Decorative pot plants for terraces and patios – care

The homeland of boxwood is Western Asia, North America and Southern Europe. Belongs to the boxwood family. Boxwood is popular because its crown can be easily shaped in the form of all kinds of shapes.

Самшит (Boxwood)

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The plant is a small shrub up to one meter high. Its crown is thick and dense. Shedding evergreen, egg-shaped. In warm weather, boxwood emits a very pungent, peculiar pleasant smell, and the flowers are light yellow in color and give off an oily aromatic odor. Even in ancient Rome, the formation of amazing figures from the crowns of a plant was known. There are mushroom, pyramidal, pin-shaped, conical, spiral, spherical and sculptural forms of the plant. Also, boxwood can be grown tall and in the form of ordinary bushes. So, for example, in Belgium you can buy boxwood in pots, the crowns of which are already decorated in the form of various shapes. The plant lives for a long time.

Decorative pot plants for terraces and patios - care
Самшит (Boxwood)

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Boxwood blooms in spring. It is located both in a sunny place and in partial shade. For soil, neutral or alkaline soil is best. In the growth phase, boxwood is watered sparingly, it can withstand a short drought. From late spring until autumn, the plant is fertilized every month.

The boxwood is pruned in March or at the end of June. The formed plants are lightly pruned throughout their growth. Boxwood hibernates in the open air, does not require protection from frost. If the soil in the pot is dry, choose a frost-free day and water the plant with warm water.

Decorative pot plants for terraces and patios - care
Самшит (Boxwood)

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Pests such as ticks and gall midges appear on the boxwood only if it is very dry. They can also attack the scale insect plant. The plant is propagated by division. This is the easiest method in which the calfed parts must be planted as deep as possible. Reproduction by cuttings is more difficult, it is produced in March or at the end of summer.


Decorative pot plants for terraces and patios - care
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