest. At what distance and where to plant the onion sets? Planting prepared “pumpkins” anywhere is not worth it. Even beginners can fertilize the garden and create suitable conditions in their own garden. Special requirements are set for the ambient temperature or the temperature in the greenhouse.It is undesirable to plant the bulb on the bed until the ground has warmed up.

If the seeds are planted correctly on the garden bed, then the cultivation will proceed without problems. Spring planting takes place under the conditions:

  • the seeds must be soaked before planting;
  • the soil is removed from weeds and foreign plants;
  • cultivation near crops that love water does not occur;
  • seeds that are too large will sprout poorly (such root crops are best used for pickles for the winter);
  • growing on a site where sizes reserved for bulbs , small is carried out with additional watering;
  • before planting, the soil is dug up as deep as possible;
  • will only grow quickly plant from seeds selected and stored since the summer;
  • the soil in a greenhouse or warm room must be heated before planting;
  • marking the beds should be done in advance to take into account all the nuances;
  • skip between the holes should be no more than 25 cm and no less than 10 cm;
  • the small size of the bulbs (bulb grade), the average distance between the bulbs is only 7 cm.
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At the dacha, the planting of seeds will take place without any special difficulties, because in suburban areas cramped conditions rarely arise. Where is it best to plant bulbs and how to choose a suitable place? To form holes or rows, special rakes with two furrows are used. The diameter of the cuttings is about 4 cm. For seeds, deep holes are not needed.You can measure the depth with a simple stick or appendix.

It’s easy to select a grade or soak the turnip. If we are preparing material for spring, then you should not rush to plant bulbs. There are many warm spring days in the year when the material takes root and starts to grow rapidly. In autumn, the ground cools and before planting the bulbs, it is necessary to provide conditions for the plant (to organize proper care). Good watering and fertilizer will contribute to the onion’s resistance to diseases and pests.

Subtleties of landing onion sets.
How to plant an onion set. Very simple and always with the crop. Mixed landings

How to plant the onion sets?

Before organizing the care, turnip must be properly arranged At this stage, preparation for planting ends and onion care begins. A beginner who has managed to fertilize the soil can properly plant onion turnips. It is better to feed the soil with water and salt or mineral fertilizers. Further watering takes place no sooner than a week later. Depth of hole with not more than 10 cm are left. The turnip is completely immersed in a hole and sprinkled with a small amount of soil.

Bulbs are easily pressed into moistened soil, and it is better not to overdo it with pressure on the material so as not to harm the plant.

Shallow planting (depth not more than 15 cm) ensures rapid growth of green arrows. For many varieties, the planting depth is even less – 6 cm. A well-developed planting plan allows planting bulbs 2 times faster. The root crop is covered not more than 3 cm of soil.

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The top layer of soil is carefully rammed. All experts say that it is not recommended to water the planted plant. How long should I wait? The first watering occurs no earlier than a week and a half.A simple planting process will not take much free time and will pay off with a good harvest.

Tips from experienced gardeners

Tips from experienced gardeners are especially priced for beginners who have never had to deal with onion planting before or other plants. At the right temperature, the soil shrinks and the bulb begins to germinate. What advice should be heeded in order to properly plant the onion sets at home? Popular recommendations for planting bulbs:

  • it is necessary to select a date for planting onions according to the lunar calendar (a good moment when the moon grows, but seedlings on a waning moon take root worse);
  • depth planting should not exceed 6 cm, then the growth of greenery will not be long in coming;
  • if planting is planned in a warm area (Moscow region), then the amount of watering is reduced by 2 times;
  • onion plants turnips on the same site for no more than 2 consecutive years;
  • saline solutions help from pests;
  • after seed crops must be dried, for this the upper soil layers are gently loosened;
  • when leaching nitrogen from the soil, the bulbs deteriorate in the ground, so for a good crop it is necessary to fertilize the upper soil several times during the season.
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Over time, the gardener will be clever and will respond to any problems without panic, with quick, clear actions. Unpretentious culture is planted by prudent housewives and farmers.A useful, juicy, natural antioxidant is useful for making lettuce or marinades.

When choosing onions for planting, you should decide why and for what needs such a plant. Green arrows all year round or delicious pickles prepared from the summer, onion stalks and root crops are a frequent guest at the dinner table.

Plant Care and Harvest

Onion that succeeded properly plant and provide proper care, harvested as soon as the feathers begin to fade. The necessary period coincides with the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. For sprouted onions, this is the right time to transplant in a greenhouse (perennials). The rules on how to grow seeds are rather conditional. Each gardener has his own secrets for caring for onions.

At high air temperatures, bulbs are harvested ahead of schedule. A red or white variety matures faster and begins to bitter. Harvesting is not worth it. In winter, onions are planted in small quantities or whole rows are planted in the greenhouse. At the right temperature in winter, you can grow green feathers for sale.

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