Description of cabbage Express

Description of cabbage Express

Cauliflower has become one of the main diet dishes; it has appeared recently in gardeners’ beds. One of the most popular species is Express f1 cabbage, which is characterized by high productivity and excellent taste.

  1. Characteristics of the variety
  2. Appearance
  3. Growing
  4. Planting seedlings
  5. Dive into the open ground
  6. Care <
  7. Diseases and pests
  8. Conclusion

Описание капусты Экспресс

Description of cabbage Express

Variety characteristics

Cauliflower Express MS is an early ripe vegetable. Its main quality is a high stable yield. chinese Cauliflower and domestic white cabbage. This made it possible to get an oriental delicacy that could adapt to our climatic conditions.

Express gardeners liked the resistance to many diseases and autumn frosts. The only minus of f1 hybrids is the need to buy new ones every year seeds, because in the second generation hybrids lose all the qualities of mother plants. Cauliflower is whimsical to the composition of the soil and the application of fertilizers, so the growing process is more complicated than with a traditional white-cabbage crop.


Cabbage Express differs in compact inflorescences and high palatability, contains a large amount of vitamin C, effectively removes toxins without disturbing the intestines. It is actively used for cooking, salting, freezing and further processing in the winter.

Description of the hybrid variety Express f1:

  • the socket is elevated above the soil;
  • roundish heads, aligned;
  • inflorescences painted in a creamy white shade;
  • average weight 300-500 g


Express early cauliflower loves well-lit areas, it feels great in open ground and in unheated greenhouses. Sowing seeds begin in March-April. The variety grows well after predecessors such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and legumes.

Soil is prepared in the fall, immediately after harvesting. The ideal option is loamy soil with a neutral pH. After cultivation, fertilizer is applied to the soil. With increased acidity, lime is added 14 days after top dressing. In the spring, the soil is not recommended to be cultivated, only to loosen.

Planting seedlings

Рассаду лучше всего выращивать в торфяных горшках

Seedling it is best grown in peat pots

If there is a note about pre-treatment in the seed instructions, nothing needs to be done, otherwise disinfection with Fitosporin solution is carried out. This allows you to activate growth and destroy harmful microorganisms.

Seeds are recommended to be planted in separate containers of 2-3 pcs. Early cauliflower does not have a strong root system, so it does not tolerate a pick. The ideal option is a peat pot. It can be placed in open ground along with seedlings.

The seeds are buried in the soil by 0.5 cm, then watered with warm, settled water and covered with a film until the first 2-3 full leaves appear, then the film is removed. As soon as the seedlings get stronger, they add organic fertilizer. Watering is carried out as the soil dries up.

Dive into the open ground

Before planting the seedlings on the site, it is hardened. Gradually, plants are taught to be in the fresh air. It takes about a week. Already in May, with the appearance of 5 full-fledged leaves, you can make a final dive into the open ground.

The plants are not large, so the step between the bushes can be left 30-40 cm. This is quite enough for proper nutrition.A distance of 60 cm is left between the rows in order to have free access to the plants.


The main thing in growing cauliflower Express is proper care. Watering is carried out every 3-4 days, in hot weather it is possible more often. After each moistening, the soil is mulched. Basal fertilizers with nitrogen in the composition are applied 2 times until the ovaries appear.

An excellent dressing is a herbal decoction in combination with a diluted mullein. This compound is suitable as a fertilizer and at the same time protects the soil from moisture loss. After watering, you should not forget to loosen the soil. From the beginning of the formation of the ovaries, they switch to foliar top dressing with active minerals in the composition.

Diseases and pests

Early cauliflower of the Express variety undergoes a black leg disease. It affects the root system, it can appear even at the stage of seedling germination, so it is so important to carry out preliminary disinfection with Fitosporin. Using this tool helps not only destroy harmful microorganisms, but also enrich the seed with minerals.

COLOR Cabbage !!! SECRET OF GOOD CROP !!! !!!

Malicious pests are the bear, cabbage fly, slugs. To protect against the bear, the introduction of karbofos into the holes before diving seedlings helps. Fertilizing plantation with wood ash after watering helps to avoid the appearance of slugs. To avoid the spread of cabbage, it is better to plant flowers with a strong aroma around the beds, which will deter pests.


White cabbage is a favorite in the gardens, but not so long ago people began to plant cauliflower, which has a bright taste, contains many nutrients.One of the most popular varieties today is Express F1. It takes root perfectly in all conditions and feels great in greenhouse rooms and in open ground.

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