Description of garlic Komsomolets, Athlete, Gulliver

Description of garlic Komsomolets, Athlete, Gulliver

Every gardener seeks grow on the site only the best varieties of vegetables. The main thing is that the selected variety is high-yielding, resistant to disease and does not require special care. Garlic Komsomolets, Bogatyr and Gulliver, Rokambol and Gribovsky have all these characteristics.

  1. Garlic Komsomolets
  2. Mushroom anniversary grade
  3. Mushroom variety of the series 60
  4. Variety Gulliver
  5. Athlete
  6. Giant Rockyball
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Лучшие сорта чеснока

The best varieties of garlic

Garlic Komsomolets

Variety belongs to the arrow crops – if the harvest is not done in time, the plant forms arrows. This winter garlic is characterized by an early term It takes only 90 days from the time the cloves grow to dry the tops. The variety is suitable for growing in all regions of the country.

Leaf height – about 40 cm, and the whole plant – about 70 cm. Width is 3 cm. Color saturated green leaves. About 4-6 leaves are formed on 1 bush. 10 cloves are in 1 onion. Their diameter is 3-5 mm. The shape of the fruit is round. The average weight of the bulb is 130 g, and the weight of 1 clove is about 5-7 g. The yield is high: 1 sq. M. m collect about 10 kg of products.

Variety suitable for universal use. Salads are made from Komsomolets garlic, it is added to main dishes or consumed fresh, used for pickles and preservation.

Komsomolets garlic is a winter variety.It is grown only in open ground. For landing choose well-lit areas. Landing is carried out using cloves. The planting depth is 4 cm. A distance of 2 cm is maintained between the cloves and about 10 cm between the rows.

Mushroom anniversary grade

This variety is considered arrowhead. Winter species ripens in an average amount of time. Vegetation lasts only 110 days. The culture is grown in all regions of the country. Gribovsky grows to 1 m in height. The leaves are large, their height is 40-45 cm. The width varies in the range of 1-2.5 cm. The color of the leaves is dark green with a matte surface. Abundant wax coating. About 12 leaves appear on one plant.

The bulb consists of 10-15 cloves. Her color is purple with white veins. The shape of the bulb is round. Its weight is 50 g. The mass of a single clove is about 5 g. Yield – 2 kg per 1 sq. Km. m. The variety is suitable for fresh consumption, preparation of main dishes or preservation.

Planting is carried out with the help of cloves or air seeds. Only well-lit areas in the garden are selected. Planting pattern – 3 x 12 cm. The teeth are deepened by 4-6 cm. Harvesting is carried out in early July. The plant is resistant to diseases.

Mushroom variety of the 60 series

This variety is mid-season shoot winter crops. The growing season is about 90 days from the moment of growth of the mustache in the seeds.The variety is characterized by resistance to dwarfism.

The height of the leaf is about 40 cm. The width is 3 cm. The color of the foliage is deep green, with a slight shade of blue. The wax coating is dense and covers the entire area of ​​the sheet. In one plant, up to 13 leaves are formed, alternately sprouting, starting from the bottom of the plant.

Сорт порадует урожайностью

The variety will appreciate the yield

Among the characteristics, the following are distinguished:

  • the elongated bulb is characterized by a rich pink hue with a slight admixture of purple;
  • it consists of 7 cloves with a diameter of 4 mm;
  • average density;
  • the scales are closed from the outside, and open from the inside;
  • fruit weight – 40 g;
  • the weight of a clove is 5 g.

From 1 ha of harvest about 60 kg of selected products. The variety is suitable not only for the preparation of canned food or main dishes. It is also used fresh.

Landing is carried out in early February, using cloves. For planting garlic, fertile and well-lit areas are chosen. Planting scheme – 10 x 20 cm. Planting material is deepened by 8-10 cm. Harvesting is carried out at the end of June.

Gulliver variety

Gulliver variety garlic belongs to spring mid-early varieties that may go off the arrow if harvesting is not done on time. Cultivation is carried out in all areas of the country.The growing season lasts 120 days. The plant grows to 1.2 m. The leaves are large, their length is about 40 cm, and their width is about 5 cm. The leaf is dark green with a dense waxy coating. From 1 to 9 leaves appear on 1 plant.

A round white bulb consists of 6-9 cloves. Their diameter is 8 mm. Each weight is 100 g. Each clove weighs about 7 g.

The fruit has a pungent taste. Productivity – 1 kg per 1 sq. Km. m.

Landing is carried out only in open ground. The cloves are planted to a depth of 4 cm. Between the rows adhere to a distance of 10 cm, and between the seed material – 2-3 cm. Harvesting is carried out in June.


This name of garlic is associated with its large size. The hero is suitable for cultivation in all areas of the country. It belongs to winter rifle crops. Fruiting occurs after 150 days from the moment of germination of the cloves. The height of the bush is about 120 cm. The leaves can reach a height of 60 cm, and their width is about 2 cm. The leaves, the number of which can reach 8 pieces, are formed gradually, starting from the bottom of the bush.

In each bulb 5-8 teeth each. They are all medium in size, about 3-4 mm in diameter. The average weight of an individual onion is 100 g, and its diameter is about 4 cm. The taste is sharp, full. The hero is characterized by excellent storage performance: about 6 months after harvesting.

Planting is carried out from the fall, before the onset of frost. Air seeds or cloves deepen by 10 cm.The distance between the seeds is 16 cm, and between the rows – 20 cm. Products are collected in early July.

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Giant Rockambol

Garlic Rocambole is a giant among other varieties. It sprouts for several years. The first fruiting is characterized by the appearance of a single-tooth bulb, the mass of which is 50 g.The next year, a large bulb is formed. Its weight is about 100 g. Only after 2 years it is possible to get a high-quality familiar garlic fruit, consisting of several cloves (weight – about 200 g).

About 10 leaves are formed on each bush, the height of which reaches 60-65 see. The color of the leaves is light green. The surface is covered with small thin strips and copious wax coating. The arrow, which often appears on the plant, reaches 100 cm in height. In mid-summer, the plant begins to bloom. Inflorescences are lilac.

The taste of the fruits is pleasant, not as bitter as the rest of the cultures in this category. The aroma is slightly degenerated. Giant garlic is ideal for people who are not able to eat spicy foods due to health conditions. Often it is used for winter preservation or pickling vegetables.

Planting of the variety is carried out in early March. As planting material, ordinary cloves obtained from the bulb are used. Planting depth should be 10 cm. A distance of 30 cm is maintained between rows and 15 cm between seeds. Harvesting is carried out only after drying of the upper leaves.


It is important to consider not only the external characteristics of a certain type of garlic, but also pay attention to the conditions of its planting. Most varieties need fertile soil and well-lit areas. If you adhere to these rules, you can get high yields in a timely manner.

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