Description of Ajax cucumbers

Description of Ajax cucumbers

Probably the most common vegetable on the planet is considered to be a cucumber, because with it you can cook a variety of dishes and not worry about the dangers of such a meal. For this reason, many breeders are constantly trying to create such varieties that would not require special attention from the farmer. Ajax cucumber is a fairly common type of vegetable that has gained worldwide recognition.

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  2. Description of the plant
  3. Description of the fruit
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Описание огурцов сорта Аякс

Description of Ajax cucumbers

Characteristics of the variety

The Ajax f1 cucumber variety was bred in the Netherlands and a few years later, more precisely in 2000, it was added to the National Register of the Russian Federation. managed to yell a lot of hearts and take pride of place on a table in every home.

Its characteristics allow it to grow in any part of the country, regardless of climatic or weather conditions. Temperature changes are not a problem for him, because cultivation is possible in a greenhouse. But, best of all, use open ground.

Description of the plant

Due to the fact that Ajax cucumber is not self-pollinated, it is recommended for cultivation in open areas, because in In the greenhouse, bees cannot pollinate plants to increase yields.

The description and characterization of the Ajax f1 cucumber variety indicates that this culture is indeterminate. Bushes are mainly dense and powerful in structure. The weaving of the side shoots is quite high.The leaves are medium in size and have a bright saturated shade of green. At some points in time, with increased illumination, Ajax cucumbers may lighten a little.

The plant has a rather high growth, so experts recommend growing this variety using special weaves, on which the bush will grow up. If the bush is not tied, then the yield will decrease significantly, because, in this case, the plant will be damaged.

Description of the fruit

The fruits have a regular and even shape resembling a cylinder. Small tubercles form on the surface, which are covered with a white tint. The color of the fetus, mainly a dark green hue. At the tips, you can observe small bright areas.

The length of the cucumber Ajax f1 does not exceed the mark of 12 cm. But their weight is about 120 g. The pulp is quite dense and crispy. There are no voids inside, which makes the Ajax cucumber variety even more popular in the world. There is no bitterness in the pulp. This species is quite universal and is used in all spheres of human life. It can not only be sold, but also consumed independently. It makes good salads or preservation.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main positive characteristics of this species include the following indicators:

  • good yield;
  • excellent taste and marketability;
  • versatility of use;
  • good resistance to disease;
  • the ability to transport over long distances, without loss of appearance and taste.

The only disadvantage is the fact that the peel of the vegetables is rather dense.

Growing rules

Растение необходимо подкормить

The plant needs to be fed

The description of the Ayaks cucumber variety indicates that they are not particularly picky about the soil. But, to obtain high yields, the soil should be slightly fed. The ideal time for fertilizing the soil is considered autumn. During the cold weather they will be able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. For fertilizer, organic substances are used that are applied immediately after loosening the soil. Litter, wood ash or humus are used as organics.

Planting is carried out only at the moment when the winter frosts have stopped and the soil has warmed up pretty well, because the seeds have good germination only in warm soil.Seeds should be bought only those that are already in a special coating, because they are already treated with special substances that will accelerate growth and disinfect.

After the wells are formed, it is recommended to add a small amount of water to them. After that, the seeds of Ajax cucumbers are planted to a depth of 2 cm. Each hole must contain at least 3 seeds. This will increase the likelihood of 100% germination. The distance between the rows in open ground is about 50 cm. This distance must be maintained between the holes.


Care of the Ajax cucumber variety is that to fertilize plant and soil with high quality. It is best to use organic substances and it is recommended to do this 1 time in 2 weeks. Do not use those substances that contain chlorine, because this can negatively affect the future harvest.

Do not forget about loosening the soil. This allows air to penetrate better into the soil and nourish the root system of the plant. Watering is set only at the right time. Firstly, it should be carried out in the evening, when the sun’s rays are not so hot and can not absorb all the moisture from the earth. It is very important that there is no stagnation of moisture and the soil does not dry out, because, in this case, the root system can begin to rot. The temperature of the water should be room temperature so that the plant does not freeze.

Diseases and pests

This variety has no immunity, which can prevent the appearance of rot, therefore it is recommended to tie the bush on high plaits. If we consider the presence of other diseases, then they are unlikely, because this variety is quite resistant to other diseases.

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You should not treat the plant with substances that will inhibit the effects of insects, because this species needs to be pollinated by bees, and if it is treated with special chemicals substances, then the bees will not be able to pollinate the bush.


If you fall If you are cultivating this variety at home, you should take care of quality care.This will allow you to keep your garden in order and get a high crop of high-quality vegetables. This variety is not in vain gained popularity. Despite the shortcomings, it is marked by high indicators of positive qualities that attract the attention of many farmers.

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