Description of cucumber Zozulya

The Dutch selection has produced a large number of varieties of cucumbers that have perfectly taken root in our latitudes, are of excellent quality and excellent taste characteristics. Cucumber Zozulya can be called one of the best works of the Dutch breeders, tested by many farmers in Russia. In 1977, it was introduced into the State Register of the Russian Federation as a universal variety.

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Описание огурца Зозуля

Description of the cucumber Zozul


The variety of cucumbers Zozulya obtained from the crossing of two species with different genetic data This made it possible to obtain a quality product that does not contain bitterness. Zozulya cucumber f1 is zoned in almost all regions of the Russian Federation.

Zozulya cucumbers f1 are intended for growing:

  • in greenhouses;
  • film shelters;
  • on the windowsill;
  • in the open ground of the southern regions.

Characterization of the quality data of the product makes it disease resistant to many typical diseases of cucumber crops. The species is classified as mid-season self-pollinated varieties. The ripening period is 42 days. Productivity from 1 sq. m reaches 20 kg.

Description of the plant

The height of the bush is average. Scourges must be tied up. The foliage is large, dark green.The formation of the ovaries is bundle, which allows the fruit to ripen at the same time.

Description of the fruit

Description of the quality of the fruit:

  • the green leaf form is cylindrical, even;
  • the surface is medium hilly, the spikes are weakly expressed;
  • the skin is thin;
  • the average length is 20 cm;
  • weight is 160-200 g;
  • The pulp is fragrant, sweet, without bitterness.

Crispy cucumbers are perfect for fresh consumption and preservation. Heat treatment does not greatly affect elasticity, therefore, in a preserved form, the product retains its qualities. The fruits retain their presentation for a long time, which allows them to be transported over long distances and used in commercial activities.

Advantages and disadvantages

Zozulya cucumbers f1 are immune to diseases such as cladosporiosis , cucumber mosaic, root rot. One of the main advantages is the simultaneous heavy bearing. A definite bonus is self-regulating branching. The fruits retain their presentation for a long time.

Растения обладают иммунитетом не ко всем заболеваниям

Plants are not immune to all diseases

Like all crops, Zozulya cucumbers have their pros and cons. Plants are not immune to real and false dew, fusariosis, and pest attacks. Salted fruits are best consumed in the first year.In the second year of storage, they lose their quality indicators and become soft under the influence of brine. Unfortunately, reproduction by the obtained seeds of the presented species is impossible.


Cultivation of Zozulya cucumbers is not an easy task. First you need to sanitize the seed material. Soaking in manganese will not only destroy the bacterial flora, but also take away the hollow seeds: seeds suitable for germination will sink to the bottom of the container with liquid, the hollow will float.

To rationally distribute time and resources, the seeds are germinated before planting. Non-germinated specimens should be discarded immediately. After soaking in manganese or saline, a piece of gauze should be taken, placed on a plate and moistened with plenty of warm water. Spread the seeds on its surface and cover it with the second end of the gauze from above.

The resulting bundle is placed in a warm place and regularly moistened with water. If the manufacturer’s description indicates that the material has already been treated with growth activators, preliminary germination is not required, as well as disinfection. Zozulya cucumber seeds are sown in May when grown in open ground. If planting is planned in greenhouse conditions, the dates are shifted, depending on the microclimate of the room.

Growing seedlings

For seedlings, take the prepared mix or prepare it yourself.For the manufacture of soil mixtures will need fertile soil, sand, peat, organics. Self-mixed soil must first be calcined in the oven to disinfect. It is best to sow the seeds immediately in separate pots or glasses. Excessive picking is a stress for plants and reduces their resistance to diseases.

Watering seedlings is carried out every 2 days. 2 times a month, it is recommended to feed with urea. In cloudy weather, plants need to be additionally illuminated.

Seeds of cucumbers of Zozul f1 are sown to a depth of 1.5 cm, sprinkled with soil on top. Pots cover with foil. They remove it only after the appearance of the first shoots. Picking is carried out when 4 healthy leaves appear.

Soil preparation

The soil for planting cucumbers begins to be prepared in the autumn, after harvesting. In the greenhouse, it is recommended to remove the top, worked out soil layer or dig it to a depth of 5-10 cm. In the autumn, organic matter is introduced into the soil. When planting in the soil, you must follow the rules of crop rotation. The best predecessors of cucumber culture:

  • siderata;
  • potatoes;
  • onions;
  • garlic.

Before spring picking, organic matter is added with a solution of ash or superphosphate fertilizers. This helps plants cope with stress and grow quickly. Before planting seedlings, about a day the soil is abundantly watered.


Правильный уход за растением обеспечивает хороший урожай

Proper care after the plant provides a good harvest

Planting is carried out according to the scheme 50 x 30. Seedlings are hardened before planting. To do this, it is rearranged in a cooler room during the day, and brought back at night.

Before planting, it will be useful to process the beds with Fitosporin. Instead, 3 weeks before planting, you can use horse manure or 2 weeks – bird droppings. The optimal temperature in the greenhouse or on the street during transplantation should be 25 <.


Proper care of cucumbers of the Zozulya variety is the key to high productivity. Before flowering, watering is carried out every 4-5 days. Do not water the plants under the root. The best option, especially for a greenhouse, is a drip irrigation system. During activation of the formation of ovaries, irrigation is carried out once every 2 days.

During the period of active plant growth, exposure of the root zone may be observed, therefore, it is recommended to carry out hilling at least 2 times. To ensure good productivity and protect plants from the appearance of fungal diseases, it is recommended to install special trellises for tying. Before flowering, 2 times urea and superphosphate are fed. Pinching the growth point improves the development of lateral shoots.

Diseases and pests

Variety Zazul F1 is resistant to many typical diseases of cucumber crops, but with improper care, increased humidity, temperature extremes, the rapid development of fungal diseases is observed. With the appearance of true and false dew, fusarium, it is recommended to immediately remove the affected parts of the plants. Healthy specimens can be treated with Fitoverm, a solution of copper sulfate or Bordeaux liquid.

In a greenhouse, the temperature is regulated. When grown in open ground, all lower leaves from the stem are removed. Both in the open ground and in the greenhouse, a pest such as whitefly feels great. They fight the moth with sticky traps, and the leaves are treated with soapy water. When a spider mite appears, they usually practice peeling.

Cucumber Zozulya F1
Cucumbers ZOZULA planting
MY ZOZULYa cucumbers
Zozulya cucumbers

Gourd aphids are another a malicious pest that can destroy a large plantation of cucumbers.

A large number of pests will help get rid of the fungicidal agent.With a small number, they practice spraying the ground with a solution of bird droppings or copper sulfate.


A good prevention of diseases and the propagation of pests is:

  • crop rotation;
  • proper care.

The final part

Zozulya cucumbers take an honorable place among the cultures tested for many years. Subject to all the rules of agricultural technology and leaving 1 bush, you can collect about 10-15 kg of beautiful greenery with fragrant flesh. The variety is adapted for cultivation in greenhouse conditions in many regions of Russia.

When salting and preserving, the cucumbers retain their qualities, great for salads. Among the shortcomings, gardeners note the impossibility of growing in open ground in the northern regions.

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