Description of Gina Tomatoes

Description of Gina Tomatoes

In the modern world, tomatoes are very popular, especially in cooking. They prepare not only dishes, but also make preservation. There are many varieties with different colors, shapes and tastes. Gin tomato is especially popular.

  1. Characteristic of the subspecies
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of the variety
  3. We grow Gina seedlings
  4. The seedlingless method of growing
  5. Care of the variety
  6. Soil care
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  8. Diseases and insects of the variety
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Описание томатов сорта Джина

Description of gin variety tomatoes

This variety can easily be grown both in open ground and in the greenhouse. o has no cottages or gardens with pleasure to grow Gin tomatoes on the armrest.

Characteristic of the subspecies

Read the description before choosing the tomato variety of Gin. tomato variety Gina, its characteristic indicates that their maturation falls on 120 days after planting. But this is only if seedlings have been planted. This variety has much in common with the species of Zedek and Login. Tomatoes have a spherical shape, and their mass is about 280 grams. From one branch it is really possible to get from three to six fruits.

In the description of tomatoes it is indicated that from 1 square meter you can get a yield of 10 kilograms.Not only the characteristic gave the plant popularity, but also the incredible taste of its fruits. Thanks to the combination of sour and sweet, we got versatile tomatoes that can be used in various fields.

Gin Tomato has a small bush. In height, it can reach a maximum of 60 centimeters. Seedlings grow from one seed, with which three stems are released. This variety does not need garter or shaping. Gina is a heat-loving plant, so it grows well in the southern regions.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Gina tomatoes, like many other plants, have their pros and cons. Of course, these tomatoes have more advantages than disadvantages. The first plus is the ability to plant bushes in the usual way. It grows well with seeds and seedlings. He is also very fond of the fact that he has a high yield.

  1. The variety of tomato gin gives fruits of a sufficiently large size, which is a huge plus for people who grow tomatoes for sale.
  2. Fruiting it lasts much longer than other types.
  3. Taste quality will surprise even those who do not really like vegetables such as tomatoes.
  4. Gin tomato is great for transporting to long distances. The fruits do not crack, do not flow and do not spoil for a long time.

Well, the most important plus is easy cultivation and unpretentiousness in leaving.

The variety of tomato gin has its drawbacks, among them:

  • frequent parasite damage;
  • unstable to sudden changes in temperature;
  • the fruits crack when overripe.

Description gin tomato makes it clear to us that it has a lot of advantages and few disadvantages. But ideal plants do not exist. Gin tomato is the best kind that can be used for absolutely different purposes.

Плоды можно использовать для разных целей

Fruits can be used for different purposes

To get such a variety full you need to know the features of its cultivation and planting. How to do this, you can watch the video or see the information below.

Gina grow seedlings

Gin can be grown in several ways, but many gardeners prefer seedlings method. In order to use it, you need to plant the seeds in the greenhouse. It is advisable to do this in the month of March. Before planting a tomato, the earth must be pre-treated with a solution of potassium permanganate.

When the seeds give the first sprouts, it is necessary to pick. What does it mean? It is necessary to remove weak seedlings from the soil and leave only strong. When the tomatoes are old enough they need to be put out to harden.

After the seedlings are grown, it must be planted in the ground.This should be done from mid-May to early June. The gin tomato at this point should be about 50 days old. In order for tomato cultivation to be successful before planting, you need to inquire about the temperature of the soil. Landing should be carried out at a temperature of at least 18 degrees with a plus sign. Do not forget that this variety is stepchild as needed.

The genie must be planted at a certain distance and with a certain density. There should be no more than four bushes per square meter.

The seedling method of growing

Gin tomato can also be grown in a seedling-less way. In this case, the seeds are planted directly in the ground. Seeds are planted at the end of spring.

Immediately, grooves are formed. One should be 30 centimeters in size. Then phosphate-potassium fertilizers are added to the soil. Each groove must be well watered and only then put the seeds there.

After the seeds are planted, they are sprinkled with earth and trampled. When the seeds sprout the earth, you must regularly loosen and fertilize. Only in this case, the cultivation will be correct.

Care for the variety

After the genie variety has been planted, it is necessary to carry out the proper care. It consists of regular watering, top dressing and pest prevention. Despite the fact that the tomato is not picky, you still need to take care of it. In different regions, caring for gin will be different.How to do this, you can see on the Internet photo and video.

Soil Care

Watering is an integral part of growing gin. When a tomato begins to bloom, it must be done twice in seven days. But in the period when the variety begins the process of fruit formation, the amount of water in the soil increases. It is also worthwhile to focus on the weather, if the days are rainy, then watering should be reduced, and in the hot period it should be increased.

This tomato is very fond of soft soil, so it is worth loosening it regularly. This should be done immediately after the plant gives seedlings. It is also very important to clean the weeds around the plant. After all, the earth is clogging up from them. Only proper soil care will bring you a good harvest.


При хорошем уходе получите богатый урожай

With good care, get a rich harvest

The characteristic and description of this tomato suggests that it needs to be fertilized regularly. Without such manipulations, getting a good harvest will be difficult. For the first time, a tomato must be fed exactly 14 days after planting in the ground. The next time this is done 10 days later, then 14 days after the previous fertilizer. And the last time the variety must be fertilized 20 days after the last top dressing.

The tomato can be fertilized using organic or inorganic substances. Organic include manure and humus.And inorganic drugs can be bought at any gardening store. Care cannot be right if you do not feed it.

Growing this variety does not take much time, but this is only if caring for it is correct. They can be found not only in the open ground, but also on the loggia. It is because of this that positive reviews about the variety are often found on the Internet.

Diseases and insects of the variety

Its main disadvantage is that it, like many other species, can be attack by pests and diseases. If ailments are rare in a tomato, then insects love this green plant very much.


Often aphids attack a tomato, moreover, it can appear at any period of development varieties. Because of this parasite, the leaves turn yellow, and the fruits themselves quickly deteriorate. To cope with such a pest, you need to visit a gardening shop or use folk methods.

Also, the famous Colorado beetle is very fond of tomatoes. You can get rid of it by the same means that are used for potatoes.


Medvedka is no less popular and famous. This parasite most often attacks the seedlings of Gene. She eats the roots of the plant, because of which the tomato simply dies. In order not to encounter such a pest, it is necessary to pour special poison before landing in the holes. Cockchafer can also kill the plant.

If we talk about the diseases of these tomatoes, then they are the same as in other varieties of tomato. But if you look after the view correctly, then ailments will not affect it. Indeed, in such conditions, it is resistant to any disease. Gina Tomato has a unique characteristic and the description of the plant speaks mainly about this.


This subspecies has been popular for more than a year. Many businessmen are happy to grow this particular variety. After all, it is perfect not only for the manufacture of various products, but also for transportation. Gardeners and breeders found Gin’s unique tomato only got good reviews, it is easy to care for and grow.

Gina Tomato (Best Tomatoes)
tomato tomato variety # Characteristics and description of the tomato

To get quality products you need to regularly water and fertilize the plant. If you do this, you will end up with tasty tomatoes in large quantities. But apart from proper care, the tomato needs also in the prevention of different diseases and pests.

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