Decorative Euphorbia Fat

Euphorbia obesa, an euphorbia native to South Africa, grows in Kendreu on rocky shale H. Has a decorative appearance, resembling a slightly ribbed ball. Its other names are “chubby” or “bold”, while Americans called the succulent “baseball plant.”

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Декоративный молочай Тучный

Decorative euphorbia Fat


Fat euphorbia is a perennial succulent plant that can be grown indoors or in do (in a suitable climate). It resembles a ball in a spherical or slightly elongated form of a lush trunk. The plant reaches a height of 15-30 cm, a diameter of up to 10 cm. An adult specimen does not have branches, thorns and leaves. Rarely do miniature appear on it flowers with a delicate pleasant aroma.

This succulent is not just round or oblong – it has a slight vertical ribbing, which only enhances its decorative effect. Usually there are 8 such ribs. The color of the ball is green, brownish, grayish or steel. Sometimes beautiful transverse stripes of red-lilac shades are formed on it. This species is bisexual (some plants have female flowers, while others have male flowers).

Juice of the milk of fat, which stands out on a break or slice – is poisonous. It causes burns on the mucous membranes and skin irritation.

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Purchase and adaptation

This species is rare and not sold in every specialized store. In addition, seeds are offered much more often than an already grown specimen. However, a finished plant can also be found. Usually they ask for it from 600 to 1500 rubles. When buying, you should make sure that the “miracle ball” is healthy: it should not have any extraneous spots and any damage.


  • The first two -Do not transplant the euphorbia for three weeks and, in the name of caution, keep it away from the rest of the flowers.
  • Watch the plant for signs or diseases of insect pests.
  • Create comfortable conditions for succulent . He should be warm and light, as in his homeland.

Home care

Неприхотливый цветок

Unpretentious flower

The euphorbia obese is completely unpretentious. It takes very little effort to grow a healthy and beautiful succulent. The main care measures are to create a comfortable environment, proper watering and moderate top dressing.


Milk for milk is suitable universal soil or soil mixture for succulents. Add some coarse sand to the ground.The main soil requirement is a slightly acidic reaction.


The plant loves light, but can grow in light shade. The best option would be a sunny spot on the south side of the house, but not in direct sunlight. You should adhere to the pattern: the more sun, the more watering and vice versa.

Watering and humidity

In the warm season, watering is carried out every two weeks. Before the next procedure, the soil should completely dry. In the hot sunny period, you can water more often. In winter – once a month. Euphorbia is not demanding for air humidity.

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This species is an African inhabitant, therefore it is thermophilic. The ideal summer temperature is 25 ° C (may increase to 30 ° C). The plant adequately withstands temporary drought and cold snap (up to -10 ° C).


This species needs moderate top dressing. It can be fed once a season – during breeding. It is better to use ready-made complexes for succulents. Fertilizers with a high nitrogen content are not recommended.


Transplant euphorbia as it grows into a more spacious container (or, if necessary, seedling young succulents grown from seeds in one box) . You need to work with gloves, since the juice of the plant is poisonous. Choose a pot that is not too deep, but always with holes. At the bottom you can lay a drainage layer.The flower is moved with an earthen lump, watered, sprinkled with a substrate, and small pebbles are laid on top to create support for growth.

Euphorbia Fat
Euphorbia multiflorum. Reproduction and feeding.


Fat euphorbia can be propagated in only one way – by seeds. For self-collection of seeds, you need to have a couple of plants, male and female, and during flowering, transfer pollen from one to another.When seed bolls appear, the succulent is covered with a dense net so that the seeds do not scatter. After 10 days, they will ripen for sowing.

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It is much easier to buy ready-made material. In any case, the seeds must first be soaked and then sown in a moistened substrate from soil and sand. The container is closed with plastic wrap for two weeks until sprouts appear. After germination, it is advisable to lay out small pebbles on the soil surface in order to avoid overheating of the earth and increase the stability of young succulents. After 3-4 months, they can be transplanted into separate pots.

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