Description of cucumbers varieties Courage

Description of cucumbers varieties Courage

In the modern world, Kurazh f1 cucumbers are especially popular among famous farmers and ordinary people. Everyone knows that the yield of cucumbers depends not only on proper care, but also on the right seed. If you have a question about what is best grown in open soil, then this variety will be a great option.

  1. Variety characteristic
  2. Description of the race
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. Planting rules
  6. Care <
  7. Prevention
  8. Conclusion

Описание огурцов сорта Кураж

Description of cucumbers of the Variety

Characteristics of the variety

This type of vegetable was bred on the territory of the Indian Republic.In spite of the difference between our climate and Indian, cucumbers Courage f1 show good characteristics in our area.

Cultivation can be carried out in any part of the country. Only different weather conditions imply that in some parts of the country it will be planted in a greenhouse, and in other parts in open ground.

The cultivation of this variety of category f1 is carried out according to a special technique developed by famous agronomists. The plant needs to be formed exclusively in 1 stalk. If planting is carried out in the summer season, then harvesting takes place after a month and a half. If in the winter season, then you should wait about 55 days. This hybrid does not require the help of insects for pollination. This plant is self-pollinated. There is mainly a female type of flowering.To be grown not only in greenhouses made of film, but also in glass.

Description of the race

The plant is quite powerful. Leaves are bright green. The ovary is formed immediately with whole bouquets. The description says that age and lighting greatly affect the number of ovaries, so their number can range from 2 to 12 pieces.

Description of the fruit

The fruit is formed in length up to 17 cm. But the mass of an individual fruit reaches 150 g. On the lateral sections of the stem, cucumbers form a maximum of 15 cm in length. The characteristic of this variety indicates that the diameter of an individual fruit can fluctuate in the region of 3-4 cm.

On the upper surface of the skin, frequent tubercles are observed that are evenly spaced. Their color is mainly a dark green hue. If tubercles with white patches appear, they can be stored for about a week and a half, even if the correct storage conditions are not observed.

This is a universal variety that can be used both in raw use and for preservation. Salted gherkins are especially delicious.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main positive characteristics of the Variety Courage f1 include the following parameters:

  • high taste;
  • versatility in growing;
  • versatility in application;
  • resistance to common diseases;
  • high rates of presentation;
  • long shelf life.

No particular flaws were found in this view.

Landing Rules

Соблюдайте плотность посадки

Observe the fit density

Ch an apparent supplier of high quality seeds is a company Gavrish. It is this company that provides different seeds, the price of which does not make one doubt in the purchase and planting. If you begin to plan the harvest in the fall, it is important to plant seedlings in mid-June. If there is no way to buy ready-made seedlings for planting in open ground, then you can prepare the seedlings yourself.

To do this, first of all, the seeds need to be planted in the greenhouse. For these purposes, special training is carried out. The preparatory stage for seeds consists in their processing with special substances that prevent the appearance of pests. It is very important for the seeds to be warm and germinate at a certain humidity.Also, for individual seeds, you need to use separate containers that are installed at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Seeds should be watered frequently and containers should be directed towards the sun.

Planting density is that only 2 plants should be located on 1m2, not more. As mentioned earlier, the ripening period of the fruit is only a month. It is noted that the fruits should be harvested at the moment when they reach a size of 10 cm. This will allow, in the future, to increase the yield of cucumbers. The ovary is presented in a bouquet form, therefore, as soon as you rip the ripened fruit, the ovaries activate their growth and fruiting increases.


Care is an important component for collecting high-quality and plentiful harvest. Quite often there are situations that the plant has good parameters, but the fruits still ripen poorly. Moreover, humidity and lighting comply with all directions. This reason is very easily explained. The thing is that, most likely, a large number of leaves formed on the bushes, so the light refracts from them and does not fall on the main stem. It is recommended to regularly remove excess leaves so as not to block sunlight.

Do not forget about watering. It should be carried out only in the evening, when the sun does not fry so much, because otherwise, all the moisture will evaporate very quickly and will not get on the root system.Also pay attention to the frequent loosening of the soil, during which all weeds and other unnecessary objects (stones, wires, etc.) are harvested. This will allow the roots to not be loaded and immediately give away all the nutrients to the green.


Despite the fact that Courage is not exposed to common diseases, such as powdery mildew, spotting, mosaic and rot, do not forget about prevention methods. For example, in the fight against decay, watering adjustment will help you, because the root system starts to rot from abundant moisture.

Chemical substances containing copper help from various insects. They do not allow insects to live the greenery of the plant and scare away their pungent odor. From earth pests, it is worth treating the roots with special substances that will prevent root damage – Bordeaux liquid or garlic solution is suitable.


Do not plant Courage in open ground requires a farmer or an ordinary person who grows vegetables for their own purposes, special knowledge or training. You only need to know the basic requirements that apply to any other kind of cucumber.

As a result of proper planting and care, you can get a good yield of cucumbers, which will differ from the rest not only in pleasant taste, but also in surprising merchantability. Reviews about cucumbers Courage, to a greater extent, only positive.

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